15 Great Home Paint Color Inspirations

15 Great Home Paint Color Inspirations

nice front paint color

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com will give you some inspiration for a good house paint color facade, there are many options to look at.

What color would you like to have in front of your house? For owners, of course, it can be confusing.

When you come to a friend’s house, you will see the blue so you are interested in applying it at home.

When you visit your sister’s house, you feel that gray is an attractive color for a good front paint color.

Well, the same goes for visiting my sister-in-law’s house, college friends, office mates and others.

Always find good front paint colors ranging from white, gray, blue, green and others.

In fact, you do not need to be confused because the matter of color selection can be adapted to taste, trends, interior design and others.

Just apply a unique and attractive exterior paint as you want, don’t hesitate, there is no wrong choice.

The best exterior paint choices for the home

Minimalist house painting looks bright in front

Photo: Jotun

Before deciding on the right color for the house, UK, First, choose the best exterior paint for your home.

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The most recommended exterior paint is Jotashield Color Extreme from Jotun which has a premium quality and has been certified by the Singapore Green Label.

Every drop of paint Jotashield Color Extreme It has been formulated to withstand the heat of the sun and exposure to rain.

luxury exterior house paint colors

Photo: Jotun

fresh house paint color visible in front

Photo: Jotun

Some other advantages are:

  1. Maximum protection from UV rays.
  2. It has superior protection against dust and dirt.
  3. It has superior protection against mold and mildew.
  4. The color lasts up to 12 years.
  5. Dries quickly, lasts only 2 hours.

Thus, Jotashield Color Extreme can present a beautiful paint color appearance with maximum and long protection.

Good front house paint color inspiration

best exterior paint color for house 2022

1. Brown color combination

This house has a combination of a number of brown colors on the exterior of the house, some are light, some are dark.

While there are parts that apply black paint and white accents in other parts.

beautiful and bright house paint colors

2. Green color? There is no need to worry

Some say the green is not good enough, but just look at this house, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The green color is also applied to the door of the house, in addition there is a part on the wall that installs green ceramics.

simple yet luxurious house paint colors

3. Charming Dark Chocolate

This house also has a combination of two brown colors, which tend to be dark brown.

Even so, the exterior of this house looks more elegant by applying a dark house paint color.

Minimalist house front paint color 2022

4. Light brown with other color accents

A good choice of front paint color is beige or light brown like this house.

There are orange, red and black accents in some parts, such as the pillars, in addition to the gray ceramics.

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latest house paint colors

5. Light Blue and Grey

Soft colors like light blue and gray can be an option if you really like muted colors.

To give a different accent, there is a white paint color on the white and also the window, a good choice, right?

Cool exterior paint colors

6. White with Blue Light Accent

The white color is timeless for the exterior and interior of the house because this color is a safe choice.

However, you can give different color accents in the form of light blue on the doors and windows.

The latest house paint colors

7. Yellow and Gray

Pale yellow or pale yellow can be a choice for the exterior of the house, combined with gray.

Orange color accents appear on two pillars in front of the house, the result is that the house looks more attractive.

Elegant exterior wall paint colors

8. Easy and white chocolate

A safe option in the form of pastel colors can be made if you really do not like bright colors.

Light brown or beige on the walls can be combined with white applied to the doors and windows.

Minimalist house front painting

9. Gray and Orange

This house looks quite busy with a choice of gray and orange wall paint.

While the precarious color is brown, the result is quite impressive, but do not worry if it is to ask.

Gray house front paint

10. Yellow and Orange

It is also great that the choice of exterior color of this house is yellow and orange with a few white accents.

If you really like bright colors that tend to be flashy, these two colors can be an option.

Combination of 3 house paint colors

11. Unit of three colors

Are orange, gray and white colors the choice of exterior house paint? Well, this is the result, interesting isn’t it?

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Orange is quite impressive, but the combination with white makes it softer, interested in this color combination?

house paint color combination

12. Blue and white

Wow, like the combination of the sky and the sea, huh? A calm dark blue and bright white for house painting.

The whole wall is blue, while the doors and windows are white, this combination can be an option.

beautiful house painting

13. Play with Colors

This house is really unique because it combines yellow, orange, red, white and gray colors.

Although not very aligned, but still pleasing to the eye, right? Just try to apply it in your home.

exterior paint color

14. Blending Three Colors

This house combines brown, light yellow and gray, a combination that produces soft colors.

The choice of pastel colors is certainly suitable for those of you who do not like festive colors, color options that are safe for the exterior of the house.

fresh front paint

15. Gray and Black

Colors that tend to be monochrome like gray, black and white can be a safe option for you.

The house does not look flashy and is suitable if you really do not like bright colors, a quiet choice.

So, what color do you want to choose for the front of the house? There are many choices.


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