4 Tips to prevent rust on steel frames, effective for homes!

4 Tips to prevent rust on steel frames, effective for homes!

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Even if it has been specially coated, steel can still be exposed to rust. Avoid it by following the tips to prevent rust on steel frames in this article!

Steel is a popular material because it has many advantages compared to other materials such as wood.

One of the advantages is that it is more durable and long-lasting, in contrast to wood which can be porous.

However, even if it has an anti-rust coating, steel will usually remain rusted for a long time.

Conditions such as age and rainwater, for example, can make steel.

If the steel frame rusts, it will certainly affect the construction of the house.

Don’t let the sturdiness and appearance of the house be disturbed by rusted iron, Property!

Want to know tips to prevent rust on steel frames?

See the explanation in the following points.

4 Tips to prevent rust on steel frames

1. Coat with paint

iron paint


The steel will be exposed to the air if the layer of stainless steel is scratched, either by wrong cuts or exposed items.

This can be prevented by reducing the error in the installation of the steel frame.

Rust on steel results from a chemical reaction that occurs between the steel and the air.

One of the first tips to prevent rust is to paint the steel surface.

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Choose a type of paint that contains anti-rust and is resistant to water infiltration.

2. Avoid Acidic Liquids

The second tip to prevent rust is to keep steel away from acidic liquids.

In fact, the acidic liquid that touches the surface of the steel will cause the layer of rust to peel off.

If not controlled, the acid can cause rust on the steel.

Generally, this acid is found in floor cleaning products.

3. Avoid heat or rain

steel frame


Continuous exposure to hot weather or rain will reduce the durability of the anti-rust coating on the steel.

In the end, this will cause it to rust faster than it should.

As tips to prevent rust, put the steel in a closed room and avoid the construction process during the rainy season.

4. Avoid Cement

Take note, Property People, keep steel away from the concrete mix.

If the cement stays, it has the potential to damage the stainless steel coating.

You should also avoid using concrete for the roof that is applied directly to the top of the steel.

Try to make a barrier in the form of an impermeable layer.


Those were the tips to prevent rust on the steel frame that you can try.

Hope useful, Property People.

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