4 Tips for choosing a minimalist floor lamp

4 Tips for choosing a minimalist floor lamp

minimalist floor lamp

Indeed, the viewing room or home theater the comfort has a dark atmosphere that resembles a cinema. However, this does not mean that you do not need additional lighting from a minimalist lamp.

Do not worry, there are many types of lamps that are suitable for viewing rooms because they have a light whose level of illumination we can adjust ourselves.

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Therefore, we can still watch in cinematic style while turning on the lights with minimal light so as not to hurt our eyes.

However, before installing it, you must choose the right lamps so that the atmosphere in the viewing room is pleasant.

So, how do you choose a minimalist floor lamp?

Before you decide to buy a floor lamp, consider the following important things.

1. Determine the type

minimalist floor lamp
Choose a floor lamp whose light is focused for a specific activity, such as reading a book

First of all, you need to determine its function or usability first. If you want a lamp whose light can illuminate the whole room, then choose this type environment or have a hood.

You see, these lamps are designed to provide light to general areas without regard to a particular direction or focus.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want a floor lamp to support reading activities, choose a lighter type of lamp. You see, this type of lamp can provide a direct light that is focused on a certain area.

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2. Select the Appropriate Size

minimalist floor lamp
Choose a floor lamp with a height according to the room

Unlike the chandelier, the floor lamp has a minimalist look because it has a leg. Therefore, the choice of size is quite important so as not to take up too much space in the house.

The higher the foot of the lamp, the more light it spreads in the room. Ideally, the right height of the lamp should match the height of the furniture in the room.

3. Choose the best type of Bulb

For the viewing room, choose the type of LED bulb or light emitting diode. In addition to maximum light, LED bulbs are also durable because they can last more than twenty years. In addition, LED lights also have a variety of bulb colors.

4. Consider Additional Functions

minimalist floor lamp
Choose the ones with additional features for maximum results

In addition to their beautiful and minimalist appearance, some floor lamps also have additional functions to make it easier for us to use them.

For example, there are floor lamps that can be adjusted in height or adjustable. Then, there are also lamps whose light can change. So, if necessary, you can consider this feature.

The best modern minimalist floor lamp tips

After knowing how to choose a floor lamp, we want to provide some of the best lamp recommendations for any activity.

1. Tripod floor lamp

minimalist floor lamp
Tripod floor lamp – Black

Check it out here

This type of floor lamp tripod has 3 legs at the bottom which is made of sturdy metal. The shape that this hood has can spread the light throughout the room well.

2. Chandeliers Industrial

minimalist floor lamp
Informa Gibson Floor Lamp 3l – Black Sand

Check it out here

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Indeed, the style of space industrial compatible with the following iron floor lamp. Uniquely, there are 3 light sockets with different directions so they can focus on 3 places at once.

3. Two-Bulb Floor Lamp

minimalist floor lamp
Eglo Up-ii lamp – White

Check it out here

Do you want to have a floor lamp where the light radiates throughout the room and is focused at the same time? If so, choose one that is equipped with two bulbs.

This lamp also has change which you can use to turn it on and off automatically.

4. Modern Floor Lamp

minimalist floor lamp
Getha lamp – white

Check it out here

For activities that require more lighting, choose a reading lamp with a modern style. This lamp is 162 cm high which is perfect for you to place next to the sofa or side table.

Here are some tips for choosing a floor lamp that looks minimalist and the best tips. So, which lamp do you want to choose to do home theater at home?

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