4 Tips for choosing the size of the sink according to your needs

4 Tips for choosing the size of the sink according to your needs

Tips for choosing the size of the sink

Here is a list of tips to choose the sink size that suits your needs. Go, see the full explanation!

The sink is a very important element in a home kitchen.

Although it seems trivial, the sink can beautify the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Just imagine if everyone kitchen set purchased is attractive, but the sink used is not suitable or design is less attractive.

It must be very annoying, right?

One of the mistakes people often make when buying a dishwasher is choosing the wrong size.

As a result, you need to revise the design kitchen set or even buy a new dishwasher.

So that things like this don’t happen to you, there are 4 tips to choose the size of the sink according to your needs that you should know.

Let’s go, let’s just look at the complete explanation in the next article, launching different sources.

4 Tips for choosing the size of the sink

1. Match the Cabinet Size

wash size

Source: cleanipedia.com

The first thing you should pay attention to is to match the size of the cabinet in the kitchen.

This step is very crucial because it will affect the overall look of the kitchen.

When the size of the dishwasher is right, then of course the aesthetics of the kitchen will increase.

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On the other hand, if the dishwasher does not match the cabinet, it will certainly damage the look of the kitchen.

You can see the specifications of the cabinet and the specifications of the dishwasher so that you do not buy the wrong one.

2. Choose the Ideal Size

Second, choose the ideal size.

Do not choose a sink that is too big or too small.

A sink that is too small will certainly make it difficult for you to wash a large number of dishes.

Meanwhile, a sink that is too big has the potential to be relatively more expensive than you really need.

3. Standard Sink Size

ideal size for the sink

Source: bpguide.id

The typical width of the lake is about 60 cm to 65 cm.

The difference between each dishwasher is the length of the section.

In general, a sink that has a tub only has a length of about 80 cm.

When there are two sinks, the size increases to about 120 cm.

As for the lake with the size of three tubs, the length can reach 150 cm.

You can use the standard size benchmark if you are confused in choosing the size of the dishwasher.

4. Depth of the lake

If you live alone and rarely cook for many people, a lake that has a depth of 20 cm is ideal.

The reason is that you don’t need to wash dishes or glasses too much.

But if you already have a family and live in a fairly large house, it is a good idea to use a dishwasher with a depth of more than 25 cm.

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This will also be easier for you when preparing or cleaning food ingredients before cooking.

Those were 4 tips to choose the size of the sink according to your needs that you can use as a guide.


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