4 Ways to choose a mouse to make work more productive

4 Ways to choose a mouse to make work more productive

Tips for choosing a mouse for work

Function mice is to control the cursor on the screen computer, from opening files to running programs. Therefore, we have to choose mice to properly support our work.

Mouse uncomfortable can reduce our productivity at work. Not only that, bad behavior mice it can also make our hands feel tired easily.

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In particular, mice it will become the most important component that will make it easier for us when controlling the computer screen or laptop at home.

So, how to choose Mouse The right computer?

There are many things that you need to pay attention to and know what the criteria are mice own computer. Relax, we discuss them one by one below.

1. Consider the model mice

Model mdare There are three types of computers, namely: wired (with cable)wireless with bluetooth, and wireless with USB. Wired mouse or wired are usually a cheaper price. Also, the degree of accuracy mice usually better.

However, this model can make the range of motion limited by the length of the cable. Also, cable mice It’s also easy to mess up if you don’t order it often.

To be more practical, we can choose wireless mouse or wireless. Thus, we are more free to use long distances. However, model mice wireless usually requires a battery to operate.

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select the mouse
Choose a wireless mouse to be more flexible when you move, like this Ataru Wireless Mouse I330 – Blue.

2. Select mice comfortable to hold

You know not everyone mice comfortable to grip, can be any size mice too big or small. That’s why, before buying, we can try mice him

Be sure to choose mice with a size that fits the width of the palm, yes. In addition to this, you can also use mice which is designed with right and left curves to better follow the shape of the hand.

3. Pay attention to DPI mice

One of the main specifications to pay attention to is DPI or dots per inch, it is a number that shows how far pointer mice move for every centimeter on your PC or laptop screen.

In general, micehave a DPI of 400 to 3000. The higher DPI, then we are more free to move. As for the low DPI, it is more suitable for use in detailed work.

However, we can use it mice standard with a size of 400-800 DPI.

choose the mouse Aru Mouse Wireless - Light Pink
Ataru Wireless Mouse – Muda pink

4. Consider additional features on mice

Mouse toys usually equipped with several the buttons on the right and left.Additional buttons on the side mice function as shortcut or shortcuts. You can set it up in advance for that shortcut can be as desired.

For example, if you want to do andoo Back, you can press the 1. You can use mice with these additional features to make the job easier.

There is also mice with characteristics silent click so that the sound is not noisy when in use. Also, you can use it mice equipped with lights.

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choose the mouse to work

These are some tips that you should pay attention to when choosing mice to work You can buy it mice and only computer equipment from www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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