4 Residential Features for Millennials

4 Residential Features for Millennials

Not only do they spend time and income to fulfill lifestyle interests, now the millennial generation is also starting to think about how to buy a private home. Residential features for millennials are the hallmark of the home they live in.

There are many reasons why millennials start looking for housing, one of which is because of their working age. Seeing the enthusiasm of the millennial generation to buy this home has encouraged real estate developers to compete to offer different types of housing that suit the interests of the millennial generation.

So, what are the ideal housing characteristics for the millennial generation?

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Residential Features for Millennials

1. The area is not too big

The average millennial generation prefers dwellings/houses that are not too large in area. Due to their busy lives, millennials rarely spend time at home. Therefore, they prefer a small house to make it easier to clean. Not only that, usually tiny houses also have more affordable prices.

2. Minimalist style

In addition to its small size, housing for millennials is synonymous with a minimalist concept. Millennials are known to like things that are simple and not overwhelming. Therefore, the minimalist concept housing is their choice.

This minimalist concept can be seen from the occupation with minimal insulation, functional furniture, simple ornaments and a palette of neutral colors. The minimalist concept housing is also considered easier to maintain.

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3. Strategic location and easy access

Location is also an important concern for millennials. Due to their high mobility needs, they tend to choose residences/houses that are in strategic areas, such as residences that are close to workplaces and the city center. In this way they can save time and transport costs.

However, due to increasingly expensive property prices, there are many millennials who choose to live on the outskirts of the city. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the outskirts of the city, as long as the area has easy road access and is accessible by public transport.

4. Equipped with internet connection

The next feature, housing for millennials must have a smooth Internet connection. As we all know, now internet connection is required by many people for activities, especially for the millennial generation.

They need an internet network in social life and in the world of work. Therefore, many millennials choose housing that is equipped with Internet connection facilities.

These are the 4 characteristics of housing for millennials: a not too large area, a minimalist style accommodation, a strategic location and easy access, and equipped with an Internet connection. Realize your dream home with your family at Gardens at Candi Sawangan. Gardens always innovates to present housing with the best concepts and designs that keep up with the times.

There are many choices of cluster houses in a minimalist style that combines function and aesthetics. Not only that, the Gardens housing is also located in a strategic location, equipped with adequate facilities, easy access and mobility, and surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable environment.

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