20 Types of Cute and Adorable Rabbits

20 Types of Cute and Adorable Rabbits

type of rabbit
Credit: Pixabay/Rebecca D

Rabbit is one of the choices pet adorable How to care for rabbits is quite easy. However, the type of rabbit that can be kept consists of different breeds. Therefore, we need to know them one by one.

You see, each breed of rabbit has a way of care that can be a little different. Besides being tamed, of course, these rabbits can also be playmates if we feel lonely.

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So, what types of rabbits can be kept at home?

Launch from The fir tree animalHere are 20 types of adorable rabbits you can keep at home.

1. Himalayan rabbit breed

Himalayan rabbits have a cylindrical body shape, and white skin with dark spots right on the nose, ears, legs and tail. Himalayan rabbits weigh from 1-2 kg, depending on their age and the type of food they eat.

Himalayan rabbit breed
Summary: Wikimedia Commons / California rabbit

2. Types of Angora Rabbits

Who doesn’t know angora rabbit? The Angora breed belongs to the common and is famous for its thick and smooth fur. The Angora rabbit is a breed that has a sweet character, making it suitable as a pet.

However, compared to other types, this rabbit needs special care. We need to brush their fur every day to maintain the thickness and health of their fur.

Angora rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/Christelle

3. Type of rabbit Dwarf

rabbit dwarf famous for having a small body, even the maximum weight reaches only 1.5 kg. However, this rabbit is very friendly to humans and loves to play, you know. The sign of this rabbit is to have black eyes with a round body shape.

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dwarf rabbit breed
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Ascvd0

4. Alaskan Rabbit Type

The Alaskan rabbit is a black rabbit breed originally from Germany. Yes! The Alaskan breed only produces black fur, unlike the other breeds. Uniquely, they will have thick black fur with a weight that can reach more than 3 kg.

Alaskan rabbit breed
Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. Type of rabbit California

Ras California It has a shape that resembles the Himalayan, white fur with black spots on the ears, nose, legs and tail. However, rabbit California have wider and straighter ears.

Also, the skin is smoother and denser when compared with the Himalayas. Well, run California he has a sweet personality that he likes to play with, you know.

breed of California rabbit
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Kersti Nebelsiek

6. Type of rabbit Chinchilla

The chinchilla breed has soft fur with a distinctive color of a mixture of gray and dark blue on the underside of its body. This breed has an average weight of 3 kg with a smooth bone texture.

At birth, rabbit chinchilla it will be full black and new hair will grow at the age of 2 months.

you are a chinchilla rabbit
Source: Pixabay/FinjaM

7. Type of rabbit Flemish giant

If you have ever seen a large rabbit that is almost the size of a dog siberian huskyit could be a rabbit Flemish giant. Ras Flemish giant can weigh up to more than 10 kg. Flemish giants including the tame rabbit.

Flemish giant rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/zoosnow

8. Type of rabbit French Lop

rabbit French lop descended from race English lop and giant butterfly. They have large bones that weigh up to 5 kg. Unique, this rabbit has reduced ears, so it is very different from other breeds.

French lop rabbit breed
Source: Unsplash / Waranya Mooldee

9. Rabbit species Harlequin

Ras harlequin It has a mixture of two colors in its fur. For example, the right face is white, while the left face is black. The weight can reach up to 5 kg, depending on the type of food consumed.

Also, this breed is very active, so it won’t take you long bond.

harlequin rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/Jackielou DL

10. Type of rabbit silver

Ras silver it comes from France and is known for its thick, but silky fur. This type of rabbit is also included in the one that has a large body because it can weigh up to 6 kg.

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Ras silver very easy to recognize because it has a gray white fur, like below.

Argentine rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/zoosnow

11. Rabbit Havana

purebred rabbit Havana originating from the Netherlands and is often kept in European and American states. It has a characteristic small body shape, short and strong muscles in the shoulders, and the whole body is covered with fine hair.

Also, the havana breed has only one color on its body, like the rabbit below.

Havanese type of rabbit
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Mjm91

12. Rabbit Holland Lop

Looking for a bunny with a tiny body? So, being able to choose a race holland lop. See, what kind of rabbit holland lop have a body that looks like a race dwarfsmall and short.

However, it has a large head with long drooping ears. rabbit holland lop easier to maintain than the breed lop other Very adorable, right?

holland lop rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/pm.KaenSarn

13. Rabbit Rex

Ras rex known as the king of French rabbits with an average weight of 2 kg. You see, they have short, but soft and shiny fur.

Well, this rabbit comes in dark blue, black, brown and white leather.

rex rabbit breed
Source: Pixabay/Mandy

14. Rabbit Mini Rex

Faith in his name, mini rex is a breed descended from rabbits rex. The difference, of course, the mini rabbit has a smaller body, which is about 1 kg. With its size, this rabbit is suitable for you to keep at home.

mini rex rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/fotodirwas

15. Satin Rabbit

If you want to keep a rabbit with thick and soft fur, then the satin breed may be an option. This rabbit has a gene mutation directed by Havana which makes the skin more shiny like satin.

The satin breed has an active, friendly and playful character, you know. So, you can make new friends if you keep them at home.

satin rabbit breed
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/GerardM

16. Rabbit Palomino

rabbit pigeon quite easy to recognize, it has golden yellow fur like a horse pigeon.

Palomino is a breed originating in America with large and erect ears. This rabbit is quite easy to take care of because you only need to prepare the basic needs, from food to toys.

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palomino rabbit breed
Source: Wikimedia Commons

17. Rabbit English Lop

Rabbit Rabbit English lop it has a friendly character, so it is often called “the dog of the rabbit world”. However, if you want to keep it, this breed needs special care because it has long ears.

So, also make sure your nails are always short so you don’t scratch your ears while jumping.

English lop rabbit breed
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Timbuk-2

18. Rabbit Chess giants

In addition Flemish giants, chess giants also belongs to the large breed of rabbits. Its weight alone can reach up to 5 kg with characteristic points all over the body.

They can get this great body from nutritious foods, such as green vegetables. If you want to raise a purebred rabbit chess giantsmake sure you have a lot of space because they are actively running.

giant checkered rabbit breed
Source: Pixabay/conni2974

19. Rabbit White Florida

Originally, racing White Florida introduced in the 1960s and used as laboratory rabbits. However, time passes, rabbit White Florida start being an animal.

white rabbit breed in florida
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Sreejithk2000

20. Dutch rabbit

Although the name is a Dutch breed, did you know that this rabbit actually comes from England? Yes! This breed is one of the oldest and has existed since the 1850s.

Dutch rabbits are the most popular breeds to keep because they are playful and human friendly.

Dutch rabbit breed
Credit: Pixabay/Xaya

These are 20 types of rabbits that you can keep at home. So, which rabbit do you want to keep?

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