3 Causes of many fleas jumping in the house. Must Exterminate!

3 Causes of many fleas jumping in the house. Must Exterminate!

because of many fleas in the house

Do you often feel itchy all of a sudden? It could be caused by fleas. Find out the cause of many fleas in the following house, yuk!

Did you know that there are many causes of fleas in the house that are rarely realized?

Even if it doesn’t cause any damage, its presence can leave you scratching all day. that’s it.

Anyway, this little insect is known as a disturbing long jump athlete.

This small four-legged animal can jump up to 150 times its body length or up to 13 inches (more than 30 cm).

Usually, the origin of these jumping fleas or animals that move by jumping is in pets, such as cat or dog fleas.

Well, the danger of these blood fleas makes your life at home less comfortable.

The problem is, a tick bite can cause itching and a red rash on the skin.

Therefore, we discover the cause of many fleas in the house so that it can be easier to eradicate them.

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3 Causes of many fleas jumping in the house

because of many fleas in the house

Source: Orami

1. Through the rat in the house

The first cause of many fleas in the house is rats, animals that can adapt to many places.

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These rodents can be a contributor to most fleas in the house, that’s it.

The reason is, mice live in dirty and damp areas that are favored by these small insects.

With rats in the house, the presence of fleas can be very dangerous.

Remember, these fleas can jump on people, animals, or in the corners of the house.

If this is the case, you have to eradicate the fleas at home with rat poison.

2. Cat Cages can let fleas jump

get rid of fleas in the house

Source: Animal

The cause of many fleas in the second home can come from your cat’s cage.

Dirty cat cages because they are rarely cleaned can become a nest for these fleas.

So when your cat enters the cage, the fleas will jump into his body.

Then, the cat wanders and spreads fleas all over the room.

This will make it easier for fleas to reproduce and multiply in the house.

3. Through human beings

The cause of many fleas in the last house is through humans.

Not directly, usually just fleas to ride through human clothing.

Then, it will jump into the body of the animal or into the articles in the house.

As a result, your family will start to be attacked and bitten, causing itching.

Therefore, the way to avoid being bitten by fleas is to make sure you clean yourself before entering the house.

Characteristics of flea bites in humans

how not to be bitten by fleas

Source: Popmama

The danger of being bitten by cat fleas or fleas can also cause fever. that’s it.

Quote from the site Rentokil.co.id, The following are the characteristics of tick bites on human skin.

  1. It causes red spots or bumps in the area of ​​the flea bite.
  2. It causes itching that is quite strong and can be very painful.
  3. The location of flea bites is usually on the lower part of the body, such as the feet.
  4. There are other bites around the body if the fleas have spread on the mattress, the carpet, and other things that are used to sleep.
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How to get rid of fleas at home

fleas suck blood

Source: Fixcomart

In terms of getting rid of fleas at home you may know.

  1. Clean the area of ​​the mattress, the carpet, the sofa regularly using vacuum cleaner.
  2. Always clean every corner of the house regularly by wiping.
  3. Regularly clean any pet cage and dry it in the sun.
  4. You should also clean or bathe your pet more often to make it cleaner and less dirty.
  5. Next, perform veterinary care by combing the fur of cats or other animals so that they are free of fleas.


It is the information that makes many fleas jump in the house.

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