4 Sizes and Patterns of Bean Bags for Minimalist Homes

4 Sizes and Patterns of Bean Bags for Minimalist Homes

bean color
Use a bean bag with a color that matches the room.

Bean bag is a loveseat model filled with round pearls or styrofoam which is often used as an alternative to lounge chairs. not only comfortable, bag of beans also available in different sizes of single models.

Its light weight can also make it easier for you to slide and move this chair. In addition to that, bag of beans including minimalist home furniture that can be used in different rooms, both in the living room, the family room and the bedroom.

Various Banners

Size and model guide Bean Bag

Before buying this chair, make sure of the size bag of beans depending on the area of ​​the room so as not to make it tight. Well, this time, we have some size inspiration bag of beans that you can use at home, as follows.

1. Model Bean Bag Kotak

Model bag of beans this has uQuran 50x50x40 cm. Therefore, suitable to be placed in the living room and family room as an additional chair. The seat toofeel softer and more flexible to follow the shape of the body.

To make the room look minimalist, you can choose neutral colors like light gray.

Bean Bag Square - Abu-Abu
Bean Bag Square – Abu-Abu

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2. Model Bean Bag Round

Model bag of beans round have uQuran 50x50x30 which is suitable for use as a seat rug. Bget more compact It is also easier for you to store when not in use.

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Bean Bag Summer Retreat - Pink
Bean Bag Summer Retreat – Pink

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3. Model Bean Bag Triangle

At first glance, this model looks similar bag of beans round shape What sets it apart is the pointed end of the seat back.

Bean bag With a size of 90 × 105 cm, it can be placed in different rooms, from the terrace of the house, to the living room, to the bedroom. You can also combine it with small light-colored cushions to add an aesthetic impression to the room.

Pouf Ain-p 90x105cm - Chocolate
Bean Bag Ain-p 90x105cm – Chocolate

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4. Model News

A number of bag of beans actually designed in various unique forms like patterns novelty Bean bag this has measures 60x80x60 cm with a light color, so it is suitable to be placed inside playroom and children’s room.

In addition, this chair has a unique shape, such as the shape of a rabbit, dinosaur, etc. You can also put it in the living room as an additional decoration to make it look more attractive.

Lulu Bean Bag - Red
Lulu Bean Bag – Red

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5. Bean Bag Cover image font

Bean bag with cover images of characters like ice cream and dinosaurs can also be placed in the children’s play area. Just fill it with details stearofoam to feel more comfortable.

bean bag size
Soleil Cover Bean Bag Shark

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bean bag size
Soleil Cover Bean Bag Cupcake

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Well, these are some bean bag sizes and models that you can choose from Chaise lounge at home. So that the family room feels more cozy and interestingly, choose a color bag of beans matches the rest of the furniture.

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