4 ways to make a natural insecticidal soap to get rid of pests

4 ways to make a natural insecticidal soap to get rid of pests

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Do you want to eradicate plant pests without harming the environment or endangering your health? Come on, let’s look at a number of ways to make the following simple insecticidal soap, Property People!

To make the insecticidal liquid, you can use ingredients you have at home.

Because it does not contain harsh chemicals, its use will be much safer for health and the environment.

However, this liquid is less effective for tough pests, such as beetles.

For more details, here are some ways to make a natural insecticidal soap that you can try!

4 ways to make a natural insecticidal soap

1. A mixture of liquid soap and vegetable oil

ingredients to make insecticidal soap

First, you can use liquid soap and vegetable oil to make an insecticide.

These two ingredients are very common at home, so the preparation is very easy.

First, pour clean water into a spray bottle and add vegetable oil or coconut oil.

Then, mix a few drops of mild liquid soap and beat until smooth.

The water and oil help to dilute the soap so that the chemicals are harmless to the plants.

When the insecticidal soap is ready, you can spray it on the areas of leaves and stems that are attacked by plant pests.

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2. Liquid soap and warm water

You can also make a simple insecticidal soap from liquid soap and hot water.

However, this step is only ideal if the soap you use at home is dominated by natural ingredients.

Just mix the soap in clean water and shake evenly.

Then, spray the material on the problem areas of the plant.

The compounds in this solution damage the insect’s cell membrane and disrupt its metabolism.

Not only that, the layer of wax that protects insects will also be spread so that they lose body fluids.

Eventually, the insects attached to the ornamental plants will slowly die.

3. Use Vinegar and Garlic

make a natural insecticidal soap

The next way to make a necticidal soap is to use vinegar and garlic.

First, prepare the following ingredients first:

  • Vinegar 1 teaspoon
  • Garlic powder or paste 2 teaspoons
  • Soap look for 1-2 teaspoons
  • 1 liter of hot water

Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle to spray the plants.

Stir well until all the ingredients are mixed, then use it to remove the pests.

This solution is very effective to get rid of powdery mildew, aphids and mites.

4. Enjoy Bar Soap

Do you only have soap at home?

Do not worry, this ingredient can also be used to make an insecticidal soap.

Prepare an organic bar of soap, then soak it in hot water for 6-8 hours.

Then, remove the remaining soap that does not dissolve in the water and squeeze the solution slowly.

Now, natural insecticides are ready for you to use to repel pests.

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The right way to use it

how to use insecticidal soap

After understanding how to do it, let’s review the steps to use it properly.

First, make sure that the soap solution is evenly mixed.

Then, find the plants that are infected with pests on the leaves, stems and roots.

Spray the soap until the surface of the plant is wet, but do not let the water appear to drip on the ground.

To attach, you can remove the surface of the plant with a clean cloth.

Do this step at least once a week for maximum protection.

If there are stubborn insects, then you just have to get rid of them manually by hand.

The reason is that these insects usually have a hard shell, so they are easier for you to touch.


I hope the review on how to make insecticidal soap above is useful, yes.

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