17 Ceiling Designs in Small Houses, Occupancy Becomes More Comfortable!

17 Ceiling Designs in Small Houses, Occupancy Becomes More Comfortable!

roof of the roof

Source: Home Milla

Having a small house is not necessarily impressive. In fact, you can actually make a roof roof for a relaxing area. Like this for example!

Besides being a protective roof for the house, roof it can also be used as a multifunctional area for family relaxation.

As long as the design is right, maximizing the area roof in a small house it is not a problem.

You don’t need to hire an interior designer to make a ceiling roof fascinating, the following inspiration can be a reference that is not less good.

17 Roof design Roof Minimalism on a Tiny House

How to use white spaces roof This can be done with the right arrangement of furniture and decorative elements space available can be used optimally.

Roof example roof charming in a small house that you can see here!

1. Industrial Tropical Shades

roof of the roof

Source: Instagram.com/rumah_purnama

Design inspiration roof You can imitate this moment by adding a few types of ornamental plants.

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Like a mini cactus or palm trees combined with industrial style furniture to give a harmonious impression.

Don’t forget to add a light bulb hanging on a string as a source of night lighting.

2. Add Carpet for Selonjoran

roof of the roof

Source: Instagram.com/the_jasminehouse

If you want a roof area roof which can be used for different needs, can be left empty without any decoration.

When it needs to be used as a relaxing area while lying down, all you have to do is add it carpet floor or folding chairs portable as you wish.

3. Relax Area Becomes Maximum

roof of the roof

Source: Axon Medesign

For large families or residents who often hold meetings, take advantage of the area roof maximum

Roof it can be used for a relaxing area, adding a complete permanent furniture as needed and also a pergola to keep the shade.

4. Resort Design in Santorini

roof of the roof

Source: Joliplace.com

This dream vacation spot for a million Instagram followers is famous for its tiny house buildings roof beautiful with a pool and beach chairs.

You can also adopt this concept to your small roof.

Suitable to be used as a place to relax and certainly a lot instagrammable.

5. Shades of Nature all Green

roof of the roof

Source: Finefurnished.com

do it roof garden in a narrow dwelling is no longer a desire.

You can use alternative grass carpets to cover the floor and some extras the most beautiful types of vines to give a natural impression on the roof.

6. Bohemian style decoration

roof of the roof

Sum: architect

The unique style offered by bohemian style decor can be brought to the ceiling roof.

With distinctive decorations, such as floor rugs with ethnic motifs, graphic pillows, and blankets to create a more comfortable impression.

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7. Shabby Chic Makeover

roof of the roof

Source: Canadian Home Trends Magazine

It is not very different from the previous bohemian style, you can juggle parts roof with decorative elements in bright pastel colors with deliberate placement to enhance the design shabby chic which are desirable.

8. Urban Forest

roof of the roof

Source: CDeco.fr

Create a beautiful impression of style urban forest adding vines on the trellis border that is also able to provide a more shaded atmosphere during the day.

9. Roof Roof Sweden

roof of the roof

Source: Pinterest

The limited area is not a barrier to enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the roof roof Swedish style.

10. British Romantic

roof of the roof

Source: Netlify

Get a romantic feeling on the roof of the house with the colorful inspiration of British design.

11. German Chic

roof of the roof

Source: I Weblifes

Furniture in the form of a large wooden deck can be the main choice when designing a roof roof with the addition of a pergola to keep the shade.

12. Woody Garden

roof of the roof

Source: Home Milla

The next design looks minimalist, suitable for small homes, maximizing only wooden furniture and a small garden on both sides.

13. Roof Minimalist All White

roof of the roof

Source: Katrina Chambers

The area is designed with a predominance of white on the furniture to give it a quieter and more spacious look.

Perfect for connoisseurs minimalist home design!

14. Urban Oasis

roof of the roof

Source: Pinterest

Roof roof this one by Liza Koshy is designed with style bohemian decor with the first woman of a burning table.

15. Samba the classic

roof of the roof

Source: Bohemian & Chic

For those of you who like a unique look and boldstylish colorful design inspirations samba the classic this can be tested.

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16. Australian industrial

roof of the roof

Source: Pufikhomes.com

Industrial design on the ceiling roof given a touch of nature in the form of many plants to refresh a more beautiful atmosphere.

17. Beautiful with Minimalist Style

roof of the roof

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful inspiration can be copied because it only needs a few decorations according to the needs of its users.

Please choose a ceiling design roof minimalist house that looks amazing even in a limited area.


It is a roof design for small houses.

Hope useful, Property People.

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