3 Things to consider before buying a house on a mortgage

3 Things to consider before buying a house on a mortgage

3 Things to look for before buying a house on Kpr – The house is a basic need for everyone, because the house serves as a place of refuge and rest. With land increasingly limited as it is today, owning a home is not easy. Which is why the ever-higher prices of land and buildings themselves make owning a house increasingly difficult.

So the government created a housing subsidy program through KPR, to meet people’s needs for a place to live. With this subsidized housing loan, it can make it easier for lower class people to own a home.

The subsidized houses are for cheap houses with area and quality finish certain Meanwhile, those that are not subsidized are usually implemented by developers finish different as an aesthetic element. Therefore, the choice of subsidized housing must be careful, and the following are things to pay attention to:

Environmental Infrastructure
Make sure the area is not prone to flooding. It is not enough to believe the words printed on the brochure, “Prospective buyers can immediately check the condition of the area, whether above or below. level aka flood height limit, through local Public Works.”

Also, bearing in mind that many infrastructure plans have not been integrated in all accesses, it is better to also check the road to that place. “Especially for the housing of small investors, it is feared that the planning will be carried out only within the scope of the complex, without taking into account, for example, if there is a river not far from there.”

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Make sure that the water flows smoothly so that in the bathroom, for example, it does not flow. “This is really difficult to check, because, right, the channel is underground. You ask where the water comes out of the bathroom? Then check by washing a few buckets of water in the bathroom and make sure that the water comes out of the drain where it comes out smooth.”

Integrated healthcare
The standard rule, septic tank it must be 14 meters away from the well to avoid bacteria entering the house’s water source. “Well, in a house that is about 5 meters wide, and 10 meters long at the back, sometimes this is difficult, right.”

Not to mention that you don’t always know where the neighbors put it septic tank – his Of course, this requires coordination. “In addition, there is a tendency for the owners to expand their residential area by cutting the free land behind the house. So that the wall of the house is attached to the dividing wall of the neighbor. This makes the house unhealthy.

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