3 Tips for choosing the right bathroom rug and material!

3 Tips for choosing the right bathroom rug and material!

how to choose a bathroom rug

Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom rug. Starting from the material mat to its position in the bathroom. Come, see here.

Everyone needs a bathroom to do self-cleaning activities.

NahWhen you get out of the bathroom, you should dry your feet first with a mat.

This will help you keep the floor dry so that you are more secure on your feet.

Interestingly, there are many types of mats, starting from the material to the reason.

How you place the rug also varies depending on your needs in the home.

Therefore, see tips to choose the best bathroom rug that is correct and in the following position, go!

The best water absorbent bath mat material

some tips for choosing a bathroom rug

Source: Kompas.com

The mat material varies according to the needs, ranging from anti-slip, anti-slip, water absorption, and others.

Here are the materials you can choose to get the best mat.

1. Microfiber

The first mat material is microfiber, which is able to absorb water quickly.

You can also clean this rug easily by simply washing it.

This mat will help you dry faster so you can step onto the floor safely.

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2. Cotton

The cotton material has a more structured structure and is able to absorb water well.

In addition, the water that is spread on the floor will be absorbed by the cotton cloth to dry faster.

Therefore, many people prefer to use mats with this type of material.

3. PVC

You can use this best non-slip bathroom mat material at home.

with materials polyvinyl chloride or PVC has a harder material and prevents slipping.

4. Diatomite

The next mat material is made of diatomite which has a harder characteristic.

However, the absorbency of this material is good enough to drain excess water from the bathroom.

How to choose the right bathroom rug

In addition to determining the material, here is how to choose a carpet that you can apply at home.

1. Select Appropriate Size

The choice of the size of the mattress will certainly vary according to the needs in the home.

So, make sure you choose the right size according to the needs of the bathroom.

Avoid choosing a rug that is too small or too large so as not to interfere.

The reason is that the mat can also add an aesthetic value to the bathroom.

The following is a list of commonly used mat sizes, including:

  • Cut down standard (40 x 60 cm)
  • Jumbo dimensions (69 x 39 cm)

2. Choose Materials that are Non-Slippery and Quickly Absorb water

A good material is able to absorb water quickly.

The reason is, you need the floor to dry faster so that the floor is not slippery.

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In addition, the material with anti-slip will prevent you from slipping from the slippery ceramic floor.

3. According to the picture with the concept of the room

In addition to the material and size, you can choose a mat motif that fits the concept of the room.

Also pay attention to the suitable color so that it is not too bright or dark.

If your bathroom has an all-grey concept, then you can choose a matching color to make it look more elegant.

However, if your bathroom has a cheerful theme, you can use colorful cloths.

The correct position of the Mat

The correct position of the mat should not always be in front of the toilet.

You can choose a mat with microfiber material next to the position after the shower or bath.

Also, you can use a mat under the sink to keep water splashes from spreading elsewhere.


I hope this method of choosing the right and easy bathroom rug is useful for you, OK?

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