17 Models of Luxury Aluminum Doors for Home and Office

17 Models of Luxury Aluminum Doors for Home and Office

Luxury Aluminum Door Model

Here are various inspirations for luxury aluminum door models that you can cheat!

The use of aluminum doors is currently on the rise. The reason, doors with aluminum material are usually more durable and anti-rust.

In addition to its main function, aluminum doors also have several models that can give an impression of luxury and elegance to the home.

Well, for those of you looking for a luxury aluminum door model, check out the various inspirations below, go!

Luxury Aluminum Door Model

1. Simple Model Door Aluminum

white luxury aluminum door model

Source: Instagram/@rumahbundas

The simple design of the aluminum door can give a minimalist impression to the room. In addition, the white color was chosen to decorate the door.

2. Aluminum Front Door

front door

Source: Allydoors.co.uk

High quality, durable, and can be used as the most ideal home protection are some of the advantages of the aluminum material.

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However, the use of aluminum doors can also make the house more attractive, like this picture.

3. Aluminum Doors for Rooms

aluminum door for the room

Source: Instagram/@nurrin_nurrinawati

Aluminum doors can not only be used in the front of the house, but you can also use them as room dividers.

If placed in a room, aluminum doors can provide better lighting in the room.

4. Aluminum door Double Swing

double swing painted model

Source: Shopee.co.id

True to its name, the door double swing they usually have two leaves that can be opened each.

This type of door is widely used in Indonesia. In addition to looking more luxurious, aluminum doors double swing even easier to use.

5. 4-Leaf Folding Aluminum Door

4-leaf folding door

Source: Tokopedia.com

If you want a door that can be opened wider, you can choose the type of folding aluminum door.

Folding doors are most often used as room partitions. For example, the living room and the courtyard.

6. Wood Motif Aluminum Door

wooden model door

Source: Instagram/dorjan_windowsanddoors

Do you want to have a home that looks environmentally friendly? You can give a touch of wood to the components of the house. Like using a wooden aluminum door.

Although the material looks like wood, make no mistake. This door actually uses aluminum material which is sturdy and durable.

7. Classic Aluminum doors

classic aluminum doors

Source: Aluminumdepok.com

If you like luxury aluminum door models with monochromatic shades, there is nothing wrong with that, that’s itchoose a black door with a combination of a little white.

8. Luxury Sliding Aluminum Door Model

sliding door

Source: Mitrakreasiutama.com

As it is known that there are many models of aluminum doors. You can not only choose a door model that is folded or pulled, but also a door with a sliding model.

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Sliding door or sliding door is one of the popular aluminum door models. Because, it can give the impression of luxury in the house.

9. Aluminum doors with lots of glass

aluminum doors with lots of glass

Source: Stylesatlofe.com

Aluminum doors are usually sold individually. But, you can also buy with the window.

If you buy aluminum doors and windows septThis can make them look more cohesive than buying them separately.

10. Door Design with Large Glass

luxury aluminum door model

Source: Bsshomestore.com

The use of large glass is intended to provide better lighting and air circulation in the room.

If you want the room to get that feature, you can choose to use a luxury aluminum door model with large glass.

11. Model of the aluminum door Bifold Luxury for the living room

luxury aluminum bifold door model

Source: Marathonwindows.co.uk

Looking for aluminum doors for a luxury living room? Aluminum door bifold may be an option, no!

True to its name, the door bifold In fact, it consists of two panels or leaves that fold towards the wall when they are open.

12. Can be used for office

aluminum office door

Source: Alibaba.com

Aluminum doors can not only be applied to rooms in the house, but can also be used for other buildings, such as offices.

Usually, offices use aluminum doors with sliding models.

13. Standard Design Aluminum Door

standard design door

Source: Wimbledonwindows.com

The standard model of the aluminum door is currently still the first woman. Although it looks simple, this door can give the impression of luxury in the home.

14. Aluminum Door Concept Open Space

door with open space concept

Source: Inso.co.za

Residential with concept open space is currently chosen by many people. The reason, concept open space use sunlight for lighting in the room.

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When using an open concept, there is nothing wrong with choosing an aluminum door to partition the room.

15. Luxury aluminum bathroom door model

luxury aluminum bathroom door model

Source: Tokopedia.com

Aluminum material is often used for bathroom components. No exception with the door.

In order not to look monotonous, you can choose a door model with a little touch of glass they are not transparent on the door.

16. Unique Model To do more Aesthetic

unique model aluminum door

Source: Msdmelbourne.com.au

What do you think when you see aluminum doors with this model? Modern, very unique, and also luxurious, right?

Well, if you don’t like the door model that is anti-mainstream, you can actually choose a door with a different reason. Like the picture above that uses the technique laser cutting.

17. Luxury aluminum doors and frames

luxury aluminum door and frame models

Sum: Instagram / @incostoreindonesiaofficial

Not only the door that can use aluminum, but you can also apply it to the frame.

Frames made of aluminum material have many advantages. Starting from easy care, light, looks more tendenciesand the price is relatively cheap.

Well, there are many luxury aluminum door models that you can use as inspiration!

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