4 Ways to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house in 2021

4 Ways to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house in 2021

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Confused about how to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house? Do not worry, www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia provides instructions for the calculation in this article.

Building a comfortable dream home is really everyone’s dream.

True or not?

Not only the desire, there are important things that must always be considered when you want to build your dream house.

These important things, including thinking about the design of the house, finding a strategic location, the development budget.

Especially if you want to build a 2-story house.

How to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house that is efficient and easy to understand?

Check the methods below.

4 Ways to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house

1. Construction services

2 story home builder

source: malukuterkini.com

Building a house usually requires the services of a builder.

They are important when building a house.

Construction labor costs are of two types; (1) daily construction workers, and (2) wholesalers.

If you choose the daily system, pay attention to the construction schedule so that they are on time and complete according to the original plan so as not to exceed the costs that have been placed.

Meanwhile, if you choose the services of a wholesaler, the labor salary will be calculated per square meter.

How to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house with a daily hand service system varies from Rp. 100 thousand – Rp. 200 thousand per day and per carpenter.

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However, if you choose a wholesale construction service system, the price varies from Rp 750 thousand to Rp 1 million per square meter.

You are free to choose which carpentry service system you want to use.

Please add to the costs you have, yes.

2. Based on the general calculation

calculation of the cost of building a 2-story house

source: renovationsolo.com

In addition, the cost of building a 2-story house can be calculated in a general way.

How to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house with general calculations can get information from different sources.

The cost range is calculated based on the construction area with an estimate of:

  • The construction area of ​​100 square meters is around Rp. 350 million to Rp. 450 million.
  • The construction area of ​​101 – 300 square meters is about Rp. 350 million to Rp. 1.2 m.
  • The construction area of ​​301 square meters is around Rp. 1 M and above.

Therefore, the wider the building of a house, the higher the cost.

So, is it a good idea to decide what kind of 2 story house you want to build?

It is the type of house 36, type 45, and so on.

3. Based on the Unit price

2 storey house construction

source: business.com

This time you can use the method of calculating the cost of building a 2-story house with a unit price.

The unit price here is seen from the 2-story house construction materials you have to provide.

Before buying home building materials, you should do these steps:

  • Looking for the latest price list of building materials and builders wages,
  • Create a design with a minimalist 2-story house of your dreams,
  • Based on the construction area, make the necessary material details,
  • do it flow construction work of a 2-story house, and
  • Do the full price in everything.
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After making preparations to build a 2-story house above, start taking things into account, such as the foundation, the walls of the 1st and 2nd floors, the roof truss, etc.

If you already know what the unit price is, just multiply it by the amount of material needed.

4. Using gross calculations

build a house

source: kodjodesign.com

Not only the above methods, you can calculate the construction of a house approximately.

Try to find out first how much it costs in your neighborhood.

You can estimate the cost per square meter to build a house.

For example, the funds you have to build a house in that area are IDR 5 million per square meter.

The house you build is type 60 with a size of 60 square meters for the 1st floor and 40 square meters for the 2nd floor,

Thus, the total space of the building is 100 square meters.

Multiply the area of ​​the building by the funds you have.

As a result, it means:

Building area x Funds owned

= 100 meters x 5 million IDR

= IDR 500 million.

It is the amount of funds you need to build a type 60 level 2 house.

However, if the house being built has type 36, then the total required funds will definitely be lower.


I hope the above article provides information for you.

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