3 ways to restart your own IndiHome Wifi in the last house. Fast & Easy!

3 ways to restart your own IndiHome Wifi in the last house. Fast & Easy!

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How to restart the IndiHome wifi should be known, as a step to fix the slow Internet connection. Read the description carefully here!

Over time, the internet has become a mandatory requirement in everyday activities, such as for school, work, entertainment media and for communication.

Undoubtedly, home wifi service providers like IndiHome are increasingly being used by the wider community.

However, it is not uncommon for indiHome wifi to experience problems, such as slowing down or slowing down.

If this is the case, the variety of activities will be hindered, it is not impossible for you to feel irritated.

Usually IndiHome suggests restarting the wifi to restore the connection.

So, do you know how to properly restart the IndiHome wifi at home?

If not, through the review below, we will explain step by step how to restart the IndiHome wifi at home.

Go ahead, watch till the end.

3 ways to restart your own IndiHome Wifi at home

1. Turning the On / Off button on the Router

how to restart wifi indihome

source: detailtekno.com

The first way to restart the IndiHome wifi is to disable the on / off button on the back of the router.

This step is very simple and is often recommended by IndiHome officials.

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The guide is as follows:

  • First, press the on / off button on the router until it turns off.
  • Leave the router off for up to five minutes.
  • When five minutes have passed, restart the router.
  • If the internet speed is still slow, please repeat the above steps one more time.

2. Press the Small Hole on the Router

how to restart wifi indihome

source: oolean.id

The second way you can try it is by pressing a small hole on the router.

Usually the small hole is near the on/off switch on the back of the router.

You need the help of a small tip tool, like a toothpick to press the button in the hole.

The steps:

  • Press the button in the small hole with a toothpick for 3-5 seconds.
  • Wait a few moments until the modem turns off.
  • Then wait again until the modem is active.
  • When it is activated, open the browser and access the IP address: or
  • You can use the username or password on the back of the modem.

But usually, it is not recommended to tamper the username and password.

Only the technician can usually open the above IP.

3. Direct contact Call Center

So, what if the IndiHome wifi restart method above doesn’t work?

You can contact the Telkom complaint number directly or call center IndiHome via number 147.

After party call center ask for some data like the IndiHome number.

After explaining what happened, call center restart your Indihome wifi via the system.

Wait up to 30 minutes, until the officer calls again.

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So check, if the IndiHome wifi at home has recovered?

Restart Modem Purpose

You may feel annoyed when directed call center to restart the modem when an interruption occurs.

Not only from call centerA similar method is generally suggested by IndiHome social media administrators.

Unfortunately restarting the IndiHome modem sometimes works or not.

If it doesn’t get better, we recommend calling a technician immediately to find out what the problem is.

But behind everything, launch the page kuplanan.comThere are several purposes of restarting IndiHome that you need to know, including:

  • As a solution to improve a slow Internet connection.
  • Used when trying to change wifi password and name.
  • When you want to activate the add-on package you just purchased.


This is how to restart the IndiHome wifi.

Pretty easy, right?

Hope useful, friend 99.

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