15 Cozy Outdoor Angkringan Designs

15 Cozy Outdoor Angkringan Designs

Who would have thought that hanging out in an angkringan couldn’t be as comfortable as in successful cafes? Now, you can too you know to enjoy angkringan food and drinks without feeling hot or lonely. To find a cozy and contemporary outdoor angkringan design, here are the references!

Well, for those of you who just want to open an angkringan business, you also need to consider the angkringan design. out of to increase the customer’s convenience while in the angkringan. Without further ado, let’s look at some angkringan design tips out of that you can make the best reference!

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Angkringan Outdoor Council

Here are some angkringan design tips cozy outdoors which is guaranteed to make customers feel at home!

Rattan Angkringan Design


The first design idea is to create shades out of so maximum. You can use rattan to do it stand or a hut where you prepare all your food and drink. Of course, you can also choose chairs and tables for customers with matching rattan materials. Guaranteed, the angkringan will be visible cozy and attractive.

Angkringan Design wooden stand


Wood is a very common material used to make everything furniture. Included for the design on the angkringan. The material is durable and anti-rain and the sun is often the main choice for furniture out of. You can choose a bar table and bar stools to enhance the look of the angkringan. In addition to saving spaceit also attracts the attention of customers, you know!

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Comfort Lesehan Design


Not a few angkringan business players choose lesehan. This concept of lesehan also gives the angkringan a comfortable impression. You just need to make sure that every lesehan place is always clean. You can use the wood as a lesehan cover and also a dining table. In addition to being durable, wood is also believed to be sturdy enough to support the weight of many people.

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Container Angkringan Design


Do you want to have a different and contemporary angkringan? Design with container It could be the main choice, Pins! You can use it container use that paint or redraw according to angkringan theme! Interesting guaranteed!

Angkringan Design stand model


Not a few food and beverage companies choose designs stand. It is believed that it can save the earth and looks even more unique and simple. Because angkringan foods tend to be simple foods, this design is also a good choice. They only provide a long chair for customers to eat their food.

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Outdoor Cafe style Angkringan design

design angkringan outdoor

Well, you can just copy the design of the cafe out of who do you find the most interesting! As you can prepare a comfortable table and a sofa with an interesting combination of sofa cushions. It is not only food and drinks that can attract customers. Furniture and the location can also be the main choice for customers to come somewhere to eat, you know!

Angkringan garden theme design


To attract more attention, you can too update Cafe style angkringan design out of in a cool area. Like Bogor, Puncak, or Bandung! You can use a long wooden table and chairs and then complete it with ornamental plants. Like cactus, monstera, and so on!

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Cart Angkringan Design

design angkringan outdoor

Carts, very synonymous with street food or angkringan. However, you can also differentiate it from other angkringan designs. Like putting the logo/name of the angkringan on the cart and changing the color of the cart to another color catches the eye!

Combination of Wood and Container


You can combine two elements at once in an angkringan design. Like the wooden elements and container simultaneously. The outer part stand can use container and the interior design and chairs for customers can use wood that is durable and sturdy.

Batik Fabric Design As Main Element

design angkringan outdoor

If you sell Javanese angkringan food, you can use this concept. cart/ stand You can wrap the angkringan with a batik cloth typical of the food selling area. With this, customers feel the distinctive feeling of the region.

Angkringan Design with Tarpaulin


It is common to find that many players in the angkringan business use tarpaulins as roofs. This is because so that customers remain comfortable when eating food even if the weather is hot or rainy.

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Angkringan Design with Umbrellas

design angkringan outdoor

In addition to the attractive angkringan carts, you also need to pay attention to where the customers sit or eat the food. You can use a table with an umbrella in the middle to protect visitors from the heat or rain.

Monochrome drawing of the Angkringan stand

design angkringan outdoor
(interfashionable design)

So that the angkringan looks contemporary and can be location which one instagrammable, you can choose the design monochrome There you go, Pins! You can choose the concept stand which is attached to the customer’s dining table. You also need to choose a bar stool to add to the uniqueness of the angkringan.

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Two-story Angkringan model

design angkringan outdoor

Who said small grounds can’t accommodate enough customers? You can make two plans as an alternative. You can use a solid and strong base like container on the background. At the top, you can design with different plant decorations to make it stand out cozy and contemporary.

Angkringan Design with Chandelier

design angkringan outdoor

Looking contemporary, you can use a chandelier as an additional ornament in the design of an outdoor angkringan! Especially at night, angkringan can be the center of attention and looks so cozy and unique.

Here are some inspirations for outdoor angkringan designs that will definitely make you feel comfortable here. Check your budget before you commit! It can be useful!

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Featured Image Source: Pinterest.com

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