15 beautiful and awesome 2 story house designs

15 beautiful and awesome 2 story house designs

Beautiful 2 story home design

Do you have a narrow plot of land but want to build a terraced house? Just trying to design a nice 2 story house. Check out the inspiration here!

Residential houses with 2 floors are increasingly common, both in large cities and in villages.

The reason is, a 2-story house can be a solution to build a house on narrow land.

With this type of occupation, you can have more space in the house.

So, so that the design of the 2-story house you have remains comfortable, safe, and looks attractive.

Just try to make the building into a beautiful 2-story house design, go!

Property site www.lacrymosemedia.com summarized the design inspiration from the following sources.

Beautiful 2 story home design

1. Small, beautiful, luxurious 2-story house


The first small 2-story house looks luxurious and modern at the same time.

This terrace residence wears shades of gray and white to make it look more spacious and clean.

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To keep the air circulation in the house good, you can add windows like the picture above.

2. Simple minimalist 2 story house

narrow land of a beautiful 2-story house

Source: Rhdesignrumah.com

This beautiful 2-storey house is usually a residential concept in modern housing.

The front always leaves some soil that can be used to make house plants.

In addition, this residence has facilities carport that can fit a car.

3. Modern Minimalist House with 2 Shades of Wood Floors

small 2 story house plan

Source: coolhouseconcepts.com

The next beautiful 2-story house can be like the picture above.

You can add wooden ornaments to many parts of the house, such as the walls.

Brown shades on the wood can give a warm impression to the owners. here we go.

4. 2-story elongated minimalist house design

nice little house with 2 floors

Source: humble-homes.com

NahFor those of you who have a fairly small house width, this 2-story house can be an inspiration.

Just make a house that extends back with a minimalist design.

Be sure to use a bright wall paint color like white to give a broad impression.

5. Small 2-storey house in the Village

Tiny House 2 Floors in Village

Source: homeshabby.com

This 2 story house in the village has a cool feel.

You can make an open terrace so that the air can enter freely.

You can also apply the design of a 2-story house with a roof to this residence.

In addition to this, you can also make a balcony that serves as a place to relax on the second floor.

6. Small 2-story house with brown shades

2-storey house

Source: Tinyhousetalk.com

This beautiful small house looks simple with its square shape.

You can make decorations in a minimalist and aesthetic house in it.

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The reason is that the entrance and the window in front of the house have added its beauty to the dwelling.

Interestingly, there is a balcony in the upper area for residents to enjoy the view around.

7. 2 Floor House with Balcony

2 Storey House With Balcony

Source: www.jbsolis.com/

A 2-story house with a balcony can also be an inspiration to build a beautiful terrace house.

You can add a balcony railing to protect the upper room.

NahFor the interior, make sure that the interior design of this 2-story house has been adjusted, right?

8. 2-story house with a sloping roof

House 2 Floor Pitched roof

source: ruangminimalis.com

This small 2 story house has a pitched roof on both sides.

You can build a house with a roof concept like the picture above.

You can also use the lower part of the balcony to make a car garage.

9. DEsain Rumm 2Lnamely Morn

Modern 2 story house design

Source: Instagram/@rumahmodern

This 2-story house with a minimalist design uses a toaster on several walls.

In addition, there is an open balcony that can be used to relax with the family.

10. DEsain Rthe house of Manimal 2Lfor example 6×12

Minimalist 2 Story House Design 6x12

Source: Instagram/rumahku.minimalis

This minimalist home design with dominance of color looks beautiful.

You can combine white with many other neutral colors, such as black and brown.

11. DEsain Lfor example 2Tlook up

The design of the 2nd floor house is open

Source: infozone.com

This 2 story home design is located on a limited lot.

Even so, the air circulation in this residence seems good with many windows.

12. Simple Tiny House 2-Floor

Simple Small 2 Storey House

Source: www.rumahtopia.com

This small simple house is usually in housing, but it is possible that you can do it.

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Make sure to keep the air circulating in the house by making many windows.

13. Beautiful 2-story house

Beautiful and Fresh 2 Storey House

Summary: Engineering breakthroughs

This 2-story house has a dominant brown color.

There are many windows that become windows and beautiful balconies.

You can make this residence one of the inspirations for a 2-story house.

14. Rumm 2Lfor example the Kability

Minimalist 2 story house design

Source: ruangarsitek.id

For those of you who want to have a modern two-story residence, this design can be an option.

The reason is that you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape from the open balcony on the 2nd floor.

For the design of the house, you can use some red brick material for the walls.

Besides being robust, the red brick also adds a natural impression to the house.

15. 2 story house design

Example of a 2-story house design

Sum: InformaZone

This 2-storey house with a modern minimalist design is suitable for you, a new couple or parents with 1-2 children.

You can build a room with your family and several rooms for your children.

This 2-story building also has a balcony as a way for the air to go out and inside the house.


It is the inspiration for a beautiful 2-story house design that you can emulate.

How no according to you?

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