20 ideas for happy Sahur greetings for loved ones

20 ideas for happy Sahur greetings for loved ones

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Fasting It is an obligatory worship for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. When fasting, one must be able to withstand hunger and lust, from sunrise to sunset.

However, many people find it difficult to run sahur because they have to get up early to prepare many things. In fact, we often forget to make sahur because of difficulty in getting up.

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Therefore, many people use an alarm to not be late breakfast. You don’t always have to use special tools, it turns out that you can also be a natural alarm for your loved ones.

You can wake up by sending a short message containing congratulations at sunrise. Therefore, they are more anxious fasting

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For this reason, we provide many ideas to congratulate the sahur for their loved ones, from family, friends, to partners. Go ahead, take a look below.

Sahur Greetings For Friends

1. “Happy fasting in the implementation of the fourth pillar of Islam in this month of Ramadan. Before that, do the suhoor as a sunnah recommended by the Prophet so that hunger and thirst from dawn at sunset it can be slightly reduced. Good breakfast!”

2. “Good morning, friend.” Tomorrow is a long fasting day. Do not miss the opportunity to eat this morning, yes. The spirit of fasting until breaking the fast.”

3. “Whatever the side dishes, you must also have breakfast to be able to bother without clashes. May the goodness in this month full of forgiveness be with you every step of the way.

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4. “Happy sahur, everyone! There is nothing better than enjoying it.” sahur lunch during the month of Ramadan. May we all still receive blessings in this month of fasting, okay?”

5. “Sahuuurrr … sahuurrr! You will not regret later for not having sahur. If your stomach is full, the fast will be smooth.”

6. “The month of Ramadan which is full of blessings and pleasure has arrived. It is time to fast to get the greatest reward. Have a good meal everyone!”…

7. “Strengthen faith and piety in worship. Wake up my brother to make sahur. Don’t regret it later.”

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Sahur greeting for boyfriend

8. “The atmosphere of Ramadan this time is really beautiful, incomparable thanks to your presence by my side. You are a gift from God that I will never forget. My beloved in this world and in the next, let’s have breakfast “.

9. “Assalamualaikum for those of you who are here, we have suhoor so that we fast fast and are always protected by God.”

10. “The stars scattered in the night sky not only illuminate the darkness with their light, but also accompany this night to eat the sahur meal. Eat well, my dear!”


11. “After sahur today, we express gratitude and hope that the fast will go well. Have fun eating sahur with a heart full of happiness!”

12. “There is rice with kencur, then grind it to make a herbal medicine. Sincerely I say happy meal, for you that I still miss.”

13.” Even if the dishes are simple, you can feel the pleasure because your prayers are far away. Have a good meal and happy fasting.”

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sahur speech 2022
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Sahur greetings for loved ones

14. “Don’t sleep after suhoor because it will make your heart hard. Happy sahur and fasting, yes!”

15. “Eating sahur is a blessing, so do not leave it even if one of you drinks only water” – Ahmad’s History Hadith.

16. “Don’t eat breakfast after time, don’t break your fast before time.”

17. “What is difficult during fasting is not keeping hunger and thirst, but keeping the eyes, mouth, hands, feet and heart safe. Happy sahur.”

18. “The month of Ramadan is full of blessings. Full of forgiveness and guidance. We will rise soon. Before Imsak comes to greet.”

19. “The sky is about to open its veil. Soon the morning sun will greet you. Good morning, yes.”

20. “Start eating suhoor by saying the basmalah so that all the food you eat is a blessing and gives you strength to worship God. Happy breakfast.”

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Those were ideas for happy sahur greetings that you can share with your loved ones.

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