16 Must have cake tools in the kitchen for beginners

16 Must have cake tools in the kitchen for beginners

Kels Harwin tread - white
Kels Harwin tread – white

For those of you who like to make different types of snacks, such as pastries, cake, and so, of course, it is important to have complete baking equipment.

However, there are so many cake tools, sometimes we get confused in the choice. In fact, we don’t need all the baking tools in the kitchen.

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List of Must Have Cake Tools

Well, this time, we have made a list of cake tools that you should prepare at home.

1. The main Baking Equipment is the Oven

Cooking or make cakes can not be separated from this one tool. To achieve perfect cooking, use the oven with top and bottom heat.

However, not all types of cakes have the same cooking method. For this reason, we need to read the recipe and the instructions first, especially when looking at the temperature and cooking time.

Equipment for cakes in the toaster oven
Toaster oven Kris Set 32 ​​Ltr 1200w – Hitam

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2. Dough beater

The ingredients for making cakes are usually many and must be mixed evenly. Well, to make it easier, you can use a mixer or whip Select whip which has a handle that is long enough and comfortable to use.

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High quality cookie dough beater
Joseph Joseph Twist dough beater

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3. Cake Tools Mixer

In order not to hurt you, you can wear it blender, which can mix all the ingredients evenly. This tool will knead all the dough automatically with a machine.

We need to put all the ingredients in an aluminum or glass container so that the dough does not spread everywhere.

Manual mixer to knead the dough
Kris 300 W hand mixer

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4. Standing Mixer

In addition mixer who carry the hands, there are also stand mixer which already has a container. This tool can make it easier for you to mix the dough evenly. Therefore, there is no need to worry about getting sick quickly when using this tool.

Electronic cake equipment, namely a stand mixer
Klaz stand mixer 4.5 Lt 400 W

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5. Cake Pan

If you want to make a sponge cake or a cake, of course, we will use a pan. This container can help you make the perfect cake. Choose a non-stick baking surface to make it easier when we clean it, as follows.

Medium-sized sponge cake tin
Medium Spanish Bread

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Sponge cake equipment
Krischef sponge 20x20x7 cm

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6. Bread pastry

Meanwhile, to make tasty and crispy pastries, we can use a large and large parrot, like the following. However, make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the oven you use at home.

Rectangular foil
Selma Helen Rectangular Cake Pan – Black

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Equipment for baking cakes
Wiltshire Loyang Panggang 38x27x1.5 Cm – Rose Gold

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pastry making equipment

7. Mold

In addition to bread pans, we also need pastry molds, especially for making pastries. You can buy round and heart shaped cake molds.

There is also a chiffon cake mold that will make it easier for us when we make it, like below.

Round and heart-shaped cake pan
Krishome Set of 4 round cake molds and hearts

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Silicone cake mold
Krischef 1.1 Liter Chiffon Cake Silicone Mold

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8. Cake Tools Icing Bag

To make a cake decorating cream or cookies easier, we can use bag of ice. How to use it is quite easy.

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We need to put the dough in the container, then press bag of ice so that the dough comes out according to the shape of a syringe or nozzle in the end. Then, move your hands to create unique shapes as desired.

Icing bag for the cake
Cooking Color Prune Icing Bag With 6 nozzles

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Bag of ice
Set of Professional Pedrini Bags with 5 Nozzles

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9. Pasta container

To make it easier when mixing the dough, use a dough cup made of glass. This tool can also be used as a place to heat food, you know. However, make sure that the container is really resistant to heat, as follows.

Cake batter container
Krischef 1.3 liter container for serving cakes

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10. Stairs

The next must have pie equipment is a ladder. This tool will make it easier for us to enter each ingredient according to the recipe. The reason is, an inaccurate measurement will make the cake batter imperfect.

Digital kitchen scale for baking cakes
Krischef digital kitchen scale 5 kg

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11. Measuring cup

In addition to scales, we also need a measuring cup, especially when entering liquid ingredients. Usually, measuring cups come with measurements based on milliliters (ml), as follows.

Cake equipment
Joseph-joseph Set of 2 Gelas Takar

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12. Spatula and Cake Serving Spoon

The next cooking tool we need is a spatula. This tool is used for stirring, leveling, and pouring the dough into the pan. Usually, cake spatulas are made of plastic that is easy to clean.

In addition, we also need to provide a spoon for serving. This spoon model is triangular in shape with a sharp tip, as follows.

cake batter mixer
Silicone kneader Wiltshire 26 cm

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Krischef Set of 6 serving spoons for cakes – Black

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13. Instrument Grinder

To make a thinner dough with the same thickness, we can use a complete single grinder with handles on both sides. This tool can also be used to make pasta, you know.

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Cake grinding equipment
Krischef pasta grinder

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14. Tier Tray

To present the results cooking, we can use a level plan. Choose a table made of glass so that it can be arranged more beautifully and elegantly. Then, you can put it directly on the table, like this.

Tray to put the baked cake
Krishome glass food container 3 levels

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15. Container for Serving Cake

In addition to glass tables, you can also use round cake containers with transparent lids. Choose a container made of quality plastic and of food qualityas follows.

Cake container
Krishome Wadah Saji Kue

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16. Staples

Storing cakes or snacks becomes more practical with this jar. In addition to storing cakes, you can also store spices in it. Choose a jar model with a transparent layer to make it easier to see the contents of the jar.

Jars for storing cakes
Karl 450 Ml Set of 6 Glass Jars with Gift Box

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Well, these are some of the cake tools we must have at home. You can buy all these equipments only through them www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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