3 ways to install wall shelves to make your interior look aesthetic

3 ways to install wall shelves to make your interior look aesthetic


Unknowingly, wall shelves have become an element that often complements residential interiors. Wall shelves provide space for storing and displaying various items. And not only that, the house was also decorated with wall shelves. With its different designs, the presence of wall shelves can make the room more aesthetic.

There are several ways to install wall shelves, from the most practical way to install wall shelves without using a lot of tools to more complex ways to install wall shelves using various carpentry tools. Its application adapts the design of wall shelves to the needs of your home.

Do you want to install a wall shelf yourself? There are at least three ways of installing wall shelves that you can do yourself, namely with glue, bracket ordinary wall shelves, i bracket type floating. Below we present three ways of installing wall shelves.

How to install wall shelves with glue

For decorative shelves that are not too heavy to bear the load, you can use glue to attach them to the wall. The glue will prove effective in installing a lightweight wall shelf.


  • Type of glue urethane, the strongest type and can bond a number of different materials.
  • Wall shelves made of light materials, such as balsa wood, Dutch teak, sengon or similar, are usually made in various minimalist geometric shapes.
  • Cloth and fine sandpaper.
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How to install wall shelves with glue or glue

  1. Select the wall to which the shelves will be attached. Make sure the surface is flat.
  2. Clean the wall surface with a cloth slightly moistened with soapy water. Leave to dry.
  3. Sand the wall surface. The purpose of sanding is to roughen the surface of the wall so that the adhesive can bond more firmly. Wipe again with a dry cloth to remove dust from the wall surface.
  4. Apply the glue evenly on the side of the shelf that will be mounted on the wall. Attach the shelf to the wall, hold and press for about 1 minute to make the shelf stick perfectly. Before using the stand, wait 24 hours for the glue to dry completely.

3 ways to install wall shelves to make your interior look aesthetic

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How to install a wall shelf with bracket regularly

Wall shelf installed with bracket is the most common type of wall shelves. This wall shelf is very flexible, it can withstand small, medium and even heavy loads. How to install this wall shelf is quite simple.


  • wooden wall shelves, plywoodMDF or similar.
  • Bracket wall shelves type L with the support side placed under the shelf, type J with the support side on top of the shelf or type Z which has a similar shape bracket type L, but with support elements that have guides so that shelves can be placed on them without sliding forward even if they are not fixed with screws.

Electric drill, screwdriver, shelf screws, wall screws and anchor.

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How to install a wall shelf with bracket regularly

  1. Determine where you will place the wall shelf.
  2. Determine the length of the wall shelf to determine the quantity bracket That is necessary.
  3. After determining the need bracketdetermine the position bracket on the board. If bracket if more than two are needed, pairs bracket within the same distance. Use screws to attach it to the board.
  4. Place the wall shelf in a predetermined area. Make sure the installation looks horizontal and neat.
  5. Mark the wall with holes for the location bracket glued. Drill all the holes with a 6mm drill bit. Insert anchor as reinforcement for wall screws.
  6. Twist bracket on each hole anchor available. The stand is ready for use.

As an additional note on how to install a wall shelf, here is a description of your needs bracket based on shelf length.

≤ 90 cm = 2 bracket
100-175 cm = 3 bracket
176-250 cm = 4 bracket
251-335 cm = 5 bracket
336-415 cm = 6 bracket

In light to medium wall shelf installation mode, create a gap bracket at least 60 cm.

Additionally, you can use the same steps to install shelves on a ceramic wall. Only patience and caution are required when drilling ceramic surfaces. If it is too expensive for you to drill holes in the ceramic, the more recommended method is to attach the wall shelf using glue.

3 ways to install wall shelves to make your interior look aesthetic


How to install a wall shelf with floating carrier

Wall shelf floating has become the most popular type among lovers of minimalist style today. The shape is concise and gives the impression of spaciousness.


  • Wall shelves made of wood, plywood or plywood,
  • Floating carrier of wood or iron plate.
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Electric drill, screwdriver, wall screws and dowels.

How to install a wall shelf with floating carrier

  • Adjust the quantity bracket with the length of the shelves and install floating carrier on the wall as during installation bracket regularly.
  • The construction of wall shelves largely depends on the material. For plywood, make a thin box like a shelf with an open back for resting floating carrier. If you are using a wooden board, drill one side as an insertion hole floating carrier until the shelf can rely on it.
  • Once the two materials are ready, join them by inserting a hole in the shelf floating carrier which is mounted on the wall. Your policy is ready to use.

3 ways to install wall shelves to make your interior look aesthetic

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Measure the depth of the wall shelf

When installing wall shelves for occupancy, the depth of the wall shelves also affects how to install the right wall shelves. The width of the shelf from the wall to the outer edge of the shelf can be determined based on its function.

Photo bump ± 15 cm
Kitchen shelves ± 30 cm
Bathroom shelf ± 20 cm
Cancer pantry ± 45 cm
Cancer laundry ± 40 cm
Living room or shelf display ± 25 cm

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hopefully tips on how to install Wall shelf The above can help the wall shelf in your home to be properly installed and make your home look aesthetically pleasing. Find a variety of materials and products for other homes, only at Archives!