18 Closet Design Inspirations, Complete Selection

18 Closet Design Inspirations, Complete Selection

nice wardrobe design

There are many wardrobe design inspirations for you to choose from, all complete and available from two or three doors, sliding doors, to hanging wardrobes.

When you want to buy a wardrobe, of course you face many design choices.

Not only that, you also choose the colors, the motifs, the choice of wood, all of which can certainly make you dizzy.

Actually, you don’t need to worry because the first thing to do is to measure the area of ​​the room.

The second step is to choose a home interior design, of course, so that the home furniture can be in harmony.

If you have done a number of these steps, you can already consider the shape of the wardrobe.

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will review the inspiration for a suitable clothes storage place for the bedroom.

Cool Wardrobe Design Inspiration

wardrobe design

1. Choose Wood Teak Cabinets

The picture of the wardrobe shows a wardrobe made of teak wood with a beautiful minimalist design.

This two-door wardrobe can be an option for small house interior designTeak wood is also an option because it is durable.

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wardrobe design

2. Minimalist wardrobe

If you have your own closet, you can have a minimalist closet like this one.

This clothes storage area has only a number of drawers, it does not have a door, it is left open, but still well arranged,

wardrobe design

3. Minimalist white wardrobe

This 2-door wardrobe design is beautiful, whitewashed, classic minimalist design, suitable for girls.

There is nothing wrong with putting clothes and other storage areas like this in a white painted room.

wardrobe design

4. Minimalist Corner Wardrobe

If your bedroom is really spacious and has a large number of clothes, you can choose a corner wardrobe design.

The wardrobe model attached to the wall and also open so it can be an option for teenagers.

wardrobe design

5. Three-door wardrobe with sliding door

An option for a good clothes storage area if the house is small is a sliding 3-door wardrobe design.

This wardrobe can hold a lot of clothes, but it is easy to open because the door of the wardrobe is a sliding door.

wardrobe design

6. Storage of a quantity of goods

In addition to storing clothes, you can also store the accessories that are used, you can have clothes storage places like this.

When choosing a wardrobe, do not forget to consider the design of the bedroom so that it is harmonious and combined.

wardrobe design

7. Wardrobe Like Display

For women, there is nothing wrong with having a wardrobe as a display in a store to be able to see all the clothing collections.

This modern minimalist wardrobe design will look cool, especially if the bedroom applies the gray color.

wardrobe design

8. Beautiful Corner Wardrobe

This wardrobe design model is really beautiful and it is a corner wardrobe design, suitable for a large house.

This furniture contains not only clothes, but also a collection of bags and shoes, certainly suitable for the needs of women.

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wardrobe design

9. Classic Corner Wardrobe

This corner wardrobe design shows a wall-mounted wardrobe as well as a corner wardrobe with a classic design.

If your home has a classic design and is also quite spacious, then this wall cabinet is really suitable.

wardrobe design

10. Modern minimalist wardrobe

A beautiful minimalist wardrobe and a 2-door wardrobe, suitable for a child’s bedroom or a small bedroom.

Furniture design choices like this are suitable for everyone because of the minimalist design, a safe option for the room.

wardrobe design

11. Plantation Closet with Sliding Door

The model of sliding door wardrobes which is also a wall wardrobe, is suitable for large houses.

If your house is really big, you should have a wall closet to make it look more harmonious.

wardrobe design

12. Industrial Style Wardrobe

This wardrobe model has an industrial style and is certainly in accordance with the design of wardrobes for narrow rooms.

For those of you who want to look different, a place to put clothes like this can be a fresh contemporary choice.

wardrobe design

13. Classic Two Door Wardrobe

The classic design of the 2-door wardrobe, this wardrobe made of teak wood is really a favorite of many people.

This model of wardrobes for narrow rooms is really suitable for the size of a small bedroom in Indonesia.

wardrobe design

14. Minimalist Open Closet

This open and minimalist image of the wall cabinet is definitely suitable for the millennial generation.

Maybe not many want to have a clothes storage area with an open style like this, although it can look neater.

wardrobe design

15. Simple wardrobe

A wall-mounted minimalist wardrobe that looks temporary, can be added if you live in a retirement room.

Either you live in an industrial-style house or a minimalist studio-type apartment.

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wardrobe design

16. Classic Black Painted Wardrobe

A minimalist design of wardrobes, painted in black, you are not afraid of the choice of black home furniture.

This furniture is certainly suitable for men and women, a safe choice for home furniture.

wardrobe design

17. Large Closet

Sliding wardrobe design showing minimalist home furniture with three doors and one sliding door.

You can choose a sliding door wardrobe design like this to fill the room, the design is minimalist.

wardrobe design

18. Beautiful Glass Cabinets

A beautiful design of glass cabinets, it has a white color, is equipped with glass, and has a classic design.

The choice of a modern minimalist wardrobe will certainly beautify the room, especially if it is painted darker.

Wow, there are so many choices of wardrobe designs to choose from, you just have to choose the right one.

If you want to buy a branded wardrobe, you can look for an IKEA minimalist wardrobe or an IKEA wardrobe.

Meanwhile, if you want to order a wardrobe design from a furniture store, don’t forget to ask for prices and also a wardrobe design sketch.

Or you can even sketch your own minimalist wardrobe design to suit your taste.


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