13 Ways to get rid of bad luck according to Feng Shui to stay away from disaster

13 Ways to get rid of bad luck according to Feng Shui to stay away from disaster

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The principle of feng shui science is not only useful to bring positive energy, but it can also remove negative energy and bad luck. Here’s how to get rid of bad luck according to feng shui that you can try yourself.

According to feng shui, each house has a different potential for positive and negative energy.

There is a greater potential for positive energy and vice versa there is also a greater potential for negative energy.

Sometimes, for some reason, one of the energies can be more prominent, for example negative energy.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, for example due to an error in the layout of the feng shui symbols or even a general design error.

To avoid bad luck and calamity, try to follow these feng shui ways to remove bad luck.

13 ways to get rid of bad luck at home according to Feng Shui

1. Choose your Favorite Feng Shui Trick

The first way to get rid of bad luck at home according to feng shui is to choose your favorite feng shui trick.

There are at least three categories of feng shui therapy that apply:

  • Symbols that have been used for thousands of years, such as statues of the Turtle, the Laughing Buddha, or a pair of Dragon and Phoenix.
  • The symbols used in modern feng shui are generally adapted to the five feng shui elements, such as a metal vessel for the metal elements.
  • Symbols that are specific to each individual, usually because of a personal connection that makes the symbol bring you good luck.
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2. Display Air Purifying Ornamental Plants

ornamental plants that absorb air toxins

The next way to get rid of bad luck at home is to keep ornamental plants bright, cheerful and fertile.

Plants are natural elements that can bring vital energy for development, renewal and healing.

This symbol of feng shui therapy is at the same time the most beautiful source of energy from the universe that everyone needs.

The presence of ornamental plants in the house can also enhance the wood feng shui elements that are necessary to bring positive feng shui into the home.

3. Use aromatherapy

Good indoor air quality is very important for the health and well-being of the occupants of the home.

The same is true for essential oils.

Well, aromatherapy oil spray (diffuser) can help to facilitate its diffusion throughout the house, which improves the quality of the air.

4. Enjoy the Rock Crystals

The next way to remove bad luck according to home feng shui is to use crystal rocks.

Rock crystals are an excellent source of energy for feng shui therapy.

Its presence at once brings a powerful healing energy because it comes from the feng shui element of earth.

So, apart from being a display, the presence of rock crystals also has benefits for feng shui therapy at home.

5. Fu Dogs Decoration

he was a decorative dog

Fu Dogs (Fu Dogs) are a classic feng shui protective element that may not be so impressive in terms of appearance.

However, this is not a problem because now there are many types of Fu dogs that can be chosen as desired.

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Visualizing the Fu dog is said to be one of the most effective ways to ward off bad luck because of the protective energy it presents.

6. Install the mirror

You certainly know that the mirror is one of the vital elements in energy management according to home feng shui, right?

Well, the installation of a mirror is also necessary as a way to get rid of bad luck and feng shui therapy to keep positive energy in the house.

You can easily learn how to use mirrors according to home feng shui for optimal results.

7. Keep aquarium at home

In some places, such as houses and restaurants of Asians, there is usually an aquarium.

This is really recommended by feng shui, because the aquarium is an important therapeutic tool to invite the abundance of energy and wealth.

To be more effective, you must understand the criteria to create a good feng shui aquarium.

8. Take care of Hockey Bamboo Plants

The hockey bamboo plant is a beautiful element of feng shui therapy and contains specific meanings related to the 5 elements of feng shui.

However, how to get rid of bad luck with this lucky bamboo plant is quite complicated and cannot be done without care.

For the hockey bamboo plant to work effectively, there are certain requirements that must be met, for example regarding its placement position.

9. Display Candles at home

how to get rid of bad luck according to feng shui

Candles can be a way to get rid of bad luck according to very important feng shui.

Even so, this way of getting rid of bad luck with candles has some limitations so that the results are maximum.

Make sure that the candle is not chosen carelessly, because many candles contain toxins that are harmful to health.

10. Show the Double Happiness Symbol

Symbol of double happiness (Double Happiness) is a classic feng shui symbol dedicated to love and harmony in marriage.

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However, according to many feng shui experts, this symbol can also be used as a powerful way to remove bad luck at home.

If you like the look and energy of this symbol, you may look at home in the right place.

According to experts, the right place for a symbol of happiness is in the bagua area of ​​love and marriage.

11. Hiasan Kura-Kura Naga

Like the symbol of double happiness, the symbol of the dragon turtle is also a classic symbol in feng shui therapy.

Having said that, this symbol is also believed to bring wealth, abundance of energy and good luck.

Although there are not many people like this feng shui symbol, its benefits in terms of feng shui have been proven.

Fortunately, now you can choose a variety of patterns, sizes, colors and materials for this dragon turtle symbol.

12. Display Dragon Feng Shui Decoration

dragon feng shui decoration to remove bad luck

In addition to the feng shui symbol of the dragon turtle, the feng shui symbol of the dragon is also important in therapy and how to get rid of bad luck according to feng shui.

Dragon feng shui is a powerful and powerful element of classical therapy.

However, due to the enormous influence of the dragon’s feng shui energy, you cannot use it without care.

In other words, you must learn how to use and master to use dragon feng shui properly.


Hopefully the way to get rid of bad luck above can be useful, Property People.

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