29 Christmas Gifts for Friends Based on Hobbies

29 Christmas Gifts for Friends Based on Hobbies

Christmas gifts for friends

Have you prepared Christmas gifts for friends? If you don’t because you are confused about what kind of gift to give, don’t worry, this time we have some special Christmas gift inspiration.


Various Banners

Christmas gift for friends

Giving Christmas presents has become a tradition every year because it symbolizes love and care for those closest to you. No wonder this moment is still happening every year.

So, to make the gifts you give your beloved friends even more memorable, consider some of the following Christmas gift ideas.

For friends who like home decoration

1. Butterfly Wall Decoration

Christmas gifts for friends
Arthome Wall Sticker 3D Butterfly Design

Check it out here

This butterfly-shaped decoration can instantly enhance the look of a room. You can give this gift to make your best friend’s house look even more charming. The colors of this decoration can be combined with different room themes.

2. Cactus Plant Wall Decoration

Christmas present
Wall pot for artificial succulent plants 17.8 × 16.5 cm

Check it out here

Christmas gifts for friends
Round artificial succulent wall plant 52 g 19.7 x 19 cm

Check it out here

Wall succulent ornamental plants are suitable for you to make gifts for friends who like plants. This decoration can make the room look fresher and more aesthetic.

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3. Wall Photo Frames Printed press family

Christmas gifts for friends
Selma 40×50 Cm Hiasan Dinding Pictures Printed Family

In addition to the image of the decorative plant, you can also provide wall displays in the form of flowers square with typography read’family’. This display will make the atmosphere of the family room feel more comfortable and warm.

4. Photo Board with Clamp Clip

Christmas present
Board photo frame with 4 clips Bg19 39x49x3 Cm

Check it out here

If your friend likes to travel and capture these moments with beautiful photos, you can provide a place for the photos or photo border made of this wood.

5. Silver Color Aesthetic Wall Mirror

Christmas gift ideas
Wall Mirror J96 30×0.4x50cm – Silver

Check it out here

Almost everyone needs a mirror in their home. Well, you can give a wall mirror with this unique design as a Christmas gift for a friend.

This oval mirror can be hung on the wall of the house to create the illusion of a larger room in a small area.

6. A set of pastel colored photo frames

Christmas gifts for friends
Photo Frame Set of 3 Mdf F5 – Pink

Check it out here

The next Christmas gift idea for a friend that you can give is square This pastel color photo. So, your best friend can put different beautiful photo memories in this frame.

Gifts for friends who like to make cakes

1. Mixer Hand by Sharp

Manual mixers
Sharp Em-h53-wh hand mixer – white

Check it out here

This gift will definitely be very useful for your friends who like to make cakes. Mixer This Sharp hand has 5 levels of speed in moving the dough that will certainly make the cake preparation process more practical.

2. Mixer The hand from Klaz

Christmas present for a mixer friend
Klaz 300 W hand mixer

Check it out here

Another option mixer that can be a special gift for a friend, that is mixer hands from Klaz. This tool is quite complete because it consists of various types of pasta boats. So, your friend doesn’t need to buy it separately.

3. Toaster Sandwich

Kris Toaster Sandwich 2 Slice – white

Check it out here

In addition to a tool to roll out the dough, you can also provide this toaster. So, your best friend can also be creative in making toast and even food croffle which is actual food.

4. oven Toaster Black

Electric oven
Toaster oven Kris 10 Ltr 350 W – Hitam

Check it out here

When you want to give an oven toaster as a Christmas present, be sure to choose a quality electric oven that already has features timerso that it facilitates the process of baking pastries, especially pastries and foods with a texture crunchy.

5. Measuring Spoons of Various Sizes

measuring spoon
Wiltshire Sendok Takar 4 Piece Set

Check it out here

So that the ingredients of the cake are measured according to the recipe, of course, we need measuring spoons. Well, this measuring spoon consists of four dimensions that, of course, will be necessary when we want to measure the ingredients for the cake we are making.

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Christmas gift for a friend who loves cooking

1. Baking Pan with Lid

Christmas gift for a friend who loves cooking
Cooking Color 30×22 Cm Theon Baking Pan With Lid

Check it out here

One of the essential kitchen tools for everyone in the kitchen is a roasting pan. Well, you can give this as a gift, especially for friends who have a new house.

2. Pan with a lid

Kris bread
Krischef pan 30 cm with lid

Check it out here

In addition to roasting pans, you can also give these Teflon-coated non-stick pans as a gift. Choose bright colors like blue so that the kitchen looks aesthetic.

3. Set of colored kitchen knives Turquoise

Set of 5 kitchen knives Krischef

Check it out here

Every home kitchen should have a knife. Well, you can give a set of colored knives turquoise this is for my beloved friend. Thus, they can have a more enjoyable cooking time.

4. Kitchen knife colorful

Christmas present
Krischef Set of 5 colorful kitchen knives

Check it out here

If your best friend is the kind of person who is fun and cheerful, then this set of colorful kitchen knives can be the right choice. This kitchen knife will make the atmosphere in the kitchen room feel more interesting.

5. All green kitchen scissors

Gunting set
Krischef Set of 3 kitchen scissors – green

Check it out here

This tool consists of several types of scissors with their respective functions. You can take scissors to peel, cut and cut which will surely make the cooking process easier.

6. Bamboo board

Christmas present for a cutting board friend
Kitchen color set 4 pieces Misaki bamboo cutting board

Check it out here

This cutting board made of bamboo material can also be a special Christmas gift to fill the kitchen. A set of cutting boards consisting of 4 products can facilitate the process of processing different food ingredients, such as fish, chicken and vegetables.

7. Blender Tumbler

portable blender
Bear Sport Blender & Tumbler 400 Ml + 350 Ml 150 W

Check it out here

Blender This portable you can take on a trip because of its small form. In addition, this blender can also function as a tumbler or glass container, so you can enjoy your drink more practically.

Christmas gifts for those who like to collect beautiful places to eat

1. Aesthetic carafe bottle

bottle carafe
Krishome 500 Ml Set 4 Pcs Carafe Botol

Check it out here

This gift is suitable for your friend who likes to serve different kinds of drinks. Glass bottles that are equipped with lids cork This is not only an aesthetic model, but it can also maintain the quality of the drink.

2. Teapot and teacup set

tea cup gift
Delizioso Set of 6 teapots and teacup liners

Check it out here

If your best friend loves high tea, you can give a set of minimalist tea cups as a memorable Christmas gift. This set includes 1 teapot, 4 cups and 1 serving tray.

3. Vasili Premium Porcelain Floral motifs

Delicia Set of 16 premium porcelain tableware F

Check it out here

This collection set with a beautiful floral design can be a special Christmas gift. Also, give it to a friend who just got a new house.

4. Place Spices Kitchen

cooking seasoning
Selma Set 2 Pcs Michigan Seasoning Place – Yellow

Check it out here

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One way to make the kitchen tidier is to use a spice rack. You can provide a spice set consisting of 2 of these container pots to make it easier for them to store food ingredients better.

5. Flower pattern food containers

food container
Krishome Set 3 Pcs Flower Wadah Food

Check it out here

In addition to a set of plates with floral motifs, you can also give your friends a set of these beautiful dining places. Made of materials bamboo fiber quality food grade, this feeder can store food easily.

6. Staples Mini Coconut Pots

mini jars
Mini Coco Pots

Check it out here

This vase with a beautiful design can be used as a storage container snack or your favorite sweets that you can use to entertain guests. In addition, of course, this gift can also add a minimalist decoration element to the living room or dining room.

Christmas gift for friends who like gardening and have pets

1. Dog toy in the shape of a hedgehog

animal toys
Pawise hedgehog dog toy

Check it out here

This Christmas gift is suitable to give to friends who have pets, especially dogs. This cute dog toy in the shape of a hedgehog is not only fun, but it can also train the animal’s motivation and strength.

2. Brown animal necklace

dog neck
Paws N Tails Small and Medium Animal Necklace – Brown

Check it out here

Still for a friend who has a dog or a cat, you can give a Christmas present in the form of a brown collar from Paws and tail.

This product is safe for your pet’s neck because it has different sizes and soft materials.

3. Blue animal drinking bottle

Pet drinking bottles
M-pets 750 Ml Pet Bottle – Blue

Check it out here

This gift is suitable for your friends who have pets, especially dogs. They can use this bottle while walking with their beloved dog so they don’t get dehydrated.

Christmas gift for a friend who loves sports

1. Champs Muscle foam roller Red

yoga mats
Champs Muscle Foam Roller Full Round 91 – Merah

Check it out here

Champs Muscle foam roller is one of the suitable Christmas gifts for those who like sports. This tool can be used to train the abdominal muscles, shoulders and legs. The material is made of soft foam with anti-slip fabric.

2. Such to jumpDigital White and blue colors

such a jump
Digital Skipping Rope Champs – White-blue

Check it out here

You can also provide a rope to jump digital. Such to jump This is equipped with an alarm, time setting function, and calculate the number of calories. So, your best friend can exercise at home more practically and comfortably.

Here are some inspirational Christmas gifts for friends that can be helpful.

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