16 Ways to get rid of annoying pets at home, effective and safe!

16 Ways to get rid of annoying pets at home, effective and safe!

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Upset with animals that suddenly appear at home, and even disturb your comfort? Instead of using chemical liquids, follow the way to get rid of annoying animals with the following natural ingredients.

A house that is free from insects and annoying animals is the desire of every occupant of the house, Property People.

However, dealing with insects, pests or other annoying animals at home is not easy.

Not many use chemical fluids to kill these animals.

However, there are risks behind using chemicals to repel home intruders.

However, you can that’s it using natural ingredients to be safe for the family.

Here’s how to get rid of annoying pets at home with natural ingredients.

16 Ways to get rid of pets at home with natural ingredients

1. Repel Centipede Animals with Pepper

Source: neutralnews.com

The way to get rid of annoying animals like centipedes is enough with just pepper.

The effect of heat will be felt by the centipede when it comes in contact with the pepper.

Sprinkle pepper powder on the trap you prepared.

You can also sprinkle the centipede directly on the body of the centipede when you see it.

2. Banish Lizards with Egg Shells

Lizards really hate the fishy smell coming out of the eggshell.

You can collect pieces of eggshells and put them in a plastic bag with holes, as a way to get rid of lizards.

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Then put it in the corner of the house for lizards reluctantly visit your home!

3. Banish Mites Only with Durian Aroma

Little cayenne pepper!

Perhaps it is a term that can be used for mites.

Because, if bitten, this small animal can cause large bumps and extraordinary pain.

How to get rid of mites is quite easy.

Place durian skin or pandan leaves around the place where the mites are infested.

The smell of these two ingredients can cause the death of mites.

4. Lavender flowers help to get rid of flies in the house

lavender flowers

Are you familiar with this beautiful flower?

In addition to being famous for its benefits to repel mosquitoes, it is found that flies can also disappear due to the smell of lavender, you know.

How to get rid of flies is also very easy.

You just need to keep a few stems of lavender flowers in the house, especially in the corner where flies often visit.

5. Mice can only get away because of coffee

The smell of coffee powder is loved by lovers.

However, for rats, coffee grounds have a strong smell, so this area is definitely something to avoid.

Sprinkle coffee grounds in the corners of the house where rats frequent.

Guarantee that your home is free from this annoying animal!

6. An effective way to get rid of ants with special lime

Draw a line on a wall or area where ants walk with insect chalk.

This lime is 100% effective in eradicating ants, that’s it.

The ants will leave because of the calcium carbonate content in the chalk which is actually made from hardened and compressed shells of marine animals.

You can also sprinkle lime powder in certain places in your house to repel ants.

7. Lemongrass Leaves Effectively Repel Mosquitoes

how do you get rid of animals

How to remove animals from the bathroom on it is enough to put a lemongrass plant.

Lemongrass plant or lemongrass is a type of grass-shaped plant that can grow to a height of 5-6 meters.

Lemongrass leaves are very powerful you know to be used as a way to repel mosquito animals instantly!

You can plant lemongrass plants in pots and then keep them on the terrace or garden.

As it turns out, the strong smell of lemongrass is said to be the most effective way to repel mosquitoes. that’s it.

8. Eradicate Termites or Termites Using Betel Lime Water

lime betel

Next, how to expel animals such as termites or termites.

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Spray the blackhead water directly on the termites that are on the walls of your house.

Lime water can cause termites to die from the heat.

9. Clean the House of Cockroaches Only with Cucumber

Fresh cucumber can kill cockroaches instantly, Properties People.

Make a trap from an old can and cut a cucumber and put it.

They can die in this trap because the smell of cucumber reacts with the canned material.

This method of preventing animals from entering the house is guaranteed to be effective and will make the cockroaches disappear.

10. Snakes do not like fragrances

The most effective way to repel snakes is to add a fragrance.

Try spraying perfume or air freshener in your home.

Of course, the snake will go on its own and not come back!

11. Banish Moths Using Camphor

This annoying animal often comes into the house and nests in the wardrobe.

So that the eggs of these animals do not stick to your clothes, put a lot of camphor.

Camphor or camphor is a solid substance in the form of white wax and is slightly transparent with a distinctive and strong aroma.

Moths really do not like the strong smell of camphor.

In this way, you can put the conservator in the corner of the wardrobe or the hanger.

12. Shallots are effective for Geckos to Leave the House

how do you get rid of animals

Next, how to get rid of animals like geckos at home with only onions.

The aroma of shallots contains compounds that can make the body of your gecko.

Place the shallots you have cut into a bowl or container.

So, keep it in a place that is a gecko nest to hide in the house.

Don’t forget to replace the bottom once a week, ok?

13. Dish soap can repel wasps Plus the nest

The easy way is to mix a liter of hot water with a lot of laundry soap to produce an abundant lather.

Mix well, then put in a spray bottle.

Aim this liquid at the entrance of the wasp nest.

This powerful method makes wasps reluctantly they are building nests in your house.

14. Repel Spiders with Vinegar or Lemon Water

how do you get rid of animals

An effective way to remove spiders is only with lemon water or vinegar.

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If the presence of cobwebs interferes with activities in your home, try to eradicate them starting with the eggs.

Use a mixture of vinegar or lemon water.

For example, if you chose vinegar, pour it on a small cup and leave it in the corners of the room where the spiders nest.

How simple is it to get rid of this spider?

15. Repel Bats with Shrimp Paste

How to get rid of bats on it is very easy and also cheap, that’s it.

Place a few pieces of shrimp paste in places where you suspect bats.

In a few days the bats will be gone without coming back!

16. How to get rid of dead animals with special ingredients

The dead animal is another name for a small insect like a mosquito, but smaller and usually found in the sea, rivers and bush areas.

Gnats or dead animals often attack the feet or hands.

This animal contains poison that causes itching, because if the wound spreads, the infection can make it difficult for you to walk.

The colors of these small insects are black, red and white.

The way to get rid of mrutu is enough to make a concoction trap from apple cider vinegar, water, sugar and dish soap.

The aroma of sugar and apple cider vinegar will attract gnats into the cup.

When these insects approach the bowl, the soap traps them and pulls them into the water.

Depending on the page WikiHow, Use 2 Tbsp (30 ml) apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp (12 g) sugar, 1⁄2 tsp (3 ml) dish soap, and 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) water hot

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, then put it on the area affected by the dead animal raid.

Leave the mixture there overnight and clean it the next morning.


There are many ways to kill animals.

I hope this article can help you, Property People.

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