3 Types of long-term investment

3 Types of long-term investment

Everyone certainly wants to live comfortably without financial difficulties now and in the future. This is known as financial freedom is a financial condition that allows a person to continue to earn even if he is no longer working, has no debt, and has assets that are able to meet all his needs. So what needs to be done to achieve this? The answer is to start investing for the long term. This long-term investment is highly recommended for those of you who want to prepare some funds for future needs.

long term investment

What exactly is a long-term investment? Long-term investing is an investment activity that takes a long time to make a profit. In contrast to short-term investments, results can be obtained in a matter of months.

The benefits of long-term investment can be enjoyed only after a few years (5 years and more). In essence, this activity aims to save wealth and earn profits in the future.

Here are some of the best types of long-term investments that can be your choice:

3 Types of long-term investment

1. Investment Gold

First, there is an investment in gold or precious metals. Gold is an investment tool that has been around for a long time and will never die. This gold investment is very popular, because the sales value is stable, and even tends to grow from year to year.

The decrease in value was not too significant. The liquidity of the gold investment is also very high so that you can easily convert it into money anywhere and at any time in the world. Investing in gold can also be the best choice for those of you who are just starting to learn how to invest.

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2. Investment in stocks

In addition to gold, the next popular investment tool is stocks. Shares are a type of investment in the form of proof of capital ownership of certain assets or companies. Large companies usually sell shares to the public to obtain an injection of capital in the development of the business.

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In stock investment, you as an investor can get results or profits from the increase of shares that have been purchased and stored in a certain period of time. In addition, you can also get dividends or profits that the company pays out to shareholders. Although it has a very high profit potential, it must also be remembered that investments in shares carry a fairly large risk of loss.

3. Real Estate Investment

The next type of long-term investment is property. Property in the form of land or houses is an investment tool that can provide a high return. This is because property prices are still rising every year.

This increase in price is due to the growing demand for houses or land. So, property investment can be one of the best choices because it can provide big profits and very small losses. Even so, please note that real estate investing requires a large amount of capital.

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real estate investment
Property investment illustration

These are 3 types of long-term investments you can try. Candi Sawangan gardens can be the best choice for property investment to get passive income in the future.

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