4 Easier ways to find out the WiFi password of the neighborhood, you must know!

4 Easier ways to find out the WiFi password of the neighborhood, you must know!

how to find neighbors wifi password

Check out several ways to find out a neighbor’s WiFi password in the following quick and easy ways.

The internet is now a necessity in itself, even affecting daily productivity over a period of time.

The need for the internet has become a necessity, even if the internet is slow, it will affect human psychology.

However, not all places can have WiFi accessibility for free and some even have to pay.

Therefore, a way to know the WiFi password of a neighbor may be necessary at any time, especially if the home internet is disconnected.

What is the process of knowing the WiFi password of a neighbor through an application? Check out the discussion together!

How to know the Wifi password of the neighborhood and the IP address, easy and fast

You can find several ways to find a neighbor’s WiFi password quickly and easily through the following steps:

WiFi Warden app

How to find out your neighbor's WiFi password via WiFi Warden

Source: play.google.com

The WiFi Warden application can be a way to know your neighbor’s WiFi password for those of you who use Android phones.

This product already has a fairly high rating and is very reliable with a few easy steps that you can do as follows:

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1. Download the WiFi Warden app.

2. Open the app and enable T&C notifications.

3. Allows you to use GPS.

4. Press WPS for the WiFi connection you want to use.

5. Then connect.

6. Wait until the WiFi is connected according to the target.

7. Use the WPS connection mode.

8. Press the Calculate PIN option.

9. Wait a few moments until it is connected to WiFi.

Wi-Fi password enforcement

How to find out your neighbor's WiFi password via WiFi Password

Source: play.google.com

The next way to find out your neighbor’s WiFi password is through the WiFi Password application, which has been downloaded by 10 million users on Google Play.

There are several ways to use the WiFi Password application, including:

1. Download and install Wi-Fi password enforcement.

2. Activate all WiFi on Android phones that are already in use.

3. Searching for WiFi connection around you.

4. Please have a network that is the main goal.

5. Connect automatically.

6. Wait a few seconds for the scan to complete.

7. If so, you will automatically connect to WiFi without a password.

How to know WiFi password with WPSApp


Source: play.google.com

You can use the WPSApp application on Google Play, which has been downloaded by 50 million users worldwide.

The advantage of using the WPSApp application is in its excellent practicality, and you can follow the following methods:

1. Download and install the WPSApp application.

2. Scan WiFi around the area.

3. WiFi connection automatically appears around the room.

4. Select one of the WiFi connections.

5. For Android phones, choose the Connect With Pin (Root) menu.

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6. If you haven’t rooted yet, tap the No Root menu.

7. Wait a few seconds until the application does the scanning.

8. After scanning, you managed to find out the neighbor’s WiFi password.

How to know the WiFi password of the neighborhood with an IP address

How to easily find the password via WiFi Map

Source: Id.wikihow.com

The first step to find out your neighbor’s WiFi password that you can do is to configure the IP address.

However, this process is more difficult when compared with the following applications:

1. You have to find a free WiFi network first.

2. Connect to the found WiFi network.

3. There is pop-up menu such as the Username and Password options.

4. Please change the IP address and WiFi network obtained including the modification of the network configuration.

5. The IP address of a WiFi network is usually 168.1.1

6. Please change with IP

7. After changing the IP address, you can open the available browser.

8. Then access the URL “https://192/168.1/254” through the browser used.

9. The LOGIN page will appear, you must fill in the Username & Password fields.

10. You can fill in the Username column with “USER” and “ADMIN”.

11. Adjust these two things, if the username is USER, the password is also USER and vice versa.

12. Then enter the settings, to see the WiFi password & username used.

Here are some ways to easily find out your neighbors’ WiFi passwords, either through apps or based on IP addresses.

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