15 ways to repel rats with natural ingredients, proven 100% effective!

15 ways to repel rats with natural ingredients, proven 100% effective!

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How to get rid of rats as what, what is necessary and effective to apply? If you want to get rid of him without having to use poison, you should see the natural method of natural rat repellent below!

Property People, mice are small animals that are hated by many people.

He had lived in dirty places like sewers, pipes, rice paddies and garbage cans.

It is no wonder that mice can bring dirt and germs into the house.

Rat urine also has a pungent odor and contains harmful bacteria.

Well, through Berita www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia, we will discuss how to get rid of mice from the house with natural ingredients.

This method has been proven and guaranteed effective.

Tools and materials are also fairly easy to find.

Let’s see the full review as follows.

15 ways to repel rats with natural ingredients

1. Coffee powder

how to get rid of mice

Coffee grounds are one of the natural rat repellent ingredients found in almost every home.

Why coffee grounds?

It turns out that mice have a sense of smell.

A mouse always uses its sense of smell to follow the trail it leaves.

As we know, coffee is also a strong aroma.

This scent is uncomfortable for mice, so they will avoid areas where coffee grounds are present.

Here’s what you should do to repel mice using coffee grounds:

  1. Prepare enough black coffee powder
  2. Sprinkle in the corners of the house where mice often pass.

Very simple isn’t it?

Don’t forget, the coffee grounds you use must be black coffee, OK!

2. Noni fruit

how to get rid of mice

How to get rid of the next type of shrews is to use noni fruit.

Many people know that this fruit has many health benefits.

So, how to use noni fruit to repel mice?

There is no need to get confused, immediately prepare a container and a knife.

When everything is ready, immediately do this:

One thing you should pay attention to:

Immediately replace the piece of noni when it starts to dry.

3. Eggshell

how to get rid of mice with eggshells

Nahusually eggshells become kitchen waste.

Now you can use it as a rat repellent at home.

The trick is not just to hold it, but to pound it until it’s smooth.

The tools needed are:

  • Eggshells (prepared sufficiently)
  • Masher or blender

If everything is ready, the following steps are:

  • Dry the eggshells (you can dry them or put them in the oven)
  • Mash or blender until it becomes a powder
  • Sprinkle eggshell powder around the house

Ssssst…not only mice, eggshells can also be used to repel ants and cockroaches.

If you are not at home, you can use eggshells as organic fertilizer.

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4. Garlic


Cooking spices to repel mice, why not?

Many people think that garlic can repel vampires, but it turns out that rats are also afraid, that’s it!

In addition to garlic, they also prepare enough gauze.

About what?

This gauze, later you will use as a garlic wrap.

We don’t have confused, here are the steps:

  • Cut the garlic into several pieces
  • Wrap the garlic with cheesecloth
  • Place the garlic pack in an area where rats frequent

You can leave it for a few days and the rats will not dare to come again.

5. Daun Mint

Daun lies

In fact, mint leaves are a very effective ingredient in repelling mice.

If you are interested in using mint leaves, prepare these ingredients first:

  • Daun lies
  • Just water
  • Blender
  • Spray

Everything ready?

Here’s how to get rid of mice with mint leaves:

  • Blend the mint leaves until crushed
  • Mix with a little water
  • Put in the spray container
  • Spray the mint leaf water mixture on areas where mice frequent

6. Soursop leaves

soursop leaf

The next way to get rid of mice is to use soursop leaves

For information, soursop leaves contain stimulant substances that emit an odor that mice do not like.

Like the mint leaves, you also have to crush the soursop leaves with a blender.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Provide a few widths of soursop leaves
  • Blender or simply tear the soursop leaves into small pieces
  • Keep in an area frequented by mice
  • Substitute soursop leaves when dry

The aroma that comes out of torn soursop leaves is one of the things that rats hate.

You need to remember that rats do not like strong smells.

So, he must hate the smell that comes out of torn soursop leaves.

7. White Vinegar & Cotton Balls

white vinegar

Let’s go back to white vinegar.

This ingredient can certainly be easily found in the kitchen.

Rat noses are very sensitive, while the smell of vinegar is very strong and disturbs their sense of smell.

Prepare the following tools and materials:

  • White vinegar
  • Recital
  • cotton ball
  • Rubber gloves

You need to note that the way to get rid of mice with white vinegar is quite complicated.

Here’s how:

  • Clean floors or areas frequented by mice
  • Wipe/mop the floor surface with clean water
  • Coat a cotton ball with white vinegar
  • Keep the cotton balls that you have smeared with vinegar in the rat’s nest

When the cotton ball starts to dry, hit it again with white vinegar.

Do this several times until you are sure that the mouse has escaped from the house.

Remember, always wear gloves when pouring vinegar on a cotton ball…

The reason is that the acid content in vinegar can damage your hands.

8. Pepper


Let’s try again with cooking spices, yuk!

This time we will use pepper or black pepper powder.

Because of the rats, the human sense of smell will also be disturbed if you inhale the pepper powder.

Just imagine…

Rats with a more sensitive sense of smell will surely escape.

This cooking spice has a spicy aroma and taste. This is certainly not liked by mice.

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The structure is very small, making it very easy to use.

Property People, you only need:

Sprinkle pepper powder in the corners of the house.

Guaranteed, house mice will run away and won’t dare to come back.

9. Used Tea Bags

used tea bags

How often do you drink tea?

If it happens often enough, from now on don’t throw the bag, okay?

Instead of throwing it away, it is better to use it as a way to get rid of rats in the house.

For what yeahcan you use tea bags to repel mice?

Apparently, the paper mint content in tea bags can irritate the rat’s nose.

Of course, this will make the rat’s sense of smell very disturbed.

If you have this, the mice will refuse to come home.

Just do the following simple method:

Keep an old tea bag in a corner of the room where mice often hang out.

As much as possible, store used tea bags that are still damp.

Tea bags that are even moderately wet have a stronger aroma than those that are dry.

You can replace the tea bags when they are dry.

10. Cloves


Who doesn’t like the smell of cloves?

It can be said that this seed has a fragrant and soothing aroma.

Not infrequently, cloves become an ingredient in drinks.

Feel warm with a soothing aroma that can make the body more relaxed.

Fortunately this is not the case for mice.

The fragrant aroma produced by cloves is one of the things rats hate the most.

This time, you will also need gauze.

Immediately, here’s how to get rid of mice with nails:

  • Put a few nails in a drawer
  • Wait a few days until it dries completely
  • Place nails in the corners of the room where mice often pass

Ohyes, make sure the nails used are really dry, yes!

You can also make several packages of gauze filled with nails, then store them in different corners of the house.

11. Jengkol Skin

how to get rid of mice with jengkol skin

Who is a jengkol fan?

It is not only delicious to eat, in fact jengol can also be used as a powerful way to repel mice.

Kok can yeah?

It turns out that jengkol contains an aroma that makes mice uncomfortable.

Are you ready to hunt the rats?

Prepare the following tools and materials first:

  • Jengkol leather
  • Just water
  • Blender
  • Spray container

Yes, used jengkol is not only stored.

Property People, you need a blender to crush it.

Well, not to be confused, here’s how:

  • Blend the jengkol skin to taste and make sure it is smooth
  • Soak in water
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle
  • Spray the jengkol skin solution to the area you suspect is a rat’s nest

Don’t worry, the house doesn’t stink. cook!

If you are afraid of smells, check other parts of the house with the natural environment.

12. Durian

how to get rid of mice with durian

After using the jengkol skin, now try to get rid of the mice with the durian fruit.

This delicious large fleshy fruit is in fact very effective in repelling mice in the house.

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Still the same, we use this method to make the smell of mice uncomfortable.

That is, the rat’s sense of smell will be disturbed by the pungent smell of durian.

Shame if you use durian meat? Stay cool!

Just use the skin cook…

So, we can also eat durian and use the skin to take back these stubborn animals.

The method is very easy, just keep the durian skin in several corners of the house suspected to be a rat’s nest.

You can also look under the counter, behind the fridge or near the drain.

13. Daun Salam

how to get rid of mice with salam leaves

As we all know, bay leaf is one of the spices for the fragrance of Indonesian cuisine…

Both meat, vegetables and other types of snacks.

You can combine bay leaves with laos aka galangal so that the taste and aroma of the dish becomes stronger.

Although the smell of bay leaves feels good in our nose, it is said that the same thing does not happen to rats.

Cut the bay leaf and place it in a place where mice often pass.

This will make the rat feel uncomfortable and expelled to go away from the bay leaf.

However, there are some stubborn mice and even eat the bay leaf.

Uniquely, the content of bay leaves is not friendly to the digestive organs of mice…

To be able to kill him.

Wow, very powerful right!?

Replace the bay leaves regularly when they are dry, it usually takes about 3 days, and you will see the effect.

Nutritious? Of course!

14. Keep crickets

hold the crickets

source: atlasobscura.com

How to get rid of mice that is quite unique is to keep the crickets.

Although it is small in size, the presence of three crickets in the house can make mice uncomfortable.

The reason, the sound of the crickets can interfere with the hearing of the mice and make them uncomfortable.

It is said that rats do not like noisy and crowded places.

Even some sounds can hurt their hearing aids.

15. Paris Plaster & Cocoa Powder

cocoa powder

Many countries apply how to get rid of this a rat.

That being said, a mixture of plaster of paris and cocoa powder can make rodents go wild!

After mixing the two ingredients, sprinkle in the areas where mice sneak into the house.

First, the fragrant cocoa powder will attract rats to devour little by little.

Nahthis is where plaster of paris works.

The material will make the mice thirsty and immediately leave the house to look for water.

A little plaster of paris is enough to keep mice away.

Do not take too much, then the mice will die in the narrow corners of the room and are difficult to pick up.

Especially if the smell of dead rats has spread to all corners of the house!


Hope useful, Property People.

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