4 ways to choose pillows for better quality sleep

4 ways to choose pillows for better quality sleep

how to choose a pillow

Have you ever felt neck pain when you wake up? If so, this could happen because we chose the wrong pillow. Although it seems trivial, it is that the right type of pillow can have a physical and mental impact. you know.

You see, a pillow that does not fit interferes with the quality of sleep and can affect it mood

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In truth, everyone has different pillow needs that are suited to their sleeping habits. In any case, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to when buying a pillow, from the size, shape, to the sleeping position.

So, what are the criteria for the right sleeping pillow?

So, so you don’t choose the wrong pillow, consider the following guide.

1. Adjust the Pillow Size

Choose a pillow according to the size of the bed. Usually, there are two standard sizes of pillows that we usually use.

In order mattress size single and twin, you can use a 43 × 63 cm pillow. Regarding the size of the bed king sizeUse a pillow with a larger size, which is 50 × 70 cm.

choose a pillow size
Choose the size of the pillow according to the area of ​​the bed.

2. Pay attention to the contents of the pillow

The next thing to pay attention to is the pillow filling. If you use the wrong filling pillow, you may not sleep comfortably, you know. Also, if you have allergies.

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Here are some pillow fillings that you can choose according to your needs.

Usually, this pillow they tend to be dense and soft when used for sleeping. sad This pillow is easily wet, so you have to be diligent in drying it.

Memory foam it’s a foam-filled pillow polyurethane. This pillow can change to its original shape after use. Therefore, suitable for sleeping on your side or back.

So, here are some pillow tips memory foam that might be an option for you.

banal memory foam
Informa Set of 2 pillows and cushions Comfy Max – white

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Informa Sleep Bantal Memory Foam Adjustable Contour – Putih

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If you want to use a pillow for a long time, you can choose a pillow filled with latex material. This material is known to be resistant to mold, fleas and mites. In addition, latex pillows do not heat up easily when in use, you know.

banal dairy
Informa Sleep 60×40 Cm Contour Latex Pillow – White

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choose a latex pillow
Informa Sleep 60×40 Cm Bantal Latex Massage

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Foam pillows tend to be lightweight and can follow the shape of the neck. Cleaning foam pillows is also quite easy to do. Unfortunately, this pillow is quite warm when used while sleeping.

For those of you who have breathing problems, the use of dacron pillows is quite recommended. You see, this pillow is made of plastic fibers that are waterproof and do not absorb dust.

Look for dacron pillows with the right thickness to be able to return to their original shape after use, such as the following.

choose a dacron pillow
Informa 50×70 Cm Set of 2 Cushions – White

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3. Choose a pillow according to your sleeping habits

Different sleeping habits, even different types of sleeping pillows used. you know. So, here’s how to choose a pillow according to our proper sleeping position.

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If you sleep on your back, you can use a thin and not too hard pillow to avoid pressure on the spine.

Therefore, You don’t feel back pain when you wake up. In addition, this pillow can also prevent the body from slouching in the future.

The habit of snoring is experienced by many Indonesians. To fix this, you can try using a special pillow with a hole in the middle to keep the head tilted slightly.

Well, this position will open up your neck and throat, thus reducing your snoring habit. The following is a recommendation for an anti-snoring pillow from INFORMA.

anti snoring pillow
Informa Sleep Dale Pillow Anti snoring – white

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Latex sleeping pillows can be a good choice for sleeping on your side. You see, latex pillows are soft enough to support the head and do not irritate the respiratory tract.

Sleeping on your side or side can create a space between your neck and shoulders. Therefore, you need to use a thick pillow as a support. Thus, the head and spine remain in a parallel position.

choose a thick pillow
Choose the thickness that suits your sleeping habits.

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4. Choose a pillow based on special needs

If you have pain problems in the cervical spine, choose pillows that can solve this problem, such as orthopedic pillows and pillows that can follow the anatomy of the neck. Here are our recommendations.

bantal two in one neck
Information Bantal Two In One Neck Comfort – Putih

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orthopedic pillow
Qty Pillow Rest Easy V1606 – white

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It is how to choose the right pillow for sleeping as a guide. So, make sure you use a comfortable pillow while sleeping.

Also, be sure to change your sleeping pillow every 18 months or so. You see, pillows that are used for too long can become a nest of germs and bacteria, you know. Of course, this endangers our health.

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