4 Parts of the Modern Minimalist Home Design that you should pay attention to

4 Parts of the Modern Minimalist Home Design that you should pay attention to

Modern and minimalist home designs are important factors in the decision to choose housing for the millennial generation. Making the most of the space with the existing land area, many housing developers currently continue to offer various modern house designs, some of which are modern 2-story houses.

Even so, there are many design elements that are often neglected and neglected, although these 4 parts play an important role for your modern minimalist home design. The following is an example of 4 parts of a modern minimalist home design that should be considered for millennials in determining the choice of a modern concept home.

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Minimalist modern house fence

Minimalist house fence
One of the fences of a modern house (Photo: Freepik)

Modern minimalist fences can change the appearance of an ordinary house to look elegant and futuristic. Iron fence design is currently very popular due to its strong and durable nature. The simple and contemporary impression produced by the iron fence is very suitable to be applied to your home design. The use of iron elements in a color game with white and black modern residential paint is able to create an elegant modern minimalist feel.

In addition to the iron elements, there are many other elements that can be used to make your modern minimalist fence.

  • Wooden fence. Wood has been a material for the manufacture of fences since time immemorial. The use of wood as a fence must also consider several factors, one of which is the strength of the type of wood used. Using the wrong type of wood will make your wooden fence easily damaged by weather changes.
  • Concrete stone fence. Concrete fences are an alternative to your minimalist modern fence design. The choice of concrete with complementary ornaments on the wall wall, such as brick or natural stone, can be an option for your home.
  • Natural stone fence. Natural stone can be used as a fence by combining it with iron or concrete elements to create an aesthetic and elegant effect on your fence.
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Modern Minimalist Terrace

Modern house terrace
Modern house terrace (Photo: Freepik)

The terrace of the house is an element that is quite important in a futuristic minimalist house design. Using the remaining land, a modern minimalist terrace design should create a space to relax, to receive guests.

Because the terrace is the first part of the house that people see when they come to visit, they have to build it as best as possible to make it look clean and elegant.

There are many things that must be considered in making a minimalist home terrace, that is to say in addition to function and aesthetics, you must also pay attention to the needs of the open green space for your home. Here are some things that can be used to beautify your modern minimalist home design:

  • grass The use of grass combined with natural stone elements or ornamental plants will produce an aesthetic sense while at the same time supporting the appearance of a modern minimalist terrace design to be more beautiful.
  • fish pond The fish pond is also a simple decoration that can beautify and enliven the atmosphere of the house. In addition to beauty, the sound of gurgling water can also give a soothing feeling to your home.
  • Decorative plants. Outdoor ornamental plants make your modern minimalist terrace beautiful. There are many types of ornamental plants that can be planted. Starting from dense green leafy plants, to flowering ornamental plants that add beauty to your minimalist home.
  • tree Even if you have limited land, you can use trees as an element for your terrace. Trees in modern houses can bring and provide temperature comfort by shading your terrace. Don’t worry, there are many types of trees that you can plant according to the design of your house. One of them is a pencil or palm tree that does not take up much space.
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Modern Minimalist House Facade

Modern Minimalist House Facade
Modern minimalist house facade (Photo: Pixabay)

The modern minimalist house facade type is currently one of the most popular types of house facades. The nuances of modern and minimalist design, as well as simple and minimalist facade types are believed to be able to make people not bored.

The minimalist facade of the house using geometric shapes with the dominance of monochrome colors can make the facade of the house look clean and bright. There are many geometric shapes in the manufacture of modern house facades:

  • A box-shaped house. Square or rectangle is one of the most applied geometric shapes in a modern house. This form shows the impression of simplicity and elegance.
  • The house is triangular. The triangular shape is not only used as the facade of the roof of the house, in some modern minimalist houses it is also applied as the main shape of the building. Usually, the shape of a triangular house is currently more used as a hotel room or a cottage.

Minimalist modern house paint color selection

The minimalist colors of the modern home
Minimalist modern house colors (Photo: Freepik)

The choice of paint colors in a modern minimalist home is an important element that must be considered. There are several minimalist home paint color trends for 2022 that currently exist:

  • Black and white color. The combination of black and white today can be assumed as a minimalist home color. This is because black and white are simple and simple colors. This is in accordance with the minimalist design concept that wants to be firm and simple.
  • Pastel colors. Pastel can be your modern choice of house paint color. There are many pastel colors that you can apply to your modern minimalist home, such as pastel yellow, green, salmon, pink, etc. which can be applied to the facade of the house or the interior of your house.
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It is an explanation of some parts of a modern minimalist house that you need to pay attention to. By paying attention to these parts, of course, you can add a much more interesting design impression. I hope this article was helpful!