4 cheapest and fastest house cleaning services

4 cheapest and fastest house cleaning services

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For those who have busy activities, taking time to clean the house is sometimes difficult to do. If this is the case, using a cleaning service can certainly be an attractive solution.

For those of you who want to use the service cleaning servicehere is the list:

Jasa cleaning service

Another cleaning service is KliknClean, this home cleaning service is perfect for those of you who want to clean your home at an affordable cost. The cleaning services offered are very varied, ranging from house cleaning, mattress washing, clothes ironing, air conditioning cleaning to mist disinfectants.

Cost : starting from 50 thousand IDR (depending on the type of service chosen).

tel: 0815 8524 8888

Seekmi is a home and office cleaning service provider, this company provides laundry services, air conditioning services to daily crafts and electronic services. Interestingly, using this application, people can also choose a payment calculation mechanism based on hours or number of rooms.

price : IDR 60 thousand / hour (depending on the type of service chosen).

tel : : (021) 806 25 200

Another house cleaning service is a Cleaner, this company provides many interesting services such as house cleaning (including cleaning the living room, kitchen, bed, bathroom, terrace and stairs. The cleaning service also offers cleaning services for sofas, carpets and office chairs). .

price : basically the rates offered by the cleaners depend on the type of service. For example, sofa washing costs IDR 75,000 per sofa, carpet washing IDR 15,000 per carpet, house cleaning IDR 65,000 per hour.

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tel : 1500166

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Another house cleaning service is Clean House, the form of service offered is also very interesting, such as cleaning the house, the bathroom, washing the mattresses to clean the mites from the mattresses or sofas .

price: starting from IDR 550,000 (2 hours of house cleaning + 1 mattress vacuum cleaner).

tel: 08588 179 4837

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