4 Causes of the gas stove not turning on and how to fix it

4 Causes of the gas stove not turning on and how to fix it

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A gas stove that suddenly won’t turn on must be very disturbing for household chores. In addition, this is even more annoying if it occurs when the stove is still new and there is still a lot of gas in it. So, what do you think is the cause of the gas stove not turning on?

Over time, a gas stove that is often used will certainly decrease in quality and end up being damaged.

In fact, not infrequently a gas stove that is still new can be damaged quickly.

In general, the damage that is often experienced includes the following:

  • The gas stove does not turn on
  • The gas stove exploded
  • The flame of the gas burner is red
  • The flame of the gas stove is too small

If you have these problems, you need to know the causes!

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7 Causes of the gas stove not turning on

Gas stoves that do not turn on are usually because some important element in the stove is not working.

Not rarely these problems occur even when the gas is full, after changing the tube, and so on.

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1. Clogged stove

broken gas stove regulator

source: Youtube ACCU DOCTOR & LAMP Ria ria

The gas stove does not light often happens after installing the gas.

Usually, the reason the gas stove does not light up is because the gas flow from the pipe to the stove is blocked.

This happened because the regulator and stove pipe were damaged.

In this way, you need to rearrange the installation of the stove pipe regulator, yes.

2. The Lighter and Knob do not work

The next cause of the gas stove not turning on is the lighter and the knob not working.

If this happens, you can check the condition of the light.

Then, after checking, you can see that there is a slight unfounded, you can immediately clean the soil.

However, if the igniter does not appear to be damaged or clogged, this means that you should replace it with a new one.

3. There is a crust on the funnel

Usually, the cause of a gas stove not lighting is because there is scale on the flame.

In addition to this, it could also be because the stove knob is no longer working.

4. Gas Is Out

due to the gas stove not lighting the gas has escaped

source: Sindonews.com

Leaking LPG gas can certainly be the cause of the gas stove not turning on.

This seems trivial, but people often don’t understand it.

To know if it is LPG gas, you can see the pungent smell coming from the kitchen.

When you find this condition, you must replace a new gas cylinder as soon as possible and cannot leave it idle.

5. Troubled Regulators

Another cause is a problematic stove regulator.

Usually, gas regulators are susceptible to pressure when installing gas.

This can cause the regulator head to be easily damaged and unable to close tightly.

Thus, the gas can escape easily and cannot be properly channeled to the stove.

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If this happens, replace the regulator you are using with a new stove regulator.

6. Wet and humid stove

A damp stove can also be the cause of the gas stove not turning on. that’s it.

This is in accordance with the principle of fire that does not burn in a watery place.

Thus, you should frequently check every part of the stove that can be exposed to water.

If it is wet, clean immediately with a dry cloth or tissue.

When it is finished, you can try to turn on the gas stove in the kitchen.

7. Leaking Gas Hose

The last cause of the gas stove not turning on is a leaking gas hose.

Please note, this condition is very dangerous if you do not know it quickly.

This is because the gas that collects in a closed room is more prone to cause an explosion.

So, make sure you check the regulator section at the hose every time you want to cook, OK?

Causes of explosion of gas stoves

the gas stove will explode

Explosion of gas stoves can be due to many reasons that you may not be aware of.

Meanwhile, the causes that are found may be due to the following things.

1. Leaking Gas Cylinder

The use of pipes that do not comply with safety standards is very likely to cause gas cylinders to explode.

In fact, the hose has an important function as a gas conductor from the pipe to the stove.

In this way, the hose must be of good quality to minimize the potential of gas leaks.

2. The kitchen is too closed

Please note, a kitchen that is too closed and does not have good circulation can cause a gas cylinder explosion.

This is because LPG gas has a heavier weight than the air we breathe, so LPG gas will go down.

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If the kitchen air circulation is not smooth, this type of LPG gas cylinder will be stuck in the kitchen and mixed with the air.

This is what makes the gas cylinder explode.

Causes of red gas stove flames

Apparently, the red gas stove flame is a sign of high hydrocarbon levels in the gas cylinder.

This happens for the following reasons:

  • Fire funnel or burner ugly with scale. The soil causes high hydrocarbon levels, so that the gas stove emits a red flame
  • Scales on the furnace contain high hydrocarbon compounds
  • Pulverizer filled with soil until closed

The Cause of the Small Flame of the Gas Stove

There are many possible things that can cause a small gas stove fire.

The causes are as follows:

  • Gas started to leak or just a little
  • Fire funnel or burner bad scale and finally clogged. In this way, the gas that comes out is not optimal, thus affecting the quality of the fire
  • Stove support dirty stove due to ladder
  • The igniter is clogged due to scale


From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the causes of the gas stove that does not light up are different.

There are many causes, such as a damaged stove, a lighter that does not work, scale on the funnel, and gas that has escaped.

So, the cause of the gas stove not lighting is the problem with the regulator, humidity and gas leaks.


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