15 Recommended Gift Exchange Rewards Under 100K!

15 Recommended Gift Exchange Rewards Under 100K!

Credit: Pexels – Taryn Elliott

Gift exchange has become a tradition that is often done on Christmas Day. Of course, by giving gifts to other people, you also spend a lot of money.

Therefore, so that you can also save money, we have some recommendations for interesting gift exchange gifts for just under 100 thousand Rp.

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The best Christmas gifts

Here is a list of Christmas gifts that you can give to relatives only for a budget of less than Rp. 100 thousand.

1. Table Lamp as Gift Exchange Gift

A table lamp can be a gift for your friends or family. Choose a unique shape so that it can be a decoration in your room. You can get a lamp like this for only Rp 30 thousand.

table lamp
Arthome Table Lamp Candle Holder 16 Cm – Brown

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2. Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles can reduce stress and can make the body feel more relaxed. Well, you can give this gift to your loved ones. You can buy this candle for only Rp. 60 thousand.

Aromatherapy candle tip
Candle Lite Fresh Lavender Lilin Aromatherapy 85 Gr

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gift exchange gift
Candle Lite Creamy Vanilla Lilin Aromatherapy 85 Gr

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3. Alarm Clock as Gift Exchange Gift

Do you have friends or family who like to wake up late? If so, you can give this alarm clock as a Christmas present. Besides being able to help you wake up on time, this clock can also be a room decoration. You can buy an alarm clock for 70 thousand IDR.

wake up as a gift exchange
Arthome 11.6 Cm Alarm Bell Clock – Black

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wake up
Arthome 38.5 Cm Alarm Bell Clock – White

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4. Vas Kaca

This gift is suitable to be given to plant lovers. This transparent model vase can be equipped with flowers and rocks. The modern model is also suitable for decoration on the table. You can buy a jar for 70 thousand IDR.

glass flower vase for gifts
Glass Vase 20 Cm Neo Candy – Red

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glass flower vase
Glass Vase 20 Cm Neo Candy – Pink

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5. Jewelry Holder as Gift Exchange Gift

If your friends or family like to wear jewelry, you can give this item. This jewelry holder can accommodate accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and more.

wear jewelry as a gift exchange gift
Jewelry holder 11x11x34.5 Cm

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6. Leg Warmers

To help your friends or family rest more comfortably, you can give this warm leg pillow. This pillow is perfect for resting tired feet. You can get it for only Rp 45 thousand.

hot leg
Ataru Leg Warmers 36x36x8 Cm – Gray

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7. Wallet as a Gift Exchange Gift

If your friends or family are simple people and don’t like to carry a lot of things, then this Ataru wallet is for them.

In addition, this wallet has six card slots to accommodate ID cards and other important cards. Not only cards, this wallet also has inserts that can be used to carry money. You can buy this wallet for Rp 60 thousand.

wallet for gift
Ataru Magic Card Wallet – Chocolate

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8. Study Desk Lamp

You can use this lamp as an alternative gift exchange gift. This lamp can be used for work and study in dark conditions.

Thus, they can concentrate more because there is this light source. You can get this lamp for Rp 40 thousand.

table lamp
Ataru Table Lamp – White

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9. Voucher

If your friends like to buy different home furniture, you can give them voucher The information is worth Rp. 100 thousand. In addition to Informa, you can also buy other vouchers, such as ACE, Chatime and Toys Kingdom.

gift vouchers
Ace Hardware Voucher Rp 100,000

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Voucher Info Rp. 100,000

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10. Power bank as a Gift Exchange Gift

Battery cell phone waste is an annoying thing. Well, you can give gifts power bank to friends or family. Power bank can be used for various cell phone with prices starting from Rp 100 thousand.

power bank recommendation
Camelion Power Bank Wireless Charging 10,000 Mah Psw100 – Hitam

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11. Teko Kopi

If your friends or family like to drink coffee or tea, then this coffee maker gift will be very useful for them. In addition to being made of glass, this coffee pot has a coffee maker French press. You can get this teapot for Rp. 70 thousand.

teko kopi
Tea Culture 600 Ml Test Coffee Press Coffee – Putih

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12. Tumbler

You can give this tumbler to coffee or tea lovers, like this one. Tumbler made of stainless steel It is able to withstand cold and hot water. You can get this tumblr for Rp 80 thousand.

gift exchange ideas
Klaz 550 Ml Travel Mug – Silver

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tumbler recommendation
Klaz Travel Mug 550 Ml – Black

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13. Notebook as a Gift Exchange Gift

For your friends who like to write, you can give a notebook or notebook which is available in a striped paper version. The proposed colors are also varied so you can choose according to your favorite color.

book as a Christmas present
Ataru Notebook Motif Wood – White

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14. Skin care

Skin care is a product that is used to maintain healthy skin on the face and body. You can give skin care as a Christmas gift for both women and men.

sun skin care routine
Source: freepik.com

15. Mouse

If your friends don’t like messy cables, so be it mice it suits them. Mouse for Rp 80 thousand, it has features wireless so you don’t need a cable to connect to a computer or laptop.

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wireless mouse
Ataru Wireless Mouse I330 – Biru

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Here are some of the recommended gift exchange gifts under 100 thousand. You can see other items that can be a gift on the shopping site online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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