17 Pets that are easy to care for at home

17 Pets that are easy to care for at home

Source: Pexels/Tan Danh

Are you alone at home? If so, you can try raising animals to serve as friends. You see, pets can accompany your daily activities like ordinary friends.

Also, having a pet can reduce stress and increase happiness. It’s just that, you have to choose the type of animal that suits your personality.

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So, what are the animals that are easy to care for?

Here are some lists of animals that you can easily breed at home.

1. Dog

Source: Pexels/Goochie Poochie Grooming

The first animal you can raise at home is dog, because they are affectionate and loyal to their owners.

Besides being playmates, dogs can also help guard the house, you know. Busually, when there are strangers, he barks immediately.

You can choose Pomeranian dog breeds, poodles, of gold, pugand many other small dog breeds.

However, dogs also need attention. you know. So, when they are kept, you should often invite them to play and go for walks so that they don’t get stressed and sick.

2. Cats

Sum: Pexels / Cats coming

If you want to have a pet, but you don’t have much time to play, you can choose a cat. See, kCats are calm animals and tend to prefer to be alone.

There are various type of cat that you can choose, such as angora, persia, British shorthairand others. Even if you rarely play, you still have to take care of him and provide him with adequate nutrition. of.

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3. Hamster

hamster animals
Source: Pexels/Ellie Burgin

You don’t have a big space, but you want to have pets at home? Hamsters could be the solution. This animal has a small size, so you can freely place the cage anywhere.

However, when keeping hamsters, it is better not to buy in large quantities at once because of this animal difficult to learn.

4. Mini hedgehog

hamster animals
Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Are you afraid of raising hedgehogs? Calm down, LThis adorable mini hedgehog is different from the big hedgehog.

Uniquely, these animals are much friendlier and easier to care for. However, you always have to be careful when holding it so as not to get hurt by the small thorns.

5. Betta Fish

betta fish animals
Source: Pexels/Chevanon Photography

Of course, you are already familiar with animals that are trending lately? Yes, betta fish!

This fish has a very beautiful body with many colors. It is easy to care for. In addition to this, you can keep your home beautiful, you know.

6. Kura-kura

turtle animals
Source: Pexels/Arun Thomas

If you are interested in keeping turtles, choose a type that is not protected, such as the Brazilian turtle. You can take care with provide food in the form of vegetables, worms, fruits, pellets and insects. Besides that, make sure you use quality water, ok?

7. Chef Goldfish

red fish
Summer: Pexels/Bruno Cervera

You can take care of goldfish in a small aquarium easily. This fish does not need special care, really.

In any case, you still have to clean the aquarium regularly, because the soil can make the water acidic and cause the fish to die quickly.

8. Birds Love Bird

bird pet
Source: Pexels/Anil Sharma

Bird Love Bird with this beautiful color you can also treat yourself at home. Love Bird it has a small body size, so you can use a small cage. To be beautiful tweets, you have to keep practicing, yes.

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9. Rabbit

animal rabbit
Source: Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

Unlike cats and dogs, you need cages to take care of rabbits so they don’t run away anywhere. However, you can occasionally take it out to play. You can choose a type of rabbit whose breed is easy to find, such as the Angora.

10. Cockatoo

pet parrot
Source: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

The cockatoo is one of the birds that has a charming and majestic appearance, so it is suitable for you to care for at home. You can train this bird to follow the sound you say, you know.

11. Sugar Glider

sugar glider

Well, this animal is quite unique, you know! I amgears slip it can expand its own body and has the ability to float quite far. Take it easy, it’s quite easy to take care of this animal because it likes fruits and vegetables.

12. Guinea pig

guinea pig
Credit: Pexels/Scott Webb

at a glance, guinea pig looks like a hamster However, this animal is included in the category of rats, you know! Even so, you can keep him as a friend because of his adorable form.

When you keep him, make sure to always clean the cage because these animals get sick easily if the cage and the food place are dirty.

13. Iguana

Source: Pexels/Christo Goosen

Although it looks fierce, it turns out that iguanas are friendly animals. You can choose a green iguana because it is more docile and adaptable.

Iguanas usually like insects, caterpillars, vegetables and seeds. In keeping an iguana, you have to make sure that the cage has good air circulation.

14. Gecko

Credit: Pexels / Jimmy Chan

Gecko is a reptile similar to a gecko, but has a more interesting color or pattern. keep calm ghere we go including animals that are not dangerous because they rarely bite.

Cut down gecko itself is not too big, which is only about 15-20 cm. The most important thing is that you have to keep the cage clean.

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15. Sea monkey

sea ​​monkey
Sum: Live Science

It is also known as sea monkeys sea ​​monkey it is actually an artificial brine shrimp and has nothing to do with monkeys. Sea monkey usually sold in dry form and you can keep it in the aquarium.

Because maintenance is easy sea ​​monkey able to live up to 2 years and can die of suspended animation when the environmental conditions are not good.

16. Otter

Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Animals known as otters are good at swimming and like to eat fish, you know. Otter has spoiled characteristics, many like to keep.

However, if you want to keep this animal, be sure to provide a pool as a place to play or swim. Otter also like cool places.

17. I am

i am
Source: Pexels/Pixabay

The last pet you can breed at home is a snake. Keep in mind, choose a non-venomous snake so as not to endanger your life. So, give him a special cage so he doesn’t escape easily scare others.

So, this is a list of pets that you can easily take care of at home. With pets, the atmosphere in your home will definitely be warmer and more pleasant.

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