4 Ways to Fix Green, Red and Blue Dominant Sharp TV Colors

4 Ways to Fix Green, Red and Blue Dominant Sharp TV Colors

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The television at home suddenly the screen turns green, red or blue? Fear not, here’s how to fix Sharp TV color that you can do yourself!

Television screen damage is usually caused by component damage.

Whether it’s a color output component, a TV tube, a chroma IC, or perhaps an RGB machine.

To fix this, let’s see a full review of how to fix the Sharp TV’s dominant green, red and blue color below!

4 Ways to Fix Green, Red and Blue Dominant Sharp TV Colors

1. Change TV RGB

how to fix the color of the dominant green tv forte

Source: youtube.com/suwardianto

First, the problem you are experiencing on your television screen could be due to a malfunction of the RGB circuit.

The RGB transistor is the last circuit that processes the color signal of the image before it goes out to the tube.

If this element is damaged, the color on your television will change to dominant green.

How to fix the dominant green color of Sharp TV is quite easy, just replace the RGB circuit.

However, if you are reluctant to spend money, try taking measurements first at each tube cathode terminal (KR, KG, KB).

Ideally, the magnitude of the voltage at each of these terminals is the same number.

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If there is a terminal with a higher voltage, then the main problem is there.

You can fix it by fixing the crack in the transistor terminal.

When it is finished, the television screen will definitely return to normal and colorful.

2. Replace the Croma IC

how to fix the color of sharp tv

Source: Usahobi.com

The second problem is the damage to the Chroma IC that works to process the colors.

It is characterized by a loss of voltage in one of the RGB tubes.

To solve this problem, the only solution is to replace the Croma IC components with new ones.

However, make sure you choose the right type and size so that the results are effective.

Instead, just take the old Croma IC as a benchmark to buy a new one.

3. Check the Appearance of Rust on the Socket Tube

how to fix the color of sharp tv

Source: youtube.com/MULIADI UNM

The appearance of a dominant green, red or blue color can be caused by rust.

Precisely, this is the cause of the appearance of rust on the tube socket.

This is what causes the RGB voltage to not flow optimally.

To remove the rust, you can try to remove it with a file or other sharp object.

If it is difficult, try to use alcohol, but make sure that the liquid does not flow to other parts of the TV.

Is the rust too severe and stuck tightly in the tube socket?

If so, just replace this component with a new one so that the LCD screen of the television can return to normal.

Simply remove the problematic part of the socket, then replace it with a similar socket.

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4. Check the Condition of the Tube on the Television

television tube cathode

Source: baharelectronic.com

Finally, it could be that the emergence of the dominant color on the television is the cause of an old tube.

You have used the tube for so long, its ability to read colors is no longer effective.

In any case, before replacing, you can check the condition of the tube first in the following way:

  • Disconnect the cathode terminal of the tube from the PCB slowly.
  • Prepare a multimeter and set it to measurement mode with a DC voltage of 250V.
  • Stick the black probe on the multimeter on the line land.
  • Touch the red probe to the multimeter on each cathode.
  • If when the red probe is touched the screen produces a color according to the cathode terminal that is touched, then it is normal.
  • However, if there is a weak color, this means that the cathode emission of the tube is weak.

To overcome this, you can use a homemade tube gun.

Self-replacement can be the last resort when the same problem repeats itself on your Sharp TV.


I hope the review how to fix Sharp TV color is useful for you, yes.

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