4 Ways To Care For A Wooden Office Desk To Make It Durable – Ruparupa Blog

4 Ways To Care For A Wooden Office Desk To Make It Durable – Ruparupa Blog

clean the desk
Clean the workbench from dust and dirt with a cleaning tool.

A clean office desk can be more comfortable at work. However, not all types of desk surfaces can be cleaned in the same way, especially office desks made of wood.

Also, a wooden workbench is a favorite choice of many people because it looks solid and durable. In addition, the natural design is easier to combine with various other office furniture, so the room always looks minimalist.

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Usually, wooden furniture is considered more difficult to maintain than other furniture. However, the fact is not so difficult, you know!

So, how do you clean the right wooden office desk?

Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, we have some simple tips for the care of a wooden office desk at home that you can do, such as the following.

1. Wipe the table with a damp cloth

How often do you clear your desk at home? If it is rare, it is time to change this habit. It is a good idea to regularly clean the table at least once a week, so that it is free of mold that can damage the table.

You can use cloth microfiber to clean all types of furniture. The problem is that this cloth is made of soft material, so the table is not easily scratched. However, make sure to wet the cloth first to remove the dirt.

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2. Use some soap for sticky stains

If the office desk already looks dull and full of sticky stains, you can pour some soap on a damp cloth. Usually, sticky spots appear from the bottom of the glass containing hot and cold drinks.

In any case, be sure to use a special polish furniture or organic dish soap that does not contain chemical compounds.

Then, mix some liquid soap with the water that has been prepared. Then, soak a microfiber cloth and gently clean the table. It is important to remember to dry the table immediately so as not to leave a soap scum.

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3. Avoid placing sharp objects on the table

To keep your office desk clean and tidy, be sure to put away sharp objects that can damage the surface of the table. So, we need to use a series of gentle cleaning tools so that the table is not scratched.

However, if the table already has scratches, you can cover it with shoe polish or crayon.

4. Routine cleaning with a Duster

If you want to raise the dust on the table, you can clean the table with a duster. Choose a feather feather with soft bristles, like a feather microfiber, so as not to leave scratches on the surface of the table.

Here is a dusting recommendation that you can use at home.

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Well, here are some practical tips on how to care for a wooden office desk to make it more durable. Easy, right?

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