3 ways to extend WiFi range or narrow it. Easy going!

3 ways to extend WiFi range or narrow it. Easy going!

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In addition to blocking Wi-Fi users, it turns out that you can also adjust the range of the signal. that’s it. For example, be wider so that all residents of the house can use it. Curious how? Yuksee how to extend WiFi range in this article!

Resetting the Wi-Fi signal range at home is one of the things you should consider.

Do not let the range be too small so that not all occupants can access it.

For more details, here’s how to extend the WiFi range or narrow it as needed.

How to extend and narrow the WiFi range

1. Extending WiFi Range

how to extend Wi-Fi range


First, let’s learn how to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal at home.

You just need to connect your laptop to an Internet network, then do the following steps:

  • Open a browser and enter the IP address or
  • The browser screen will display the Fiberhome Modem configuration login page
  • If this is the first time you open it, the default username is “Admin”.
  • For the password use the pattern ‘admin’
  • Select the Network or Settings menu (this depends on the modem you are using)
  • Click the WLAN menu then WLAN Advanced for Huawei modems
  • Change the TX Power to 100% so that the range is stronger and wider
  • Press the Apply button
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After this step is completed, the Wi-Fi strength will be maximized so that the occupants are more comfortable when accessing the Internet.

2. Narrowing Internet Reach

how to limit Wi-Fi range


What if you want to limit its reach?

So you just need to reduce it by 100%, Friends 99.

The steps are the same as before until you reach the WLAN menu, then:

  • Click the WLAN menu then WLAN Advanced for Huawei modems
  • Change it to 80% or 60% or 40% to make the range narrower
  • Press the Apply button

Later, the Wi-Fi signal will weaken so that the range becomes smaller.

This can minimize foreign devices from enjoying the Internet network at home.

For the record, you can also check who is using your home Wi-Fi through this page.

3. Tips for Expanding Other WiFi Range

In addition to adjusting the range of the modem, you can also do many other things.

For example, using a wireless repeater to spread the signal more evenly.

For more details, here are some tips you can apply:

  • Place the Wi-Fi modem in the middle of the house so that the signal can reach the whole room
  • Install Wi-Fi with the position of the antenna perpendicular so that the signal is not interrupted
  • Use a signal booster to boost your home Internet network
  • Complete the corner of the house with an additional Access Point (AP).
  • Use a wireless repeater to extend the signal range

The final solution is to replace the router antenna so that it can transmit a stronger unidirectional signal

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You need to know, the default modem antenna is one type omnidirectional.

This means that the network will radiate from different directions at once.

This type is suitable for a modem with a position in the middle of the room and away from the wall.

However, if the location is close to a wall, the signal beam will not be optimal because it hits the wall.

What if you forget the Modem account?

wifi modem reset button

Source: afakom.blogspot.com

The obstacle you may face when trying the steps above is forgetting username o password modem.

This is because you have already opened it and then changed the access so that it is not easily hacked.

When this happens, the solution is toreset mods from:

  • Make sure the modem is turned on
  • Press the reset button router modem with a pen or needle
  • Connect your PC/Laptop to the Internet via wifi or LAN
  • Open IP address or
  • Use it model at first username and password in order login

Relax, reset the modem just change the settings in the configuration page back to the initial settings.

Meanwhile, access to the internet can run normally as usual, Friends 99.


I hope the method of extending the wifi range above is useful, Friends 99.

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