18 Household Electronic Devices for Daily Life

18 Household Electronic Devices for Daily Life

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In today’s modern era, there are many technological developments to make housework easier. One of them is a domestic electronic device that has a time setting system.

Also, for some people, especially workers, time is very valuable. And not everyone has a house assistant to help with housework.

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Therefore, for those of you who do not have a home assistant, you can invest money by adding some high-tech devices to do the housework.

Recommendations for Electronic Devices that make life easier

Here are some electronic tools you can use to make household chores easier.

1. Steam iron

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A steam iron is an ironing tool whose heat comes from water vapor, so it can smooth out wrinkles from clothes more quickly and easily.

Its use is very practical. You just need to turn on the steam iron, then hang the clothes on the provided hooks. Once the steam is generated, move the nozzle up and down until the clothes are smooth and clean.

With this steam iron, you can save up to 50% of ironing time.

2. Microwave

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Microwave Kris 20 Ltr – white

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At the moment, microwave it has become an important kitchen tool because it is very useful to prepare or heat food practically and quickly.

Many options microwave available in the market with various additional functions. Usually, microw with a higher power able to cook faster than a lower power.

3. Toaster

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Toaster Kris 2 slices 700 Watt Ta01105-gs

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Breakfast is the main source of energy so that the body is stronger in the performance of daily activities. So, make sure you consume a nutritious breakfast menu.

To save more time, you can use toaster while preparing breakfast, like making toast. Don’t forget to turn it on too timer so that the bread does not burn, especially when you do other preparations.

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4. Air fryer

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Kels Langston 1200 Watt Air Fryer – White

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Almost everyone likes this food, be it tempeh, tofu, fried chicken, crackers and others. However, because it contains saturated oil, of course, it is not good for health.

So, take it easy, now you can make relatively healthy fried foods using it air fryer.

In addition to reducing the level of cholesterol, this tool can also make food cooked in a shorter time with perfect maturity without using cooking oil.

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5. Drinking water filter

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Klaz Angel A7 ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier

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Considering that the quality of water in urban areas has decreased significantly due to environmental pollution, there is nothing wrong with the use of drinking water filters at home.

In addition to being able to turn tap water into drinkable water, this filter can also eliminate bacteria and viruses found in the water.

6. Floor cleaning robot

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Dibea D960 robotic vacuum cleaner – white

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Floor cleaning robots can not only vacuum dust and dirt, but also clean floors with well-programmed commands.

Usually, vacuum cleaner it will go around the whole area of ​​the house. In fact, many types come with an application that connects home floor cleaning robots with cell phones.

So, you can control the robot to clean the house at a certain time as you want.

7. Fans

home electronics
Krisbow 16 inch classic fan

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If you are looking for electronic equipment that can cool the room during the day, but save electricity costs, you must have one fans At home.

Choose a fan that is big enough to provide coolness throughout the room, like this 16-inch fan that has 3 speed selection modes.

8. Washing machine

home electronics
Use the washing machine rack

When you wash the clothes in the place laundry, of course, it will make expenses so inflated. Therefore, you need to have a washing machine at home.

Choose a washing machine that saves electricity and has a modern design. In addition to this, you must also choose a washing machine that has a pulsator made of materials stainless steelto improve the performance of the laundry remains hygienic, like this.

washing machine
Panasonic Mesin Cuci Front Loading 7kg Na-127xb1lne

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washing machine
Sharp 10.5kg Top Load Washing Machine Es-m1050xt-sa

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9. Rice Cooker

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Krischef Microwave Rice Cooker

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Considering that rice is a basic food that we consume every day, of course we need presence rice cooker At home.

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Choose the capacity of the rice cooker according to the number of family members so that you can make the right amount of rice. Also, pay attention to how you care rice cooker so that it lasts longer.

10. Hand blender

home electronics
Immersion blender Philips Hr253300 – Putih

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One of the electronic equipment that should be in the house is hand blender. Different from the usual blender, the function of this tool can make it easier for you to mash food.

In addition to that, hand blender It is also more practical to store on a kitchen shelf. You see, this tool does not have a special container and has a fairly small size.

11. Blender

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Novis Set 3 pieces Botol Jus Pro-blender

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In addition hand blender, you should have too juice blender to make fresh and healthy drinks. Choose a blender that has a large enough container capacity and a sharp blade.

Also use the products which provides plenty of containers so that the ingredients you want to puree do not mix.

For example, if you want to create smoothies to travel, you can use a container in the form of a bottle. Meanwhile, if you want to grind spices, you can use other special containers.

12. Food processor

Processor Philips Hr731000 - Putih
Processor Philips Hr731000 – Putih

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Food processor is a versatile electronic device that can help you prepare food. Usually, this tool consists of various containers and knives that are used to grind food.

There is an S-shaped blade for cracking nuts and seeds. In addition to this, this tool can also make pesto by mixing spices, cheese and oil. You can also use it to grind meat until smooth.

13. Slow Juicer

Hurom Slow Juicer H-300e - Hitam Matt
Hurom Slow Juicer H-300e – Hitam Matt

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Apart from the blenders, you also need to have slow juicer At home. Unlike the blender function, slow juicer usually take the essence of the food.

For example, put fruits and vegetables inside slow juicer, then the result is the juice, without the slightest clash. This tool has technology slow crawl, which can make the food sweeter.

If you are interested in having it slow juicer at home, you can buy here.

14. Egg boiler

Bear Egg Boiler - Black
Bear Egg Boiler – Black

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If you like boiled eggs for breakfast, you must have this home electronic device. It’s called an automatic egg boiler. The advantage of this tool is that it can easily adjust the level of maturity of the eggs and the results are faster.

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For example, if you want to make a half-boiled egg, add only 40 ml of water to this egg boiler. Besides that, you can immediately make up to 6 boiled eggs at once, you know.

15. Teko Listrik

Krischef 11 Ltr Electric Electric
Krischef 11 Ltr Electric Electric

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Another domestic electronic device that will make life easier, namely the electric kettle. So, you no longer need to boil water in a pot and wait long enough for the water to boil completely.

Just pour water into the jug, then turn on the button and wait a few minutes. After this, the hot water that has been boiled is ready to be served. This tool is practical to use in the preparation of hot drinks in the morning, such as coffee and tea.

16. Oven

Toaster Oven Kris 32 Ltr 1200 Watt - Black
Toaster Oven Kris 32 Ltr 1200 Watt – Black

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Furnaces also include household electronic devices that we often encounter. You can use it to bake and prepare a variety of dishes, including cakes, breads, roasts, casseroleand much more.

17. Air Cooler

Kris Air Cooler 5 Ltr
Kris Air Cooler 5 Ltr

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Do you want to feel comfortable and cool in the house in the summer? If yes, you can use it air cooler. Air cooler is a device to cool the air in the room.

The way this tool works is to pass hot air into the tool through the fan and expelling the air through the wet cooling media. Therefore, the air that comes out air cooler usually cooler.

18. Air purifier

Air purifier Kris Smart 24m2 - white
Air purifier Kris Smart 24m2 – white

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While that air purifier is a tool to clean the air from dust particles, cigarette smoke, allergens, pollutants and unpleasant odors. see, air purifier it works by pulling dirty air through the filter and releasing fresh, clean air.

It is a variety of electronic kitchen equipment that you must have. So, what home electronics do you already have?

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