2 Ways to overcome a toilet clogged with salt. Easy to do yourself!

2 Ways to overcome a toilet clogged with salt. Easy to do yourself!

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Confused why the toilet at home suddenly clogged? Go, learn how to deal with a clogged toilet with salt following, Property People. You can do the steps yourself easily. cook!

Many people choose caustic soda as a solution for clogged toilets.

In fact, this one ingredient has the risk of killing the natural bacteria that decompose the soil that are inside septic tank.

As a result, the dirt really accumulates and emits an unpleasant smell.

Not only that, the chemical content in caustic soda can make drains porous quickly.

So, is there another solution for clogged toilets besides caustic soda?

Alternatively, you can use salt or sodium chloride (NaCl).

For more details, just take a look at how to overcome a clogged toilet with salt below, yes.

2 Ways to overcome a toilet clogged with salt

1. Use Rock Salt and Hot Water

how to fix a toilet clogged with salt

You can use almost any type of salt to overcome blockages in the bathroom.

However, the most effective is the type of rock salt aka rock salt because the original form is still preserved.

The content of copper, calcium, potassium and sodium chloride in it has not changed the least.

This is because rock salt does not go through sedimentation or evaporation before reaching the hands of consumers.

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The shape itself looks like small crystal granules with a white or clear color.

Well, to overcome a clogged toilet, you just need to prepare

  • 500 grams of rock salt, and
  • 1 liter of hot water or stove.

So, make sure that the water in the toilet bowl is not empty before starting the process.

If the condition flares up, wait until it subsides a bit, follow these steps:

  • Pour rock salt into the clogged toilet opening.
  • Let it rest for two hours, then pour hot water into it.
  • Close the toilet and let it rest for 8-24 hours so that the decomposition process runs optimally.
  • Rinse again with water if the blockage seems to have been resolved.

If the toilet still seems a little clogged, it could be that the blockage is not caused by organic waste.

However, there is a foreign object such as a sanitary napkin blocking the drain pipe in the toilet.

To fix this, you can try to push the object with the help of a stick or piston.

2. How to overcome a clogged toilet with fine salt and bicarbonate

how to deal with a toilet clogged with salt

If you only have salt at home, you can also use it to treat clogged toilets.

How to overcome a toilet stained with salt is quite easy, just mix it with bicarbonate of soda.

Here is the complete guide:

  • Dissolve one cup of fine salt and one cup of baking soda in a glass of water.
  • Pour the solution into the hole in the toilet seat or squat that is problematic.
  • Add six cups of boiling water.
  • Leave the toilet for 8-24 hours before trying to use it again.
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The fine, abrasive particles of baking soda are effective in removing blockages in the bathroom drain.

However, if you want maximum results, you can add vinegar to the above steps.

However, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda can produce foam, so you have to cover the top of the bath with plastic.

Overcome bad odors with vinegar

clean the toilet with vinegar

In addition to helping the process of breaking down the soil, vinegar is also effective in removing unpleasant odors.

You can use it to clean the toilet after the problem of dirty toilet is solved.

Just pour about 250 ml of white vinegar around the mouth of the toilet bowl and quickly brush the entire surface.

After that, let it sit for 15-30 minutes before watering.

The acidic nature of vinegar can kill germs, bacteria and the unpleasant smell of stubborn soil.


Here is the full review how to deal with a toilet clogged with salt, Property People.

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