4 Benefits of using a walk in closet at home

4 Benefits of using a walk in closet at home

manfaat walks in a closet

Walk in closet is a special warehouse for storing clothes, bags, shoes and equipment fashion other Not only as a storage area, benefits walk in closet even a lot.

Usually, this room is located next to the bedroom, especially if the room is large enough. Different from closet, cut off walk in closet bigger.

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If wardrobe only form wardrobe hanging on the wall, walk in closet instead, it is a small room that measures 6-13 square meters and consists of many partitions, shelves and drawers.

The thing to note is the depth of the wardrobe inside walk in closet ranging from about 55-60 cm. Other than that, be sure walk in closet it has a width of about 2-3 square meters.

So, what are the benefits? Walk in closet?

So, to answer your confusion, we want to share some of the benefits if you have one walk in closet at home.

1. Easier to Tidy Up

manfaat walks in a closet
All clothes can be more organized if they are stored in a closet

If the wardrobe is only used to store clothes, it is different walk in closet. Here, you can store shoes, jewelry and cosmetics in a special room.

Therefore, all equipment will be well organized and reduce the risk of losing items.

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2. It can be a comfortable change

manfaat walks in a closet
When you have a walk in closet, you can change clothes more comfortably and freely

Of course, benefits walk in closet it can also create a more comfortable walk. You see, you don’t need to go back and forth to get clothes, shoes and fashion accessories from many places.

In fact, you can add a mirror in the room. Then, you can try different models of clothes by looking in the mirror.

3. Increase Security

For those of you who have many valuable items, such as a collection of gold necklaces and diamond rings, then use walk in closet so very profitable.

You see, you can store your entire collection in a special drawer instead of hiding it among the clothing racks. To increase security, you can put it inside of course and make a special door.

4. Increase the sales value

Walk in closet it is a facility that can increase the sale value of our homes, especially if it looks clean. You see, many people begin to prioritize existence walk in closet looking for a new home.

So, what should be in Walk in closet?

Here are some of the benefits of using it walk in closet Well, so that the room is also called as maid If this is arranged correctly, you need to prepare the following pieces of furniture.

1. Wardrobe

The wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture that must be in walk in closet. Choose a wardrobe with a sliding door model so as not to restrict the room. You can choose a wardrobe that already has glass, like the following tips.

manfaat walks in a closet
Selma Alexa sliding door wardrobe – white

Check it out here

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2. Shoe cabinet

In addition to clothes, you can store a whole collection of shoes, flat shoesup to high heels in a special rack. Choose multi-level shelves and arrange the shoes according to their type. Here are the best shoe closet tips you can get.

manfaat walks in a closet
Shoe cabinet Thomas 4 Tiers with 2 drawers – white

Check it out here

3. Laces

Advantages of drawers inside walk in closet is to group different accessories so that they don’t get messy, such as ties, watches and jewelry. Choose a cheese that is white in color maid so it looks modern minimalist, like the following.

manfaat walks in a closet
Irvin 5 Tier Storage Drawers – White

Check it out here

4. Dressing Table and Chair Set

Table and chairs are also needed inside walk in closet Select toilet which has drawers to be able to store various beauty equipment. Usually, each table is also equipped with a glass for doing activities make up, as follows.

manfaat walks in a closet
Claire Dressing Table 6 Drawers with Mirror – White

Check it out here

Here are some things you need to know walk in closetstarting from intelligence, benefits and essential furnishings.

have a walk in closet furniture
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