17 Effective and easy ways to get rid of screams at home. Go, go!

17 Effective and easy ways to get rid of screams at home. Go, go!

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Annoyed by shrews or small mice that often go into the house? Try to apply this method of getting rid of squeaks, go!

Many people think that curut is a rat.

In fact, these animals are not rodents.

Although classified as insectivores, they have a strong appetite.

This will eat every two to three hours to balance his metabolism.

Unfortunately, rats usually dig small holes in various corners made by other rats to satisfy their enormous hunger.

You must overcome this condition to avoid unwanted things in the future.

Therefore, just look at the following ways to get rid of shrews from the house!

17 easy ways to get rid of shrews from the house

1. Make sure the room is clean and dry

clean house

The first way to get rid of shrews is to make sure your room is clean and dry because they really like dirty, dark and damp places.

Also, make sure the house is dry from water sources.

These animals can be dehydrated quickly and very easily, because they cannot be far from water sources.

2. Cover the Hole in the Wall

In addition, falls could enter through the cracks in the wall of the house.

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If there is, immediately cover it with cement or block it with large and difficult to move items.

Remember that the shroud is small and can force its way through even the smallest opening.

3. Close the trash can firmly

the trash tightly closed

The next step that can be taken is to empty the trash every day.

Not only that, make sure the trash is always closed.

If necessary, put a weight on the lid of the litter box so that the place is completely closed.

4. Take advantage of the hatred of the smell of shrews

The other most effective way to get rid of mice is to put a scented min fragrance and cloves.

You can give the fragrance from direct natural ingredients or scented essential oils both materials.

Leave it in places where the shrike hides or on the surface of the trash can lid.

You can also mix it into a liquid floor cleaner.

5. Have a Pet

how to get rid of shrews that raise animals

This next method does not require any cost.

If you own a cat or a dog, this would be great for getting rid of shrews quickly.

The reason is that these two animals are very good at keeping shrews away from the house.

Also, natural predators of shrews include snakes, eagles, owls, and more.

6. Using Infra and Ultrasonic Sound

Another effective way to get rid of screams is with infra and ultrasonic sound.

This is because shrews do not like noisy places.

So, you can get rid of the shrews by using the sound based shrew repellent application available at smartphones or laptops.

7. Using Show repellent

how to get rid of crickets with a repellant

source: bukalapak.com

Show repellent is a shrew repellent available in farm shops.

This material smells like urine.

The smell of urine produced can keep your house away from shrews.

8. Toss Shrimp with Vinegar

How to get rid of this stain with natural ingredients at home, namely vinegar.

This animal does not like the pungent smell of vinegar.

Clean every floor, corner, and room in your home that these animals usually pass or places that are a nest of shrews.

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Usually, places where there are leftover food, spilled drinks, and kitchen areas are areas that these little rats often target.

When it is clean, use vinegar as a cleaning fluid to mop the floor.

Then, mop again with clean water.

9. Tea bags

how to get rid of animals tel summersi

The next way to get rid of squeaks is to use used tea bags.

Make sure if you have drunk the tea, don’t throw the bag in the trash.

The tea bags will cause the rat’s sense of smell to not function properly.

This is because of the content mint contents in the tea bag will irritate the rat’s nose.

10. Eggshell

Shrews can escape and refuse to return home because of the eggshells, that’s it.

The trick is to collect some eggshells and dry them.

When it is dry, mix or grind the eggshells until they become powder or powder.

Sprinkle eggshell powder on nests or areas where rats frequent.

11. Soursop leaves

soursop leaf

Another effective way to get rid of curut is to use soursop leaves.

Soursop leaves contain aphrodisiacs that can emit an unpleasant odor that rats hate.

Using soursop leaves to repel rats is also an environmentally friendly way.

It’s easy, just prepare a few soursop leaves and then tear all the leaves to give a scent that rats don’t like.

Once every three days. Replace the soursop leaves with new ones.

12. Use Camphor

Camphor has a pungent and fragrant smell.

The smell is a smell that rats hate.

Give a lot of camphor if necessary so that the rats are more deterrent to enter your house.

13. Use Noni Fruit

how to remove curut with noni fruit

The next way to eradicate curut naturally is to use noni fruit.

In addition to being able to maintain a healthy body and cure various types of diseases, you can also use noni fruit to get rid of stretch marks.

The trick is to cut the noni fruit into several parts until the aroma of the fruit comes out.

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Place a piece of noni fruit in a nest or in an area where rats usually pass.

Hang the noni fruit with the new one when the old one is dry.

14. Banish Curut with Coffee Powder

Using coffee to get rid of shrews is safer than rat poison or glue.

Shrews have a sense of smell, this is your chance to spread smells they don’t like.

One of them uses coffee.

In principle, the advantage of shrews is that they often trace scent trails that they deliberately leave behind.

nah how to get rid of the screams with coffee grounds, it will make it difficult for the shrews to follow their tracks and be reluctant to stay around the smell.

15. Using Chili Powder or Sauce

how to get rid of currants using chili plants

Chili powder or sauce mixed with detergent and water is a traditional way to get rid of bed bugs.

Put the mixture of these ingredients in a spray bottle, then spray on the areas that are often crossed.

This liquid is effective in repelling the screams because they will overheat.

Guaranteed to run away screaming!

16. Use garlic

Not only chili, you can also use other herbs, namely garlic.

The trick is to wrap the garlic in cheesecloth.

Then, put it in an area that is often approached by the little mouse.

17. Use Durian Skin

Finally, you can use durian skin, which shrivels don’t like.

To use, cut the skin first.

Next, put it in this small rat-prone area.


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