15 Types of shade trees that can be planted in front of the house

15 Types of shade trees that can be planted in front of the house

To make the atmosphere more shaded and cool, it requires the presence of several types of house shade trees that can be planted in the yard. Of course, Pins can not only choose because there is limited land available and the aesthetics of the house must be considered. So, make sure you choose the species that suits your needs without compromising the beauty of the interior and exterior.

You can choose one or several types of shade trees in front of the house or those that can be placed inside the house. Its presence can beautify and improve the quality of the air so that it is fresher. In this way, the occupants of the house and the environment can be equally healthy and provide mutual comfort.

1. Types of Angsana Shade Trees


If you are not too interested in a suitable tree in front of the house, Pins can try the alternative Angsana Flower as an option. The yellow petals make the landscape more beautiful. In any case, you have to calculate the distance between the door of the house and the plants. Because they are exposed to rain and wind, the stems are prone to breaking.

2. Tamarind


In addition to being able to take the fruit for food, the tamarind can also be used as a shade plant in front of the house. It does not require special care, this plant can also be large, as long as it is in a large area.

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3. Types of Bamboo Shade Trees


Bamboo plants can also be used as an alternative type of shade tree in front of the house. In order not to cover the outside of the house, you can choose bamboo with small species that if the stems grow, they are not too big. In addition, you can cut the ends periodically to make them more neat.

4. Banyan

banyan tree

The planting of a banyan tree is highly recommended to be planted by Pins who want to be consistent in their care. You have to prune the branches and branches often so that they are not too dense. The reason is, if it is too dense, it will make the page darker. Not infrequently many people associate this tree with a scary connotation if it is not taken care of properly.

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5. Fir pencil

Fir pencil

One of the minimalist home shade tree species that can be planted in a limited space is the lapis pine. This tree can be towering and can make the exterior always pleasing to the eye even if it is planted only with a few trunks.

6. Flamboyant


Another type of shade tree suitable for growing outside is the flamboyant. Flowers that have bright colors make the appearance from the outside more attractive.

7. Holly America

Holly America

From the name, this house shade tree is very familiar to be found in the United States. Its green leaves that are small to medium in size and have small red fruits are its trademark. Even so, its ability to make the house more shaded is indisputable.

8. Cherries


The cherry tree has many names in different regions of the country. Some call it by the name keres or even cherry. Not without reason, the fruit has a shape that resembles a cherry, but is lighter in color. It is also sweet when ripe. Caring for this type of shade tree is also easy. But, you have to be careful because this plant is prone to caterpillars.

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9. Ketapang Kencana

Ketapang Kencana

If Pins has a wider garden, Ketapang Kencana can be used as a tree in front of the house for shade. The slender trunk will be topped with twigs sticking out to the side. The color is also dominated by light green which makes the house more beautiful.

10. Kiara Umbrella

umbrella Kiara

Usually, this shade plant grows a lot in the school area. In addition to shade, the distance between each leaf and branch can also provide good air circulation. One of the drawbacks that must be done is to be diligent in sweeping the dry leaves that fall in a lot.

11. Palm


Do you have a house located on the beach? Take advantage of the palm trees to make your house more shaded. This tree can be up to 20 meters high. Even if there is little water, this plant can grow well.

12. Mango Tree

Mango tree

One of the house shade trees that are often found in residential areas with large yards is the mango. It takes a large area and maintenance such as the regular application of fertilizer to make this plant thrive so it can grow high to cover the roof. In this way, the climate in front of the house can be cooler.

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13. Red Bud

Red Bud

If you want to find a type of shade tree that is not too big and tall, there are red shoots that can be planted in the yard. Also, if you have limited land outside, this plant can also be planted in a pot. The red-orange leaves can grow lush and make the atmosphere more cheerful.

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14. Tabebuya


For those who live in many big cities, of course they are familiar with the tabebuya tree. Many people think that this shade plant in front of the house is similar to cherry blossoms. Having a color variant that is dominated by pink and yellow, this plant comes from Brazil. In addition to being able to grow tall, this plant is also able to attract attention when the leaves and flowers are in full bloom.

15. Trembling


If you are not too familiar with the trembesi tree, you may know it by another name, namely the ki rain tree. If you have a house with a large field, this type of shade tree can be an option. Because it grows so large, many are reluctant to choose it because it leaves a mysterious and spooky impression.

Here are some choices of shade trees that can be planted in the home area. Pins can be planted in the yard or placed indoors and placed in pots. If you can, look for one with minimal special care, yes.

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