20 Most Expensive Types of Beautiful and Unique Ornamental Fish

20 Most Expensive Types of Beautiful and Unique Ornamental Fish


Keep ornamental fish it becomes the favorite hobby of most people. In addition to the beautiful colors and patterns, many also seek income from breeding different types of ornamental fish.

You see, ornamental fish can be used as a source of income because the price is quite fantastic, it can even reach billions. The rarer and more beautiful the model of the fish, the more expensive it is.

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So what are the most expensive types of ornamental fish?

Pulled from many sources, here are some of the most expensive types of ornamental fish.

1. Types of Ornamental Fish Koi S Legend

koi ornamental fish
Source: unravelmalta.com

To date, koi fish The most expensive is the S Legend type because the price reaches Rp 26 billion. Besides being expensive because it is rare, this type of fish has also won competitions All Japan Koi Show for 2 consecutive years.

2. Types of ornamental Koi fish Black Dragon

Still from the koi species, the type of ornamental fish black dragon already famous everywhere because its body model is quite unique, which is a combination of red, white and black colors. This rare ornamental fish is sold at a price of Rp. 2.9 billion.

3. Types of ornamental fish Arowana Platinum

types of ornamental fish platinum arowana
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Platinum arowana is a freshwater fish found in rivers and lakes in Asia, South America and Australia. Different types of arowana will be the most expensive pet fish because they reach IDR 1.4 billion per fish.

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In fact, some people bought this fish at a price of IDR 4.2 billion, you know!

4. Types of ornamental fish Spotted Stingray

spotted ornamental fish
Source: piqsels.com

The polka dot stingray has a black body and is oval in shape with characteristic white dots. The color and unique design is what makes this fish quite expensive. The tail is also quite strong because there is a spine that if touched can cause pain.

For adult species, this stingray can be more than 46 cm in diameter and the price reaches Rp 1.4 billion rupiah.

5. Types of ornamental fish Peppermint Angelfish

ornamental fish angelfish mint
Sum: YouTube

Peppermint angelfish is a fish that is found at a depth of 300-400 feet, right next to rocky caves and corals where accessibility is limited. The approximate length of this fish is 2.54 cm and it only grows to a maximum of 7.2 cm.

The price of this type of ornamental fish reaches Rp 400 million.

6. Types of ornamental fish Masked angelfish

types of masked angelfish ornamental fish
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Masked angelfish todayenicanthus personified it is a beautiful and expensive reef fish, but rarely seen. Its body is white with bluish black markings in some parts.

They live at a depth of 150-175 meters which makes it difficult to catch them. With the difficulty and scarcity, the price of this fish reaches Rp 400 million.

7. Types of ornamental fish Bladeffin Basslet

types of ornamental fish basslet bladefin
Sum: YouTube

Blade Basslet is one of the rarest saltwater ornamental fish ever caught and sold to a collector. So rare, this fish is priced at Rp 146 million.

This fish lives at depths of over 150 meters with prominent blade-like fins.

8. Golden Basslet

types of ornamental fish golden basslet
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Basslet ema o liopropoma aberrans is a fish with a combination of saturated yellow that melt in color tangerine in the middle The characteristics of this fish are shy and live at a depth of 50-80 meters. The price of this fish is about 113.9 million rupees.

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9. Neptune Grouper

Neptune grouper ornamental fish
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

fish neptunus grouper live at a depth of 100 meters so catching it is very challenging. Adult fish will appear pink with a yellow stripe, while juveniles will have a mixture of orange and yellow.

You have to prepare an amount of IDR 85.4 million if you want to buy this fish.

10. Ornamental fish Australian flathead perch

Australian ornamental fish flathead perch
Sum: YouTube

Of the various types of ornamental fish, aAustralian flathead perch nowcovered ainfordia small in size with bright colors. This fish lives near the coral reefs of Eastern Australia.

Due to their limited geographical range, these small fish are very rare and expensive, reaching IDR 71.2 million.

11. Nami Green Arowana

This fish belongs to the Arowana family and comes from Malaysia. The price of this fish can reach Rp 69 million because its body will be full of unique and beautiful batik lines, especially when it is old.

12. Fish Channa Barca

types of ornamental fish channa barca
Source: youtube.com

Channacommonly known as snake head or snake fish, is a primitive predatory fish of the channidae. This fish comes from the Brahmaputra River, near Goyalpara, Assam, India.

Make fish channa which are still small, you can give small earthworms and cut shrimp. While the fish are adults, they will eat pieces of fish meat, shrimp and shellfish. This type of ornamental fish ranges from about Rp. 20 million to Rp. 50 million.

13. Wrought iron butterfly fish

types of ornamental fish butterfly fish wrought iron
Sum: YouTube

Fish wrought iron butterfly fish o chaetodon daedalmahe comes from the western Pacific Ocean. They can grow up to 15 cm in length with a metallic appearance on their backs, tail and tail.

Usually, these fish form very large groups and can migrate over large areas. You can buy it for 34.8 million IDR.

14. Clarion Angelfish

Clarion angel live in coral reefs at a depth of 30 meters. They live individually. The hallmark of this type of ornamental fish is its dense body with a bright orange to brown color.

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However, there are also those whose heads are green. Unfortunately, this fish is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Not surprisingly, the price of this fish reached Rp 35.6 million.

types of ornamental fish clarion angelfish
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

15. Fish Peco with blue eyes

Ornamental fish from the so-called broom family blue eyed peco included in the wood feeder specialist. Without driftwood, they can die quickly. No wonder this fish is sold at a price of Rp. 8 million.

16. Discus Fish

types of ornamental fish discus fish
Source: piqsels.com

Keep the fish drive not easy. You see, you have to make sure that the water conditions are right, the aquarium is not full of many plants, and the area of ​​the aquarium is appropriate.

Not to mention, you have to prepare different types of food, from frozen blood worms, brine shrimp and others. In addition, these fish are susceptible to disease if their habitat is not suitable. The price is about Rp. 7 million to Rp. 14 million.

17. Ornamental fish Flower horn cichlid

Horn of flowers Famous as a tropical freshwater fish originating from fish farms in Southeast Asia. This fish has many varieties, depending on the shape of the body. His mark is in the hump.

The bigger the hump on the head, the more expensive this fish will be. For the adult type, the price reaches Rp 9 million.

18. Arapaima ornamental fish

In addition to small fish, you can also find a variety of large ornamental fish, such as arapaima. This fish can be up to 3 meters long. Because it lives in the Amazon River, the price of this fish is quite expensive, or about Rp 2 million.

19. Ornamental fish Texas Red Cichlid

Texas red cichlid ornamental fish
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Types of ornamental fish Texas red cichlid is the result of a cross between texas cichlid male with red parrot female Its rarity lies in its bright red body color.

So if you want to buy the red one, you need to spend about IDR 1.2 million to IDR 5.6 million.

20. Ornamental fish African cichlid

In addition red texasThere are types of ornamental fish cichlid others, that is african. The price will be more expensive if the color of the body is brighter. In addition, these fish are long-lived, so they can be active for up to 8 years in the aquarium.

For the cheapest species, the price ranges from Rp. 70 thousand to Rp. 210 thousand. While the price of other species can reach Rp 1.4 million.

It is a line of the most expensive types of ornamental fish that you can find. In order for the fish to be durable and live a long time, you need to take care of it.

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