4 Tips for organizing a minimalist dining area in an open space

4 Tips for organizing a minimalist dining area in an open space

minimalist dining table

Lately, open space designs are increasingly in demand, especially by those who live in studio apartments and type of house 36. With a limited area, the open space concept can create a more spacious impression.

In addition, the lack of walls and bulkheads can make the air in the room cooler. Also, it will be easier for us to do business.

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The open space concept usually joins two rooms, for example dining room and family room. In any case, to create an open space like this, of course, it is necessary to choose the right furniture for it the room is not monotonous.

So, how do you get the open dining room right?

Relax, this time, we have some easy tricks that you can do to place the dining table in an open space, as follows.

1. Install the rug as a room divider

Even without a partition, you can create a different feeling in the dining room and the family room. One way is to use a carpet in the living room. Choose a large rug that is easy to clean and non-slip, like our tips below.

beige carpet open space
Carpet 120×170 Cm Bulu M8 – Krem
Smooth carpet with non-slip bottom surface so it doesn’t slide easily.

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brown carpet open space
Carpet 160×230 Cm Abstract B4 – Brown
The carpet is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and not easily permeable to water.

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2. Use a Minimalist Table

Limited space is often an obstacle in the organization of a dining area in an open space. Therefore, we must be careful to choose furniture that does not make it cramped. One of them leads minimalist dining table not too big in size.

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Make sure the dining table saves space when not in use. Choose a quality table surface so you can also use it as a place they prepare the food.

Minimalist dining table in open spaces
Dutton Dining Table Set 4 Chairs – Chocolate
A minimalist and space-saving dining table set for open spaces.

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3. Use natural colors

Using a lot of bold colors can make a room look full and cramped. Instead, choose a light and natural color, such as white, beigelight blue, and so on.

Also make sure the room gets enough lighting, both from lights and windows, to produce a light and airy impression.

dining room and family room
Use natural colors in the dining room and family room that blend.

4. Place the Multipurpose Kitchen Shelves in the Open Dining Room

Use multipurpose kitchen shelves for save space in the dining area. In addition, this rack model with wheels is quite flexible and easy to move. Here is the inspiration to organize a versatile kitchen shelf to make it look good.

multipurpose kitchen shelf minimalist dining room
Filbert kitchen trolley – white
Minimalist and versatile kitchen cart for serving food and storing cutlery.

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Well, that’s how to arrange a minimalist dining room in an open area. To get other minimalist furniture, you can visit directly www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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