3 Tips for Choosing the Best Cutting Board and Recommendations

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Cutting Board and Recommendations

Tips for choosing a table

When cooking, we need a cutting board as a base to cut ingredients eat and herbs. To choose the best cutting board, there are several tips that we can follow from the experts.

Not without reason, we choose the right knife because this knife is an essential kitchen tool in every kitchen.

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In fact, we need to separate the cutting edge to cut meat with vegetables and fruits. Therefore, our food ingredients are maintained.

In addition to its functional value, a cutting board can also prevent injuries when cutting herbs.

Not only that, you can make a serving tool to support the aesthetics of the food you want to photograph, you know.

So, how do you choose the right cutting board?

To get the right cut for the kitchen, follow these four tips.

1. Determine the Material

There are a variety of cutting board materials or materials that you can choose from, such as wood, plastic, and ceramic. To determine the right one, you have to adjust to your cooking style and the type of food that you have to cut.

For example, if you want to cook every day and often use a cutting board, you should choose wood or plastic. You see, these two materials have a hard structure so durable for everyday use.

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Also, be sure to use a cutting board made of plastic material to cut meat. You see, this material is easier to wash than a wooden board.

2. Choose the Right Size

The next tip for choosing a table is to determine the size according to your needs. You see, the surface of the cutting board plays an important role in facilitating the cooking process in the kitchen.

If we cut the herbs on a board that is too small, the cooking time could be longer. However, even a cutting board that is too large is less effective because it can the kitchen table so tight. The ideal size for a cutting board is 30-40 cm.

3. Consider the Thickness of the Plan

A table that is too thick will overwhelm us when we have to move from one table to another. Also, how to wash it will be more complicated. So, choose a cutting board with a standard thickness level, around 2-5 cm.

Quality cutting recommendations

After knowing the four tips to choose a cutting board, we want to provide some of the best tips based on ingredients, as below.

1. Bamboo board

Bamboo tables are known for their durability when used long term. Well, this kitchen mat presented by Kris is equipped with an anti-slip base layer that makes it not easy to fall off the kitchen table.

The material also uses quality bamboo and does not contain toxic materials.

Tips for choosing a table
Krischef Set of 2 bamboo cutting boards

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2. Plastic cutting board

If you want to have a thin and light board, you can choose one made of plastic. This cutting board has a smooth surface with a minimalist design because it consists of a variety of bright colors.

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Tips for choosing a table
Set of 3 assorted plastic cutting boards

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3. Cutting board Marble

For those of you who want to create a luxurious or elegant kitchen atmosphere, cutting boards made by marble will be the best option. With a modern design, this cutting mat also has a smooth surface so it is not easily damaged.

Tips for choosing a table
Culinart 26×26 Cm Talenan Marble

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4. Chopping Board Tray

Do you want to create a multifunctional kitchen in a limited space? You can use a cutting board that is also a table underneath.

Although they are together, the table and the table are made of two different materials so that their function is maximized.

Tips for choosing a table
Cooking Color 39×29 Cm Set 2 Pc Cutting Board & Tray in Bamboo Woldy

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These are tips for choosing and tips for the best table you can get.

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