14 Christmas traditions to cheer up the family

14 Christmas traditions to cheer up the family

Christmas tradition
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Every December 25, Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly, celebrating Christmas has become a tradition that brings its own happiness.

If you are tired of doing the same Christmas tradition every year, you can try different other activity ideas that can provide entertainment for you and your family members.

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Fun ideas for Christmas traditions with family members

Here are some traditional ideas that you can do with family members when celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

1. Christmas traditions Hide and seek

One of the things that children love about Christmas is getting their favorite presents. To make this moment even more memorable, you can invite your child to look for gifts that have been hidden.

You can hide gifts in the form of small toys and candies, either in the storage drawer or hanging in the Christmas tree.

Christmas gifts
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2. Decorate the Christmas tree together

When December comes, setting up and decorating the Christmas tree has become the most anticipated tradition. This tree represents a symbol so that our spiritual life always grows and becomes a beautiful witness for those around us.

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You can also use this activity to increase children’s creativity, train motor skills, and practice communication skills.

Christmas tree
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3. Hanging Cards With Sweet Messages

Currently, sending messages by paper is rarely done. In any case, there is nothing wrong if you write a short message on the paper for the family and hang it on the Christmas tree.

traditional Christmas card hanging
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4. Worship at the Church

Worshiping with family and friends at Christmas time is certainly fun. Well, you can invite them to worship in the nearest church. So, take the time to get together to get closer.

Christmas tradition of worshiping together
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5. Film Marathon

Watching movies is one of the fun activities to fill Christmas Eve with the whole family. You can choose a Christmas themed movie that you can watch with your kids.

Christmas inspiration banner

To make it more fun, you can do it popcorn with the following machines.

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6. Make the Christmas cake

You can celebrate Christmas by doing the dishes dessert and Christmas cake. You can not only enjoy it with your family, you can make it as a souvenir for friends who come to visit.

Here is a cute cake mold that you can use.

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7. Use Matching Colors

When Christmas comes, it will be fun if the whole family wears twin outfits. You can take them to dinner and open presents together. So, capture the moment and put it in the following photo frame.

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8. Hanging Christmas stockings

Hanging socks have become a hereditary tradition. It is said that Santa Claus will put a gift in a stocking for every child who does good. Well, here are the Christmas stocking decorations you can buy.

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9. Shared gifts

There are many ways to share happiness with others. One of them gives Christmas presents to many people, both for children in orphanages and nursing homes. This activity can be a Christmas tradition that carries a positive value.

Share Christmas gifts
Source: Wonderlust

10. Do Playlist Christmas song

The Christmas atmosphere will be more fun with typical Christmas music. Try to do a little playlist Christmas carols that many people like, like White Christmas, silent night, and First Christmas Then tune the song at home speaking audio.

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11. Decorate the room with various Christmas ornaments

Christmas decoration The best can bring joy on this happy day. Use Christmas themed decorations such as Santa Claus displays, reindeer shaped ornaments, and small Christmas trees to beautify your home. Here are the tips.

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12. Make a Ginger House

Since ancient times, the gingerbread house has become a unique Christmas decoration. In fact, this decoration has been a tradition for centuries. To make it easy enough that you can involve the children in the process.

Christmas gingerbread

13. Exchange gifts

One of the Christmas traditions that is often done is to exchange gifts with family members. Not only to liven up the Christmas atmosphere, this event can also create memories with the family. Choose gift exchange gift which can be effective.

Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts
Source: pixabay

14. Dinner

It is not complete if you celebrate Christmas without eating as a family. Also, this meal tradition can be a moment to build intimacy and share stories of everyday life.

Christmas traditions
Source: Pixabay

Here are some traditions that can be done with family members and close relatives.

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