15 Types of Power Sockets that are often used- Ruparupa Blog

15 Types of Power Sockets that are often used- Ruparupa Blog

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In this sophisticated and advanced world, we cannot live without electricity. Sometimes, we need it power tool additional to turn on electronics. It is no wonder that the types of electrical sockets and plugs are increasingly diverse.

However, did you know that almost all countries use different types of electrical plugs? Yes! Apparently, the caps that we often use at home are only available in a few countries.

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If you go to another country, not necessarily your plug can be used. Power plug and stop the contact is a device used to conduct electricity when using electronics. Therefore, the electronics can be activated immediately.

So, what are the types of power sockets and plugs?

In order not to carry the wrong power plug while traveling, we have summarized various types of sockets mentioned by several sources, such as the following.

1. Socket Type Type A

Type A caps have two flat blade shapes that are about 1.5mm thick and about 15.9-18.3mm long. So, there is the shape of a hole right in the middle, but the hole has no special function.

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There are many countries that use this type A plug, including Japan, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

type A outlet type
Source: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

2. Type of Socket Type B

Almost similar to type A, type B has three flat cap blades with a thickness of about 1.5 mm. This type is quite robust when connected to a wall outlet because the ends are rectangular.

These caps are commonly used in areas of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

type B plug
Source: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

3. Type C Power Plug Type

Maybe you are already familiar with this type of electrical plug because type C is actually used in Indonesia and many other Asian countries. This cap has a round tip with a thickness of 4 mm and a length of 19 mm.

Type C plugs typically carry about 16 amps of current. Therefore, suitable for electronic equipment which requires high energy.

type C plug
Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Socket Type D. Type

You can find type D power plugs in India, Botswana, Nepal, Myanmar. The shape of the plug is round with 3 pieces that look like a triangle. The diameter of each plug reaches 7.1 mm with a flow of 5 amperes.

D type spine
Summary: Wikimedia Commons/Conrad H. McGregor

5. Types of Electrical Plugs and Types of Sockets E

France, Belgium, Poland and Tunisia are several countries that use type E plugs. The ends are round with 2 plugs and can be used for 16 amperes of electricity.

types of electrical sockets and plugs E
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Looxix

6. Socket Type F. Type

Actually, kind of the F plug is similar to the C type plug because the socket used is the same. However, the F type has additional indentations at the top and bottom.

Almost all countries in the world use F-type power plugs, except Ireland and the United States.

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type of electrical sockets and plugs F
Sum: Wikimedia Commons/Tucvbif

7. Type G Power Plug

Type G caps are mainly used in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The shape of the plug is a flat rectangle and has 3 sides that look like a triangle with a power of 13 amperes.

G-type spine
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Deucharman

8. H. Type Power Plug

For the plug type H, it provides an electric current of 16 amperes.The shape is round and has 3 segments with a diameter of 4.5 mm and a length of 19 mm. Usually, the H plug model is used in Israel and Palestine.

H spine type
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/User:Kiddo

9. Type I. Electric Plug

Type I plugs have an electrical current of 10 amperes and three flat blades at the end. Each plug has a thickness of 1.6 mm with a slope of about 30 degrees to form an inverted V.

The plug I model is still used in many countries, including Australia, China and Argentina.

type I plug
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Chameleon

10. J-Type Power Plug

Switzerland uses type J plugs and sockets. In addition, there are also several selected countries that also use this standard plug. The shape of the type J plug is similar to the type C, but there is an additional plug with a length of about 19 mm.

J type spine
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ZH8

11. K. Power Plug Type

If you travel to Denmark, you only need the plug type K. There are three plugs in the shape of the letter U with a length of 14 mm and a thickness of 4 mm.

K type spine
Sum: World standards

12. L. Type Electric Plug

L-type caps have 3 caps with a vertical position or a perpendicular line. The diameter of the contact and the distance are also different so they are not compatible with each other with a power of 16 amps.

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You can find these caps in Italy, Uruguay, and some regions of North Africa.

L-type spine
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Chameleon

13. M. Type Electric Plug

The shape of the M type plug used in South Africa is actually similar to the D type which is widely used in India. However, the plug plug M is round with three pieces that look like a triangle and the size is larger or about 8.7 mm.

M type spine
Summary: Wikimedia Commons/Conrad H. McGregor

14. Electrical Plugs and Sockets Type N

In 2001 and 2013, South Africa and Brazil adopted the latest standard for the plug and socket system they will use, namely type N. The plug consists of three pins that are almost parallel and are 10 mm long .

type N plug
Sum: World standards

15. Electrical Plugs and O-Type Sockets

When visiting Thailand, you need to bring the C and O plug models that have become standard here. This plug consists of three round plugs with a diameter of 4.8 mm and a current strength of about 16 amperes.

type of outlet or
Sum: World standards

Well, that’s 15 types of electrical plugs used in many countries. For Indonesia itself generally uses type C.

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