15 Inspirations for Minimalist, Modern and Classic Decorative Designs

15 Inspirations for Minimalist, Modern and Classic Decorative Designs


Decorative cabinets in the home are usually used to display ornaments or as decorative accents. Do you need inspiration for the design of a decorative wardrobe? Go ahead, take a look at the following different options that can be used as references!

In general, decorative cabinets are often placed in the living room, family room, dining room or other strategic areas.

The function of this cabinet is to show the ornaments, decorations, pieces, or everything that is in the collection of the owner of the house.

For those of you who really like to decorate your home, display windows play an important role in this.

Especially if you have a collection of unique exhibits and antiques because this cabinet can be a type of gallery.

When guests come to the house, for example, they can admire the objects or articles placed in the decorative cabinets.

Find inspiration for decorative wardrobe designs in a variety of minimalist, modern and classic styles below!

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Decorative wardrobe design inspirations


1. Teak wood wardrobe with a classic design

This decorative glass cabinet is a teak wood cabinet with a classic design, the color is chosen naturally, as well as the design.

If you have a collection of antiques from your grandparents, this glass jar is really a place to put it.


2. A wardrobe with a modern minimalist design

This choice of decorative glass with a modern minimalist design is certainly suitable if your residential home is in a contemporary style.

The choice of white color combined with light wood colors makes this wardrobe even more beautiful.


3. Short vestibule aka Credenza

Short model of decorative wardrobes or como This can be an option for living rooms, family rooms, even bedrooms.

A contemporary design that combines wood and black colors and the presence of glass further enhances this decorative cabinet.


4. Large Decorative Cabinets

Minimalist wardrobe These are large in size, bright in color and combined with list dark iron

Collections such as flower pots, small vases, classic books, family photos, antique displays, or other decorations can be an option.


5. Decorative Cabinets with Elegant Designs

An image of a minimalist, elegant and classic decorative wardrobe, its large shape is certainly suitable if the room at home is really large.

This closet is like a closet displayyou can put a collection of samples that have a high artistic value.


6. Minimalist wardrobe

This showcase, aka decorative cabinet, is really slim and tall, has a contemporary design, and has glass.

You can place this latest model of decorative wardrobes in the corner of the room or next to it beautiful wooden guest chair.

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7. Attractive Classic Cabinets

Decorative glass cabinets with a classic design like this are of course always beautiful and attractive, different from previous designs.

The color choice of this decorative glass window is white with a combination of gold, this glass window looks so luxurious and elegant.


8. Decorative Cabinets as well as Partitions

This wooden showcase is a combination of decorative cabinets and partitions between rooms.

If you have a collection of large jars or displays that are large enough, cabinets display this could be an option.


9. Industrial Wood Display Cabinet

This simple decorative living room cabinet is a wooden showcase with an industrial feel, a choice of dark wood color combined with iron.

In fact, you can also put ornamental fruit plants in this minimalist decorative cabinet, of course, as an alternative decoration.


10. Short Rustic Dressing Cabinet

Short model of decorative wardrobes or como this is different, impression rustic it looks old school, but it still looks interesting.

This simple decorative living room wardrobe can be an option for side table in the living room or in another room as well.


11. Minimalist Wooden Cabinets

A minimalist decorative wardrobe of the living room combines drawers with cabinets display or a showcase, also a combination of wood and iron.

By the way, This modern minimalist decorative wardrobe is certainly more suitable for large rooms because of its large size.


12. Classic Black Color

This minimalist decorative wardrobe image shows an elegant choice of black, especially when combined with gray wall paint.

A modern minimalist wardrobe design like this is certainly suitable for those of you who have a collection of classic books, antique vases, or expensive displays.

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13. Combination of Hanging Cabinets and Credenza Cabinets

The latest model of decorative wardrobes that combines a sideboard and also a beautiful hanging wardrobe, the choices and designs are really modern minimalist.

Dresser closed form, while the hanging cabinets are decorative glass or minimalist glass.


14. Minimalist wardrobe that is always an option

This short wardrobe model also shows a minimalist living room wardrobe that is multifunctional.

This minimalist decorative cabinet can be used as a wooden display case and also a partition because it is medium in size.


15. Decorative aluminum cabinets

Bored with display cabinets, you can choose a decorative aluminum cabinet that can become a wardrobe display aka showcase.

If you have a collection of iron, silver or glass, then this decorative aluminum cabinet can be an option.

Of course, there are many choices of decorative cabinets to put in a room in the house, there are many choices.

Before you buy, you can compare prices for minimalist decorative cabinets in home furniture stores or furniture manufacturers.


These are various decorative wardrobe design inspirations that can be used as inspiration, Property People.

I hope this article is helpful.

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