20 Home Gym Style Sports Equipment

20 Home Gym Style Sports Equipment

Yoga mat exercise equipment

Exercise is a healthy activity that is easy to do, but we often feel lazy to start. In fact, there are many types of sports with simple equipment that we can do even at home.

Yes! Besides being fun, exercising at home is also more flexible because we can set our own time.

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If you don’t want to exercise outside the house, we can prepare some sports equipment that can accompany cardio activities.

What gym-style sports equipment to make at home?

Here are some home gym style exercise equipment that you can pass on variety

1. Tali Shit

sports equipment
Skipping Rope Champs – Black Green

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Jumping rope is a type of exercise at home that is done by jumping on a rope. This exercise is good for training the muscles of the shoulders, arms, legs, and can increase the strength of the heart muscle.

Just need a rope to jump to make the jump. Just jump for 30 seconds or the equivalent of 50 jumps. Then, repeat in 3-4 sets three times a week.

2. Push Up Bar

sports equipment
Iron Gym Tool Push Up with Rotating Grip

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Push up bar Sports equipment can help with technique push up the maximum. This tool can also help build the muscles of the chest and hands to make them wider.

3. Yoga mats

sports equipment
Berwyn Matras Yoga Single Layer Pvc – Abu Abu

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One of the best ways to keep your body fit is to practice yoga. To make the yoga movements more balanced, you can use a PVC mat.

The yoga mat serves to minimize the collision of the hands with the hard surface of the floor. Make sure you buy a quality yoga mat so you don’t get injured easily.

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4. Gym dance

sports equipment
Champs Bola Fitness Anti-burst 75 Cm – Merah

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Gym dance or a ball fitness is a sports equipment that you can use to help with stability training and form an ideal body. This tool focuses on training the abdominal area and the back.

There are some simple moves you can try at home with some help gym ball, as well as ball crunch, sit down, raise your legs, tableand push up

5. Punching Bag

sports equipment
Berwyn 9 Kg Boxing Bag – Red

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The other sports equipment that you can collect at home is a punching bag. This tool is made of special foam material to train the muscles of the arm. The material is not easily torn when hit by a strong punch or kick.

6. Boxing Bandage

sports equipment
Fist Bandage Evolve – Red

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For boxing fans, you can use bandages from Evolve. See, this band can prevent the possibility of wrist injury.

How to use it is also easy, that is to say wrap it in your fist. Make sure it feels comfortable and fits when you throw the punch.

7. Muscle Foam Roller

sports equipment
Champs Muscle Foam Roller Full Round 91 – Merah

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This sports equipment is made of a layer of soft foam and anti slip which can protect you from injury while doing yoga at home.

In addition, this equipment can also help the training process of the muscles on the mat so that they can work optimally.

8. Dumbbell

sports equipment
Berwyn Dumbbell Neoprene 1 Kg – Pink

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Dumbbell very suitable to help light to heavy sports. You can use this tool to train the muscles of the hand and shoulders.

You can also choose a variety of weights and adjust them to your needs. However, if you are still a beginner in lifting weights, you should first choose a light weight.

9. Belly trimmer

sports equipment
Champs Soft Body Trimmer – Hitam Kuning

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Having a flat stomach is everyone’s dream. In addition to maintaining your daily diet, you should also do exercises that focus on the abdominal muscles. One of them uses belly trimmer.

How to use it is very easy, that is to say by tying the soles of the feet and pulling the handle. If done regularly, it can train abdominal muscles, arms and legs.

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10. Jogging trimmer

sports equipment
Landstro Twister

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To form a more perfect posture, use tools jogging trimmer. How to use it only to make a circular movement.

Although it seems simple, this tool is very useful to launch hormonal glands, tightening the stomach, chest, arms and legs.

11. Mini Steppers

sports equipment
Berwyn Mini Stepper 2 in 1

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Mini stepper is a sports equipment in the form of a pedal instrument. If you want to use it, you can do a pedal movement while standing. This tool is perfect if you want to train the muscles of the lower body.

12. Yoga Wheel

sports equipment
Champs Roda Yoga 26 Cm – Chocolate

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Yoga is a light exercise that you can easily do at home. To complete this exercise session, you can try using a yoga wheel.

The function of the yoga wheel is to achieve a proper posture according to the yoga poses.

13. Ab Wheel

Iron Gym Dual Ab Wheel - Hitam
Iron Gym Dual Ab Wheel – Hitam

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wheel ab it is a rotating wheel with two handles on each side. The function of this sports equipment is to help strengthen and quickly flatten the abdominal muscles.

Use this tool in a prone position with the support of your knees and hands to make the movement roll in and out. Don’t be afraid to fall because taken on the handle using an anti-slip design with a wide and stable wheel position.

14. Flex belt

sports equipment
Champs Tpe sports strap

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Want to try pilates at home? So, you can use it flex belt. This tool has a high level of elasticity so you can use it at any time stretching or heating.

15. Chest expander

Champs Chest Expander - Abu-Abu
Champs Chest Expander – Abu-Abu

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If you want to have broad shoulders and muscles, then the tool is called breast expander may be a solution. This tool is made of elastic but heavy latex material, so it can help the process of building back and chest muscles.

How to use it by placing the head slightly up, then pull both sides breast expander up to shoulder level.

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16. Kettlebell

Kettlebell Berwyn Neoprene 4 kg
Kettlebell Berwyn Neoprene 4 kg

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Sports equipment is similar to this dumbbellsbut kettlebell it has a ball shape. Usually, kettlebell It has a handle on the top to make it easier for you to hold it.

Function kettlebell is to strengthen and train the muscles of the hand swinging or pushing.

17. Wonder Core

Wonder Core 2 Fitness Equipment
Wonder Core 2 Fitness Equipment

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Wonder core it is a tool fitness revolutions which serves to train the abdominal muscles, arms, waist and legs. This tool is specially designed for those of you who want to have a good body shape six pack.

For new users, it is better to do a maximum of 30 minutes of exercise per day.

18. Static bicycle

Kinetic Static Bike 610s - Black on Grey
Static Bike Kinetic 610s – Gray Black

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If you don’t have a lot of free time to ride outside, then a stationary bike may be the best alternative. Static bicycles can make the most favorable exercise without being exposed to the pollution of vehicles outside the house.

In addition, this device is also equipped with a device to monitor the time, distance, speed and weight level of the paddler.

19. Air Walker

Kinetic Air Walker 360 - Black
Kinetic Air Walker 360 – Black

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For those of you who don’t like weights, cardio equipment air walker it can be a choice of exercise routine at home.

This tool can work optimally to train the muscles from the hands to the feet with a variety of movements that effectively burn body calories.

20. Ankle and Hand Weights

Champs Ankle Or Hand Weights 1 Kg - Gray Black
Champs Ankle Or Hand Weights 1 Kg – Black, Grey

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The other gym sports equipment you can get is ankle and hand weights. You can stick the adhesive strap when you use it.

In addition, this tool has soft padding and strong points so you can stay comfortable.

These are 20 gym-style sports equipment that you can have.

You can get all the tools above on the site variety to help make the movements of gymnastics, yoga, running sports, and others.

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