14 bedroom paint color combinations, more comfortable and charming!

14 bedroom paint color combinations, more comfortable and charming!

bedroom paint color combination

Looking for the best paint color combinations for your home? Take a look at the best inspiration in this article, go!

A charming room can certainly be the main attraction. To achieve this, it can be done in several ways.

One of the most effective ways is to change the color of the bedroom paint.

Believe it or not, painting your bedroom can improve your mood, that’s it.

For those of you who are tired of the same bedroom paint, try the following bedroom paint color combinations, go!

Room Paint Color Combinations

1. Color Sonic Silver and Olive Soothing

relaxing bedroom paint color combinations

Source: Mirachinterior.id

Soothing shades in the bedroom are currently widely chosen. The reason, this can add comfort when resting.

If you want a quiet feeling in the room, try, ehapply the color warm tone such as sonic silver and olive.

2. White and Green in the Room

white and green room

Source: Magicbricks.com

Attached to the shades of nature, the green color never fails to make the room more beautiful.

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Usually, green is very suitable to be combined with neutral colors like white.

3. The Women’s Chamber

feminine room

Source: Magicbricks.com

The use of pink can give a soft and feminine impression to the room. This color can also create a romantic atmosphere.

Not only that, pink is also easy to combine with other colors, whether bright or neutral colors.

4. Room paint color combinations Peach and Chocolate

brown bedroom

Source: Instagram/@kamartidurminimalis

The brown color applied to the walls can give the impression of being warm and comfortable.

Especially when combined with color fishing. Guaranteed that the room is more visible aesthetic!

5. Monochrome Shades in the Room

monochrome room design

Source: Instagram/@kamartidurminimalis

If this, yeahthe combination of monochrome colors that are most often used, namely gray and white.

Both are neutral colors, which make it easy to combine with each other.

6. Combination of color room paint colors Pop Color

combination of bright colors in the room

Source: Blowingideas.com

If you like brighter colors, there is nothing wrong, that’s itapply yellow and orange to the room.

A cheerful impression can be displayed if this color is applied to the room.

7. Blue in Room Paint

blue bedroom paint color combination

Source: Housing.com

When it comes to the most popular bedroom paint color, blue is the answer.

The reason is that blue can lift the mood and give a soft impression to the room.

In addition, this color can also make a small room appear larger. Can’t believe it? Try applying a combination of blue in the room!

8. Minimalist room with pastel color paint combinations

pastel colors in the room

Source: Designcafe.com

A room with a minimalist design is really the most suitable if it is equipped with color soft like pastels on the walls.

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Because pastel colors can give a soft and soothing impression. At the same time, pastels can make a room more attractive.

9. Attractive Purple Color Combination

combination of purple colors in the room

Source: Instagram/@design.kamartidur

Who Said Purple Was Sticky? Precisely this color can make the room more attractive.

The key, don’t use too much purple in the room. Instead, try using a type of purple. Or a lighter or darker color.

It is not only applied to the walls, you can also apply the color to the furniture such as.

10. Like Council Industrial wing

industrial theme room

Source: Instagram/@design.kamartidur

You want to have a shaded room cozy? It’s easy, try to apply neutral colors to the room, go!

In fact, there are many neutral colors to choose from. However, if you want an industrial design in the room, gray can be considered, no!

To make it more interesting, do not forget to combine it with white and use wooden elements in the room, OK!

11. Bedrooms Multicolored for Retro Look

multicolored camera

Source: Mydeco.com

Application of bright colors in shades color block it can make the room more charming.

If you like a room with a retro concept, this design can be an inspiration.

If you want to apply many colors to the room, avoid putting a lot of things in the room, right?

12. Red and Black for a luxurious and elegant look

red and black room paint color combinations

Source: Cdn.homedit.com

Some people think that red is old and tacky.

But in fact, the combination of red and black room paint colors never fails to make the room elegant.

You can apply a light red and dark black on some of the walls.

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Want a more minimalist look? You can apply the white in other parts.

13. Color Tone of the Earth the heat

earth tone color for bedroom

Source: Blowingideas.com

color tone of the earth crowned as the most used color in residential.

The reason is, these colors can give a warm impression and also spoil the eyes.

If you want a Ginseng Country style room design, try applying this color to the room, go for it!

14. Color camera Dark green

green color combination room

Source: Treehouse.co

A natural impression can radiate immediately when you choose a combination of dark green paint colors in the room.

Paired with ornamental plants placed in the room. Guaranteed, the atmosphere of the room has become more comfortable!

Well, this is a variety of inspiration for bedroom paint color combinations. So, which color do you want to choose?

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